"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, January 17, 2018



Maitreya’s promise?

While many people continue to believe that the present banking and stock exchange systems are necessary and unalterable, more and more are coming to the conclusion that they have passed their usefulness and must soon be replaced. Too many are suffering from the effects of unfettered greed, and yearn for greater justice and fairness in order to survive what is so glibly called ‘the current economic climate’. Before the economic collapse of 2008, at least in the developed world, there was plenty of money. People had work and houses to live in; new millionaires were born every day. Elsewhere, of course, millions still starved and millions more went hungry, but for some there was plenty of money and life felt good.

Where has all the money gone? What has happened to it? Now, no one has work and the money has disappeared – into the banks and disappeared. And the millionaires are now billionaires. It is all very puzzling. A conjuring, a confidence trick, you would think, has been played on half the world.
Will the old ways, the old time, return? Do we really want them to return with the wealth of the rich doubling daily and the poor picking up the coppers they let fall?

The people everywhere are sensing a change and are lending their voices to its call. They are sensing, too, their power to act, and many die to prove it. They sense that the old ways are almost over and have spent their force. They feel that there are other, better ways to live, and look forward to tomorrow. Verily, the old ways are dying and hold back the race. The wheel turns and mighty Rome is falling once again. Maitreya’s fire is lit in the hearts of countless millions and they respond, eager to build a new world where justice and harmony rule. Maitreya’s promise is that this new world is on its way.

The ending of war

When the time comes to count the cost, men will be amazed at, and ashamed of, the waste of war. More than any other activity of men, war eats greedily into resources and lives. Nothing is spared in the effort to overcome the ‘enemy’; everything is sacrificed to the attainment of victory. Thus has man waged relentless strife against his neighbour, and not always in self-defence. As often as not, war has been used for the expansion of territory, the accumulation of plunder or, most abhorrently, the capture of slaves. The ‘spoils of war’ is a phrase used lightly to describe the underlying purpose of most wars.
Today, we have reached a time when men must take seriously the task of ending war. Men must understand that there is no problem or situation which needs war to solve or cure. This being so the nations must together act and end for ever that destructive aptitude of men.
Should they fail to do so, they threaten the very existence of the race. Peace is no longer an option for men. They have now in their hands the deadliest weapon of all time which, if used in major war, would desecrate the planet and leave it lifeless for aeons of time. Why, then, court such disaster, such an end?
Maitreya, you may be sure, will speak thus on His emergence. He will show men that small wars can lead to terrible consequences, and set men on the slippery slope of self-destruction. He will counsel gravely and turn men from the unthinkable. Be vigilant but not afraid; trust Maitreya to wisely guide the actions of men. Play your part in the task of educating your brothers and sisters and so make lighter His burden.
Tell all who will listen that the Expected One is here, ready to begin, openly, His Mission. That He relies on the men and women of goodwill to work with Him for peace and justice, freedom and love. Tell them this. Tell them that Maitreya has the simple answer for the world’s woes. That sharing will engender the trust that will open the door, and the hearts of men, to blessed peace.
Then will you see the flowering of the human spirit in brotherhood and co-operation. Then will the problems and blockages melt away, overcome in overflowing goodwill.
Thus will it be, and thus shall we witness the end of the abomination of war. Such is Maitreya’s purpose and firm is His will for its accomplishment.

Q. It is said that Maitreya’s aura covers the whole Earth.
A. The effect of it, certainly; and on the Day of Declaration everybody will feel it.


Q. You talked about the spiritual teachings coming from Alice Bailey in the last century. Are they still usable in our current time? 

A. She wrote about the Ageless Wisdom Teaching which is always being updated, and the teachings released through Madame Blavatsky led to those released through Alice A. Bailey. The Master Djwhal Khul, from 1919 to 1949, worked though Alice A. Bailey and enlarged on the teachings released through Madame Blavatsky, but it does not mean that the teachings of Madame Blavatsky are no longer true. They are as true or partly true as they ever were. They can only be partly true because we can only take part of the truth – our minds could not support the real truth.
Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky and Helena Roerich were three great exponents, disciples of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching who brought the teachings of the Masters into the everyday world, and these teachings will go on. But from now on the Masters themselves will be in the world. There are now 14 Masters in the world, plus Maitreya. Soon there will be more Masters, and then more as the need arises, as humanity becomes ready for an extension, an elaboration and a broadening, of the teachings.
The Mystery Schools will be opened – preparatory and secondary schools, where people will go when ready to learn the requirements for the initiations, (ONE OF WHICH IS GETTING THE MARK OF THE BEAST) which end the path of evolution for Planet Earth. The last few lives of the evolutionary life are covered by five great expansions of consciousness, which we call the five planetary initiations (demonstrated in the life of Jesus) that cover the last few lives of evolution.
So you will go to these schools: the preparatory school [in the UK] will be in Scotland, and the more advanced school will be in Ireland. But there will be schools throughout the world, so that everyone will have a beginning school, a middle school and a more advanced school. And everyone who is at the stage of discipleship and requires it will go to these schools. In this way humanity will be trained and prepared for the life ahead, because life will change utterly with the Masters in the world. The aim of life will change, the experience of life will deepen. No longer will petty wars, differences and trifles bring humanity down. Humanity will look up to the teachers, and to the teacher of all the teachers, Maitreya Himself, as the exponent of the truth. And the Masters will teach humanity the path of evolution. (Lecture, London, October 2013)

Hugh Owen “Two Frameworks: Creationism vs. Evolutionism”

Q. What is “our Divinity”?
A. When someone says ‘divinity’ or ‘spirituality’ – people think of religion, church, temple, hands together, praying. Yes, it is all of that but it is, above all, relationship. Divinity is correct relationship. It is right relationship between people everywhere. All people, all men and all women everywhere.
There are not some who are destined to be rich and powerful and rule the world, as many people think, or to grow big and fat on their investments and be powerful that way. No, it is to do with who you are, how much of your soul is manifesting through you; and how much of your essential spiritual truth as spark of the divine is manifesting through your soul, through you. You are all of that. And when that manifests you manifest your divinity. It is not something you learn to do, or go to church to do, it is something which you are. You do it naturally because it is a natural thing.
We must extend to relationships, to more aspects of life than we know, what we call spiritual. Anything which improves life for the greatest number of people is spiritual, fundamentally spiritual. It is not a segregated little aspect which you keep for a certain day, for the temple or the church. It is an everyday expression of who and what we are. Maitreya will tell you, you are Gods. Each one is a God – nothing less. (Tokyo, Japan, 2008)

 OUR LADY OF LASALETTE, "There will be extraordinary wonders every place because the true faith has been extinguished and false light illumines the world. The demons of the air, together with the Antichrist, will work great wonders on the earth and in the air, and men will become ever more perverted"

Miracles will flood the world?

"Gradually, we must assume, many will begin to see Maitreya as the One awaited by all religious groups under their various names, and will call Him thus. Some will say: 'He must be the Mahdi,' while others will declaim: 'Krishna has come again, the law is fulfilled!' Others will ask: 'Surely he is the Messiah, come at last,' while still others will see Him as the Christ or Maitreya Buddha. All will see Him as their Expected One, fulfilling their hopes and come to fulfill their needs.

Maitreya will neither affirm nor deny these claims nor should those among His workers who believe they have recognized Him. Not until the Day of Declaration will Maitreya acknowledge His true identity and status."
(Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'A glorious enterprise', January 2010)
Share International December 2017 images, Looking at the last photo [this one] in this series I felt a strong energy which moved me to tears.Dear Editor,
With the recent dramatic events relating to North Korea’s missile tests I thanked the Space Brothers for their work of mopping up some of the nuclear radiation on our behalf. I was going to Trouville, Normandy, in France, and before I left I hoped for a beautiful sunset and more!
On the evening of 3 September 2017, I sat looking out of my window at 8.10pm. It was no surprise to me that the sunset was superb and I watched it for about 20 minutes and took some photos. Looking at the last photo (above) in this series I felt a strong energy which moved me to tears.
I thought about sending the enclosed photos, knowing that I can no longer ask Mr Creme to ask his Master to confirm them. That night I saw Benjamin Creme in a dream. He looked at me fixedly, asked me something and then said, “Au revoir”, waving goodbye.
J.M., Paris, France.
Share International December 2017 images, A variety of objects, including several Deva-like images, fill this photograph taken by NASA SOHO on 29 August 1997, two years after its launch in 1995. This photograph has only recently come to our attention. We present it for your interest.The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, SOHO, is a project of international collaboration between the European Space Agency and NASA to study the sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind. A variety of objects, including several Deva-like images, fill this photograph taken by NASA SOHO on 29 August 1997, two years after its launch in 1995. This photograph has only recently come to our attention. We present it for your interest.
Share International December 2017 images, A luminous shaft of light in the sky appeared over the city of Manizales, Colombia, in late April 2017.A luminous shaft of light in the sky appeared over the city of Manizales, Colombia, in late April 2017. The figure was seen on Sancancio mountain a week after a landslide of mud devastated the area. To the local people the figure in the sky was a sign of comfort. The rare cloud phenomenon was videoed by Marya de Jesus who said: “Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town, he calmed down the sky and was listened to. God blesses us and glory to Lord and Universe King.” (Source: dailymail.co.uk)
Share International December 2017 images, Photograph of a panel depicting Saint James painted in 1472 by Carlo Crivelli showed upon development a light blessing confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be from Maitreya.Panel depicting Saint James painted in 1472 by Carlo Crivelli was photographed by B. G. (The Hague, the Netherlands) in the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York. James is the Patron Saint of pilgrimage. He joined Jesus in prayer before Jesus was arrested. On development the photograph showed a light blessing confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be from Maitreya.
Share International December 2017 images, A photograph taken at the scene of a fatal car crash in Georgia on 25 April 2017 shows a beam of light shining between the wreckage and the sky.

“Pathway to heaven” photograph

A photograph taken at the scene of a fatal car crash in Georgia on 25 April 2017 shows a beam of light shining between the wreckage and the sky. Within the beam of light, two small orbs can be seen. Anisa Gannon took the photo en route to work as she was stuck in traffic near the crash in Gainesville, Georgia. On seeing the photo, her aunt, Tara Noble, said, “Oh, my gosh. It’s a pathway to heaven.” Noble contacted the families of the crash victims and gave them the photo. Asked whether she thought the light effect was a windshield glare, Noble said, “I don’t believe in coincidences, especially the two ‘lights’ inside that bigger light. It brought the families peace, whether it’s a glare or not. It’s indescribable, basically, and it does look like them leaving.” (Source: today.com, people.com)
Share International December 2017 images, Madonna image appears on a New York policeman smartphone.Light blessing on a photograph of B.M. from Venezuela taken by F.R., Ohio, USA, while they were attending the Theosophical Society’s Summer School in Wheaton, Illinois, USA, in July 2001. Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed that this was a blessing from the Master Jesus.
Share International December 2017 images, Madonna image appears on a New York policeman smartphone.

Madonna image appears on a smartphone

Sometime in 2015, a New York policeman who had been going through a difficult time, took some pictures of himself and his family on his iPhone. When he looked at his phone all the pictures had vanished except for one which he did not recognize and did not remember taking. He went to a phone shop who confirmed that there was no indication the picture had been transferred or sent to him. It had to have been created on his phone. He asked around, hoping someone would recognize the image, but without success. Recently the story reached pastor Father Patrick Longalong from Brooklyn who placed it on his Facebook page and contacted deacon Greg Kandra, who recognized it immediately and shared the story on his website.
Deacon Greg Kandra writes: “It is Our Lady of the Milk (Nuestra Señora de la Leche), which is the oldest Marian shrine in the US. It is as if this picture was taken by someone who went to that shrine in St Augustine, Florida. However, apparently, the owner of the phone was never there.” (Source: aleteia.org/blogs/deacon-greg-kandra/the-mystery-of-mary)
We present a selection of quotations on the theme of ‘Synthesis’. The quotations are taken from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ and Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks and Share International), and Benjamin Creme’s writings.
The new energies of Aquarius, mounting daily in potency, are already making their presence felt, and lie behind the changes, in every sphere, which are now occurring on a global scale. These changes must, and will, reflect the quality, the inner nature, of the Aquarian energy – namely, Synthesis.
These energies of Synthesis, fusing and blending the different strands of our multifaceted life, have the task of bringing humanity to an awareness of its Oneness, an appreciation of its part in the Great Plan, and an ability to manifest that Plan in right relationship on the physical plane.
The first steps are being taken now as the nations wrestle with the problems of a dying economic structure and changing political affiliations. The early signs of a new global consciousness can be seen as men realize the need for co-operation in dealing with their environmental problems. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The New Age is upon us’)
A great Avatar, the Avatar of Synthesis, has been invoked by Hierarchy. Standing behind and working through the Christ, the energy of this Being works through Hierarchy as a group and humanity as a group. It works through the United Nations Assembly as a group (not through the Security Council, whose members have a veto and work against group expression in the United Nations). The energy of the Avatar, a synthesizing, fusing, blending energy, flows through the United Nations Assembly, blending eventually the nations of the world into one serving unity. They will then serve the world as a whole instead of their own separate national interests, as they do now.
The group through whom it most potently works is the New Group of World Servers. They are the link between Hierarchy and humanity because they have a foot in both camps. They are, all of them, disciples. They will have taken the first and perhaps the second, some of them the third and a few the fourth initiation. They are World Servers. They are not necessarily the esotericists of the world but are in every single human department; in every field they are giving expression to their sense of humanity’s needs in this time of transition. They are the hope of the world. Through them the new civilization will be built. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Volume One)
I am happy to be able to speak to you once more, and to tell you that I come to take you with Me into the New Country – the Country of Love, the Country of Trust, of Beauty and Freedom.
I shall take you there if you can follow Me, accept Me, let Me lead and guide. And, if this be so, together we shall build a New World:
A world in which men can live without fear, without mistrust, without division; sharing together the Earth’s bounty, knowing together the bliss of union with our Source. (Maitreya, from Message No.3)
The synthesis of ideas underlying Our multifarious presentation springs from Our sense of the unity of all things, from Our constant awareness of the Whole and of the indivisibility of that Reality. When men share this experience all things will become possible.
When men see the Christ and His Disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, they will come to understand how needed are the many presentations of truth, for they will come to realize how old is man, how varied his experience and expectations down the ages, and how different are the ways in which men absorb ideas. They will come to grasp, too, something of the inherent unity behind the outer diversity. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The need for synthesis’)
The goal for humanity in this coming age is the creation of group consciousness, the sense of being integral parts of a Whole. The new energies entering this planet from the constellation Aquarius work in this direction; their intrinsic quality is synthesis and universality. We are about to witness profound changes in all our institutions and structures — political and economic, religious and social, scientific, educational and cultural. These changes will take place as humanity grasps, stage by stage, its essential Oneness, and adopts the measures necessary to implement that Oneness. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Volume One)
I seek to place before you the chance to grow in Service, to lift yourselves upward into a new Light, into a new responsibility, and when I call, I shall expect you. Many there are now who are doing this work for Me yet know Me not, nor know that I am here. It has always been so, for many work better in the shade. But you, My friends, have the opportunity for full and conscious service. Seize it then and begin now. Take part in a Great Plan which is changing the world, which is drawing together all men and all nations, which is showing the way into the future and back to God. (Maitreya, from Message No.21)
The essential quality of Aquarius is Synthesis, a quality rarely seen in today’s life on Earth. However, in gathering momentum, the quality of Synthesis will gradually replace, in all departments of life, the fragmentation and disharmony of today. Men will come to understand the meaning of Unity, and to recognize that they are brothers and sisters of one family journeying together on a voyage of discovery. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Man’s emerging divinity’)
My Presence is causing such changes in the world that before long the knowledge of My Existence will be ascertained. Men will raise the question: how can it be; from where does this new light shine? The divisions of old will merge and grow together; the sons of men will sense a higher light and, turning their faces towards that Light, shall find Me waiting to lead them. Thus shall it be. Thus shall the truth in the hearts of men respond to the Truth which I am. Thus shall that new Light be kindled in their hearts, and the anguish of men depart. (Maitreya, from Message No.44)
Until now, education in most countries has been very nationalistic. People have been taught the history of their nation, usually in a very biased form: everything that nation did was good, and everything other nations did was bad. This has given a very jaundiced, and quite incorrect, vision of the world to the developing child. I would say that education, in the first place, has to show the child that it is a member of a world family. (globalism) The synthesizing energy of Aquarius must be used to create this global consciousness. Children need to be shown that we are not living alone in one large or small country, but in a world shared by 5.7 billion people. The child, above all, should be taught that this is the fundamental position of his/her life on Earth: that they are one of a group, a family. Just as a family shares the resources that come into the household, so the human family should share the resources that are given by Divine Providence for that purpose(socialism) (Benjamin Creme, SI Jul/Aug1997)
…the old, outworn structures are losing their stability and coherence, thus clearing the ground for the construction of the new-age forms. These new forms must embrace the ideals and aspirations of all men for a more just world, a world no longer torn and divided into rich and poor, powerful and weak. They must, above all, embrace the idea of synthesis, the inner, spiritual intention of the Aquarian dispensation.
When Maitreya emerges into full public work, He will lay the foundations of these new approaches to living: He will emphasize men’s Oneness and the need for sharing, justice and freedom as the only guarantee of peace; He will call on all men to forgive and to forget the wrongs of the past; He will sound the clarion-call to work together for the good of all. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Prelude to change’)
Humanity will come into the total understanding that we are one group called humanity, that there is nothing separate in the whole of cosmos, that everything relates to everything else, that the laws that connect humanity are the laws built out of the non-existence of cleavage of any kind throughout cosmos.
We will grow with the impact of the energies of synthesis, streaming to us from Aquarius, into this sense of being fused and blended together. That is the essence of the energies of Aquarius. They only work through the group. The energies do not work through individuals. Individuality will not disappear, but will be placed at the service of the group. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)
Each age brings into incarnation those groups of souls whose energies can find a consonance with the prevailing energies of the age…. More and more, adolescents and young adults will be found to be singularly well equipped to respond to the incoming energies of Aquarius which tend to synthesis and fusion. Likewise, they will be able to take advantage of the opportunities which, uniquely, will be presented to them, and will find and create the structures on which the civilization of the coming age must be built. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The Waters of Aquarius’)
Many will see Me soon and at first may be surprised at My appearance, for I am not the Preacher of Old, but have come simply to point the way, to show the path which must be trodden, back to the Source and into Harmony, Beauty, and Justice.
My task is a simple one: to show you the way. You, my friends, have the difficult task of building a New World, a New Country, a new Truth; but together we shall triumph. (Maitreya, from Message No.15)
“Men will come to understand the meaning of Unity, and to recognize that they are brothers and sisters of one family journeying together on a voyage of discovery.” 

Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Man’s emerging divinity’
photo: coexist.org
Share International December 2017 images, Men will come to understand the meaning of Unity, and to recognize that they are brothers and sisters of one family journeying together on a voyage of discovery. photo: coexist.org

In the words of a Master of Wisdom: “Apart from war, nothing so profoundly affects the future of all men as much as pollution. Some countries have recognised this fact and have taken some steps to limit pollution and global warming. Others, sometimes the chief polluters, deny the reality of global warming despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Daily, now, the climatic changes prove beyond doubt that the planet is sick and needs immediate and skilful care to re-establish equilibrium. Time is running out for men to halt the transformation which is being daily wrought on planet Earth. Every man, woman and child must play their part in the task. Time is, verily, running out. S.O.P. Save Our Planet!” (Source: ‘S.O.P. – Save Our Planet!’ by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 September 2012)

UN Climate Change Conference held in Bonn

Delegates from nearly 200 countries met in Bonn, Germany, in November 2017 for the 23rd annual UN-sponsored ‘Conference of the Parties’ (COP), the ongoing international effort to halt global warming. This year’s summit, chaired by the climate-vulnerable island nation of Fiji, focused on creating a ‘rulebook’ for monitoring and strengthening the climate change pledges made by many of the world’s nations in the landmark Paris agreement of 2015.
Progress was made on that goal, but most of the major developments during the conference took place outside the official proceedings.
Before the summit began, Syria announced its intention to sign the Paris agreement, leaving the US, the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, as the only country that has rejected the accord. In an attempt to fill the void of US government inaction, California governor Jerry Brown and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg released the ‘America’s Pledge’ report outlining non-federal climate actions now taking place in the US. Among its findings: a total of 20 states, 110 cities, and over 1,400 businesses in the US have adopted quantified emissions reduction targets. If these non-federal actors were a country, their economy would be the third largest in the world. The America’s Pledge initiative is working to help ensure that the US meets its Paris commitment to reduce greenhouse gases, even without US government support.
In another positive development during the conference, The Powering Past Coal Alliance was launched. Led by the UK and Canada, the alliance is made up of more than 20 nations, regions and states that have pledged to phase out the use of coal, bar further investments in coal-fired electricity, and support clean power in their policies. Although the alliance does not include major coal users, including China, the US and Germany, the plan is to grow the alliance to 50 members by next year’s UN climate summit.
In advance of the conference, thousands of people took to the streets in Bonn to demand an end to coal use, denounce US President Donald Trump’s climate denial, and highlight the necessity of moving toward 100 per cent renewable energy as quickly as possible. In a nonviolent direct action before the summit, thousands of protesters temporarily shut down excavation at Europe’s largest open-pit coal mine located west of Bonn, demanding that the German government “Keep it in the ground!”
(Source: theguardian.com; ecowatch.com; commondreams.org; 350.org; cop23.unfccc.int)

100 per cent renewable energy

Share International December 2017 images, A global electricity system fully based on renewable energy is feasible at every hour throughout the year, and is more cost effective than the existing system. photo: nirs.org
A global electricity system fully based on renewable energy is feasible at every hour throughout the year, and is more cost effective than the existing system.photo: nirs.org
A transition to 100 per cent renewable electricity throughout the world is not a long-term vision, but already a reality, a new study by the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland, and the Energy Watch Group (EWG) shows. The study was presented on 8 November 2017 during the Global Renewable Energy Solutions Showcase event (GRESS), alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP23 in Bonn.
The study reveals that a global electricity system fully based on renewable energy is feasible at every hour throughout the year, and is more cost effective than the existing system, which is largely based on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Existing renewable energy potential and technologies, including storage, can generate sufficient and secure power to cover the entire global electricity demand by 2050.
Lead study author and LUT Professor of Solar Economy and Chairman of the EWG Scientific Board, Christian Breyer, said: “A full decarbonization of the electricity system by 2050 is possible for lower system cost than today based on available technology. Energy transition is no longer a question of technical feasibility or economic viability, but of political will”.
A transition to 100 per cent renewables would bring greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity sector down to zero and drastically reduce total losses in power generation. It would create 36 million jobs by 2050, 17 million more than today.
“There is no reason to invest one more dollar in fossil or nuclear power production”, EWG President Hans-Josef Fell said. “Renewable energy provides cost-effective power supply. All plans for a further expansion of coal, nuclear, gas and oil have to be ceased. More investments need to be channeled in renewable energies and the necessary infrastructure for storage and grids. Everything else will lead to unnecessary costs and increasing global warming.”
The study Global Energy System based on 100 per cent renewable energy – power sector will have major implications for policy makers and politicians around the world, as it refutes a frequently used argument by _critics that renewables cannot provide full energy supply on an hourly basis. (Source: treehugger.com; energywatchgroup.org; www.lut.fi)

 Maitreya is the Antichrist and he will arrive on to the scene soon after the economic collapse/reset here in the West



  1. Sorry if I missed it in the post...but, do you have any idea of who the False Prophet will be and how we will know him when he comes on the scene? Thanks Eric.

    1. master jesus is his esoteric name, real name could be yeshua ben joseph....these "masters" will arrive on the scene after the economic collapse

  2. The New Age Movement has given Jesus a name specific of the Great White Brotherhood: Jesus Sananda, also called "Master" Jesus, to indicate that he is only one of the so-called "Ascended Masters," who include, among others Gautama Budha. It is this Jesus Sananda character that will come out to the world to say that he is Jesus, the one who was crucified in Calvary 2,000 years ago, and that he was indeed "The Messiah of the Old Age," and that his time was in the past. This he will address to the whole world, especially to Catholics and other Christians. Then he will endorse Lord Maitreya as "The Messiah of the New Age." Pope Francis will endorse BOTH of them, and accept Lord Maitreya as the "Messiah of this New Age," in false imitation of St. John the Baptist who introduced, prophesied, paved the way for the One and Only True Messiah, Our Lord Jesus Christ Who Was, Who Is, and Who is Coming again. Yeshua ben Joseph is the name used for Jesus Christ in Jewish circles, since in those days sons, esp. eldest sons, as named after their fathers/forter-fathers: Yeshua, son of Joseph.