"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, December 3, 2017

We are Witnessing Overthrow of God

We are Witnessing Overthrow of God
By 2025, it will all be complete.
“To get to God, [Lucifer] intends to destroy man. To get to man, he approached woman. That irrational, rationalizing creature obeyed the serpent in an attempt to gain wisdom, which is something of which she is incapable because it is against her nature. She “sinned” in that she acted according to Lucifer’s direction, instead of the man’s, who is her path to God.”

In 2005, Paul Fields set out to cure his disease. Along the way, I came to the realization that everything that he believed, and all the “knowledge” he had accrued up until then was an illusion and a lie. The most difficult part of the realization was that it applied to every single area of my existence. Once I understood that, it became necessary to also understand why that was.

By 2025, it will all be complete.
This is not something I say to you lightly.
My position has afforded me the opportunity to travel the Earth (not “the world”) the last few years. I have seen things that, ten years ago, I would not have considered probable, or even possible.
But that was before I awoke.
The Great Work – The Luciferian Agenda – will come to pass. As a matter of fact, it already has. What is manifesting now in this plane of low, slow vibration, was created long ago. The ignorant masses will stand by and receive their new (old) god in a state of rapt adulation – prostrate at an iPhone. The Hour is come, the Rough Beast has, indeed, Slouched, and its Birth is nigh.
I have visited your site for many years now. The information provided has been extremely beneficial in my search for the light, the truth.
The truth is this:
When I first began groping my way in the dark, I encountered the usual Gatekeepers. Over time, their lies betrayed them and they were found wanting.
I then began to look past the veils. It was – and is – not easy. To be able to comprehend the truth, a man has to confront himself. All the world (tout le monde – “everyone”) is physically, mentally and spiritually dis-eased simply because it is an aggregate comprised of sick, degenerate men who refuse to take responsibility for their own health, in all its facets.
But the rampant disease is not without an identifiable origin.
I began to read the old books. This, in turn, made me realize how much man has lost. It also made me realize how much I, as a man, never had.
I came to understand that all “popular culture” – all movies, songs, newspapers, TV shows, radio programs, etc. – were and are an endless rehash of the same story.
That story is “The Revelation of the Method”.
I have seen the minds of Pike, and Crowley, and Parsons, and the Rabbis. They were – and their acolytes are – focused to the point of literal madness on one teleological outcome.
I have delved into the beliefs and practices of the Freemasons, and the Rosicrucians, and the Jesuits, and the Kabbalistic Jews. They know the story. They are the storytellers. They are the True Believers.
I waded into and through it all. (I am fond of saying “balls-deep into the event horizon”.) I looked at all the subterfuge, and all the seemingly desultory phenomena taking place, and realized that it all came down to the story specified supra concealing another small tale.
That one was told in Genesis Chapter 3.
I will assume that all who frequent this site are familiar with the entire backstory. What is relevant here, is the method Lucifer has employed in his ceaseless quest to spite The Creator.
To get to God, he intends to destroy man. To get to man, he approached woman. That irrational, rationalizing creature obeyed the serpent in an attempt to gain wisdom, which is something of which she is incapable, because it is against her nature. She “sinned” in that she acted according to Lucifer’s direction, instead of the man’s, who is her path to God.
Man then “sinned” by following the woman, instead of leading her. He acted according to the woman’s direction, instead of his Father’s.
Note that at that time, Lucifer had inverted and subverted the natural hierarchical order. Nothing over the intervening centuries has changed. Today, woman still seeks the “wisdom” of Lucifer, and man still follows her to it, due to his ineradicable love for his “gentle companion”, and practically speaking, as the means via which he can experience the “begetting” aspect of The Father – creating in his own image.
Miscegenation has now become increasingly widespread, and portrayed and accepted as “wisdom”. Man (White) will be destroyed. His destruction is being accomplished exactly as portrayed by the chocolate ape being melted into the pan of milk in the popular meme. By the same token, Huxley’s “John the Savage” eventually succumbed to “orgy-porgy”, and, being unable to live with himself, ended his life.
We have – as you propound – been inducted into the cult. We are all Satanists, now. What we have before us, as Christians, is to become the most heretical Satanists that we can.
By 2025, it will be compete.

John Nicholson, "FreeMasonry's Satanic Takeover Of The World" 



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  2. Terrific program . I'm going to look up John Nicholson on utube. I learned a lot of what he is talking about from being a Social Worker and Paralegal some things I just had to stop but I could and work for unitingagainst Freemasonry

  3. Very interesting and very sad , but yes we all have to do something ! I am going to John's website to see what I can do. Thanks for once again giving us so much information ! God Bless you !

    Nancy Wilkinson/Maureen O'Hara

  4. Terrific program I'm going to look John Nickolson on utube. I know what he is talking about from being a Social Worker and Paralegal. I had to get out of it .I would like to help how at 73 yrs. Can I help unitingpeople against Freemasonry.

    1. Any chance you can briefly elaborate on that a bit, Carol? I don't have any experience w/ either; a young "transgender" friend is hoping to become a MSW, and I don't want to think of what kind of help she will be giving to people.

  5. Well Eric they shut me out of John Nicholson on utube about half way through so I'm going back and see if I can get in at all

  6. Do you have his website it's not very easy on a phone and don't have a computer

  7. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/crucified-cow-on-display-at-center-of-catholic-church-locals-outraged

  8. Please educate me from what I thought I read in this article -basically- "if you ain't white you ain't right." Is that the gist of what I'm suppose to believe as Traditional Roman Catholics?

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  10. Still haven't put time into getting a name for me here....but have a question or comment.
    I'm gonna post these links for reference and to shed light on what I say.

    You can run 'news' searches on Transcendental meditation and it seems the stories are always positive.

    Learning that the Mantras are associated with hindu "gods" (demons to me)........look how many of our mainstream celebrities and well known people practice it...
    It brings manifestation. It conjures.
    I think it is almost like Satan coming to Christ and offering the whole world..or the serpent coming to eve and conning Eve into biting fruit of the tree of knowledge.
    On so many worldly ways it appears to seem totally right..
    But a constant meditation on a mantra with the name of a Hindu "god' is not good.......I think Evil is trying to show the world that it can create perfection......but it is surely only temporary.

    Anyways....do you know any current articles or have any stories which target TM (Transcendental meditation) as it's subject?
    I was told to 'seek thru prayer and meditation to improve conscious contact with God "as I understand Him" many years ago.
    it is a thing from the 12 step programs used to help people.
    That whole concept of God in those steps...seems another dangerous belief.
    Also was told that priests and nuns do TM...,much to my surprise they still do.
    Any thoughts, cpomments, leads to good catholic writings which go against this stuff?
    I dropped this in here...because I think it has strong things to do with the title.
    thank you.

  11. I will add that I practiced TM for around 10 years....and quit about 20 years ago. Once finding out about the way they lied to us and told us it was just meaningless sounds. And I found out that they were not just meaningless sounds. Those lies are in one of them llinks above.

  12. One last comment on the last 2.
    The place I can get a similar feeling that TM gives(except it is stronger than TM) is in a small Chapel where our Diocese Exposes the Blessed Sacrament on a constant daily basis.
    It is very strong......Look at that list of influential people, and know that they do TM...and that whatever is in the TM...is manifesting itself thru them...everywhere....and they are very influential people....and the news shows that the list keeps growing...It is playing a role in where our world is going..No doubt to me.