"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Is Planet X over the horizon or a million miles away?

Is Planet X over the horizon or a million miles away?

The activity on the Web about Planet X has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks. Some say it is here and some say it is orbiting the sun. I am not convinced that it is orbiting the sun, as previously stated by experts.
Nibiru is supposed to go around the sun, then back out again, not to be seen for another 3600 years. But if Planet X is orbiting the sun, then one would assume the gravitation of the sun would pull in all the debris that Planet X brings with it.

I am sure all of you are getting confused, as I am, as to the actual whereabouts of Planet X, but I am sure it is close due to all the activity happening on our planet, such as a massive increase in earthquakes and dormant volcanoes coming to life. The mainstream media is not reporting on these events, except for the extreme weather we are suffering and the only explanation is a cold vortex from the north.
We know that Earth has tilted due to the fact the sun does not rise or set in the same place and the moon is hopping around all over the place.

Lunar wave event
This video shows two distortion waves passing the moon What the heck is that?

Fed up
What annoys me is when I search the Web and open a YouTube channel, looking for the latest info, and when I click on Play the speakers go through a whole lot of dribble about the history of Planet X before getting to the point. I have heard all about the history of Planet X a zillion times, so please drop the history stuff; it is boring now.
It is the same with guests on shows and they spend a good portion of their time talking about their background which I have heard many times before. I just want the info–cut out the dribble. Let me know if you guys feel the same.
False flag dates for the arrival of Planet X are also something that annoy me, as well as where it is. I just want the truth and not something made up just to get views. I find there is only a handful of people who seem to have some accurate knowledge of Planet X but the arrival date is still elusive. With all those smart people out there, one would assume that one of them could plot the speed and trajectory and give us an approximate arrival date.
I am getting sick and tired of the outlandish titles to some of these videos and they make claims that are completely wrong, so please stop with the bull.
I want to make preparations with the essentials, such as food, water, fuel, etc., but I don’t want to stockpile too early, as many foods have an expiration date. I am certain that there are viewers out there who are experiencing the same frustration.
I have seen many videos showing Nibiru as large as life in the sky but, alas, up here in Canada it is hidden. But I think many, but not all of the videos are false and I wish those people would stop posting crap, as it is not fair for those who are seeking the truth.
Another annoying caption or headline is when people post that NASA has confirmed Planet X and that is just not true. NASA would deny the existence of Planet X even if it did show up in the sky.

Why are our oceans receding?
This video shows the water receding from Brazil.

Scientists have declared that the oceans are receding because the North and South poles have more ice which lowers the tides. Well, that argument does not fit with the global warming scenario. They can’t have it both ways: either the planet is warming up or getting colder.
Some scientists have speculated we may be going into a mini ice age. Talk about confusing the population with conflicting utter rubbish.
I personally think that all the changes recently to our planet are not normal but the effects of Planet X getting closer. We already know that Earth is wobbling, causing an increase in earthquakes and waking up dormant volcanoes, and I am just waiting for the tectonic plates to snap on the East Coast of North America, and when the plates do snap, scientists will still not relate that to Planet X.
For those of you who think that Nibiru (Planet X) is a hoax, then you better check out this video from a Brazilian Senator; this confirms its existence.
All of you in North America have been lied to and the truth withheld from all those elected officials you hold and have held trust in–well, at least some of you. These are the people who will exit to the underground shelters that your tax dollars paid for. How do you feel about that? It is the same as all the cover-ups on the topic of UFOs that has gone on since World War 2.

This video shows the Russians and the Chinese broadcasting this on National TV and I did not see people going crazy in those countries, so what is the real reason the US and European governments are hiding the truth from us? The only reason I can think of is they want to reduce the population in North America and save their own worthless lives. So if Donald Trump wants to make America great again, he better start out with being honest about this subject and also UFOs. The real collusion is not with the Russians but with the G7 and possible other countries also.
Here is a video showing newspapers covering the discovery of Planet X in 1983, then after that–nothing.
Stay safe and keep your eyes on the skies.


  1. Yes, cut out the dribble. Surely if NASA, who has ALL the advanced Technology to view incoming missles, asteroids and comets, can warn this world of what might be coming VERY shortly. If they did you would see multitudes of heathens and antichrist people repenting of their sins and down on their knees for sure...!!!

  2. Just for the record, the Denver International airport has strange Masonic pictures and symbols of a massive solar flare and children screaming with horror in their eyes. Also many other pictures of dreadful events. Also a massive horse rearing up with red glowing eyes, whatever that stands for is yet to be figured out.