"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Cabalist Hate : Government Shutdown in Context

Cabalist Hate : Government Shutdown in Context
Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Like a magic eye painting, it is staring us in the face and yet we can’t see it.

The central banking cartel (i.e. Rothschilds, George Soros) are waging a war of annihilation against Western (European, Christian) society using Organized Jewry and Gentile Freemasonry as instruments. They are out to destroy us.

We can’t see it because seeing it exposes us to the charge of “anti-Semitism.” We could be smeared and even lose our jobs.

In fact, this nefarious agenda puts most Jews (disorganized Jewry) in jeopardy. They will be blamed even though very few understand the larger agenda and, like most liberals & leftists, they are just manipulated dupes. 

I can assure you I am not an “anti-Semite.” My grandparents and aunt were murdered by the Nazis. My parents barely survived by passing as Christians. I hold the Rothschild bankers who put the Nazis in power equally to blame. 

The key to seeing the big picture is to understand that the Cabalist “Jeuwes” want to destroy us. We are nice people and can’t understand that other people wish us ill for no reason. But the Cabbalist (Communist Jewish, Masonic) teaching requires that non-Cabalists be dispossessed and enslaved. Why else would they need total surveillance? 

Hating us is their religion. But if we recognize it, we are accused of hate. 

It’s so obvious yet we are kept in a mental thrall. Let’s start with the government shutdown. The Democratic Party, which is an arm of Organized Jewry, is willing to create chaos in order to blackmail Trump into allowing millions of children of illegal aliens to remain in the US. There are probably three billion “dreamers” worldwide who would like to emigrate. Why should people who broke the law take precedence over people who obey the law? Just the use of the term “dreamer” is typical of the Jewish media mind manipulation. 

The motive is the same as in Europe – to make people of European origin minorities in their own countries. As minorities, they will lose political and ultimately economic power. In Germany, these migrants are mostly on welfare. Doesn’t this qualify as hate? 

Almost everything I write about fits into this template. Here are some random examples.

1. Cabalist Judaism, Communism, and Freemasonry are synonymous. The goal of Communism is to destroy our families and take our freedom and our property. Communist social engineering (feminism) has already undermined gender relations in the West. 

Do you hate them yet? 

You should. They have destroyed millions of lives. Now they are messing with the gender identity of school children and teaching them to engage in sex prematurely. 

2. The Jewish Lobby got the US into World War One and World War Two and is promoting World War Three. Why? So we destroy ourselves.
Last week, a Russian editor documented how US Jews are behind anti-Russian and anti-Putin agitation. He said, “Jewish influence is nothing less than an extinction-level threat to the entire planet.”   

3. Organized Jewry was behind the Civil Rights Movement which was designed to undermine Europeans.  Martin Luther King was a Communist agitator and a fraud.   I have nothing against legal immigration that does not discriminate against whites. I think the bankers are largely responsible for turning many countries into shitholes. People wouldn’t need to come here if they could find opportunity and security at home.

4. Popular culture and entertainment are largely devoted to creating a Cabalist false reality. The subject requiring discussion – the satanic Jewish war against Western society (Communism) — is forbidden while the masses are distracted with nonsense. In general, with a few worthy exceptions, Cabalist Jews are responsible for degrading popular culture.  They have been waging this cultural war for 100 years or more.

5. The vicious hatred of Trump by the Jewish-controlled mass media is unprecedented. They hated him from the start. Why? Because he is defending the interests of white Americans. (Trump belongs to the Zionist branch of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy.)
Jews have been brainwashed to think anti Semitism is irrational bigotry. It is not. The Jewish religion is not about serving God. It is about replacing him. 

It is not about worshipping God. It is about being worshipped as gods. 

With the exception of the holocaust, almost everything antisemites say is true. Cabalists think they can redefine reality by suppressing the truth and lying. 

God is objective Truth. The objective truth is that organized Jewry is a conspiracy against God and man. In such a conspiracy, there are no winners. 

In conclusion,  know that organized Jewry with the help of a large class of Gentile Freemason traitors hate you. To understand current events, know they are destroying Western civilization. Everything, including the current US government shutdown, fits into this rubric.

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  1. Marranos - Spanish term for Crypto-Jew - those who "faked conversion" but continued to practice Jewry secretly and undermine governments, monarchies, and the Church.

    Examples of Marranos:

    - John Kerry: Family emigrated from Czechoslovakia when the Jews were accused of the "Blood Rite". Uncle flipped a coin on an open map - which landed on "Kerry Ireland" - we will change our name to Kerry and move to the USA and convert to Catholicism. Kerry was outed by Investigative Journalists.

    - General Wesley Clark/Madeline Albright - both also outed by Investigative Journalists as coming from generations of Jews. Both after being outed expressed astonishment of their Jewish background.

    - Nancy Pelosi and her husband, both coming from generations of Argentinian Jewry.

    - Supreme Sotomayor, comes from generations of Latin American Jewry.

    *Blood Rite - centuries old accusation against Jews that they abduct baptized Christian children and subject them to "ritual murder". There are two or more Catholic Saints resulting from Jewish Ritual Murder.

    Some investigators have commented that if one investigates lost young baptized children they will find many disappeared into the Synagogues. Note also the recent revelations of Hollywood's ritual murder of young children by Mel Gibson and others.