"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, December 23, 2017

ABC of Freemasonry by Fr. Curzio Nitoglia

ABC of Freemasonry by Fr. Curzio Nitoglia
Much has been written about masonry. I will limit myself here to offer the reader a series of simple reflections on the nature and goals of masonry, summarized in a short article or syllabus of common sense and without any great pretense, in order to make the unmasking of Freemasonry accessible to all.
Freemasonry is a "counter-church", an organization that acts above all against God and His Church. In fact, by hating God, it also hates God's creation and therefore works to harm man, who is the noblest creature in the visible world.

In Freemasonry we see a real aversion to the natural order created by God and therefore an attempt to subvert and manipulate it, and to create situations that lead men to despair. For example, the use of drugs, alcohol, unrestrained music in discos and then the final blow, the economic crisis that reduces millions of elderly to have to live with a pension that keeps them on the verge of poverty.
We should not be surprised that Masonry desires man's evil. The problem of evil has always disturbed the human spirit. Aided by revelation, St. Augustine settled the question philosophically, rightly defining evil as a "deprivation of good". Evil does not have its own entity, but it is a lack of good. If there is good, there is also evil, that is, the absence [of a due good]. Now the architect of good is God and man can cooperate with Him in doing good. [On the other hand,] Satan or the devil is the principal architect of evil. Evil men put themselves at the service of the devil through sin and thus cooperate (some more than others) with evil. Freemasonry is the main sect that, in its hatred of God, puts itself at the service of the devil in order to harm man, and since he [the devil and his minions] himself can not reach God directly he tries to do so indirectly, by betraying his most beloved creature after the Angels.
Freemasonry is a set of twisted ideas, which have always operated throughout history and were officially organized from 1717 onwards to try to control and direct the events of human history towards evil and towards the Evil one, provoking conflicts, wars, financial crises and economic and bloody social revolutions, philosophical errors and theological heresies.
These twisted ideas are hierarchically organized and act in a hidden way in the United States, through big finance, though the war and pharmaceutical industries, through politics, public information, controlled culture, fashion, music, drugs and esotericism.
The specific purpose of their actions is the destruction of Christianity and of the Church of Christ, and are rooted in a general hatred of God and his creation.
Beyond various natural causes of the evils that afflict humanity, there is a predetermined conspiracy to create destabilization, disorder, chaos and anarchy in humanity. And here we the physiognomy of Freemasonry taking shape, although we don't intend to reduce all evil to it.
Freemasonry also aims to destroy the true liberty of man, which is to do good and to avoid evil, pushing it towards the latter and making it increasingly difficult to practice the first.
Since "the truth will make us free" Freemasonry hates the truth and is a teacher of error as well as of impiety. In order to put its program into practice, Freemasonry wants to reach a single global dictatorship, a single world government, the so-called New World Order able to control men, peoples, nations and ideas.
And so masonry means absolute power, universal tyranny which would like to rise on the ashes of Christianity, to do away with the kingdom of God and to start the reign of man, who should replace God Himself.
But there is also a masonry facade, the one that presents itself to the public as a philanthropic club and has branches that are not explicitly Masonic, but are the antechamber of Freemasonry to recruit new members (eg. Rotary and Lions), but behind the facade there are the "back lodges" or the "secret lodges" that covertly direct these branches that are set up on purpose to dupe people who otherwise would never be keen to get involved with the real sect.
The leaders of these "back-lodges" are the occult masters, the real high masons, who operate and direct the essential activities of masonry for the construction of the New World Order (the Universal Temple and the Universal Republic) and dominate the unsuspecting masses.
From these premises it follows that the political, social and economic structure of the current world - whose essence is naturalism, the cult of man and agnosticism - is directed by Freemasonry, which manages to direct events according to the power hungry views of a small number of initiated men, with the ensuing slavery of a multitude of unsuspecting people. Only the naive can believe that history is made by the masses and by ordinary people who go down the street to demonstrate or who cast their votes hoping to choose whoever will really rule the country.
These Masonic thoughts don't remain inside in the lodges, but they become concrete and obligatory practices in society, through laws (divorce,  abortifacient drugs, homosexual unions, gender [ideology] ...) that Masonry imposes on parliaments, through the pressure of the lobbies which they direct.
The tactic that Freemasonry uses to achieve its goal is to infiltrate its members into every public, political, religious, military, judicial and medical institution. These members it has previously observed, selected and recruited in order to make them work according to its grand scheme, which consists in a relativist and subjectivist vision of reality with the consequent ecumenical equality of all religions, which really means the end of them all and which especially damages the Catholic religion, being the true and non-relativist [religion] par excellence.
The only reason why Masons propose "dialogue" with Catholics is the hope of watering down their faith, of making them adopt a relativist opinionism and of making them lose their identity, pushing them into ecumenism and syncretism, which put all religious beliefs, the True one as well as the false ones, on the same level.
There are three main stages through which subjectivist relativism was formed at the national level, and later at the universal level:
  1. Descartes in philosophy: through my own thoughts I create reality.
  2. Luther in religion: the individual has a direct relationship with God and he believes whatever subjectively suits him and he agrees with.
  3. Rousseau in politics: the political power can promulgate laws in contrast with the natural and divine laws, as long as they satisfy the needs of man.
These three principles have disastrous consequences: from the purely rational point of view nothing is certain anymore, everything is relative and truth no longer exists, but only subjective and relative opinions. If nothing is certain anymore philosophically (Descartes), it follows that morally (Luther) abortion can be lawful and that politically the government can turn it into a civil law (Rousseau).
As we can see, they lost the notion of objective reality, of the principle of non-contradiction (yes means yes, and no means no, while yes is not the same as no) and of moral discernment (evil is evil, good is good, evil is not good, so we must do good and flee evil).
One of the foundations of Freemasonry is the cult of man or his deification, which is to be obtained according to the teaching of gnosis through human action alone, i.e. through esoteric practices that lead man to become God. All this is a prelude to the liberation from the yoke of the "bad God", which is what they see the personal and transcendent God of the Christians as. And so they aim for the liquidation of the transcendent God and the self-deification of man becomes the goal of Freemasonry.
Gnosis is a magical, secret or esoteric knowledge that claims to be saving or even divinizing man, it is a sort of initiation to self-deification, that is a continuation of the revolt of Lucifer, who wanted to be like unto God and who instead fell down into hell. Still, he continued to try to incite men to pride and revolt, just as he did in the earthly paradise with Eve and Adam: "eritis sicut dii / you will be like Gods".
[On a tactical level,] the Masonic sect uses two stages: solve et coagula (dissolve and reunite): first it creates an emptiness, corroding and corrupting everything that is according to the natural order and the plan of God, and then it reunites, under a totalitarian tyranny or a global dictatorship, the whole world that has been made a "blank slate" with an unnatural pantheistic and gnostic disorder and is ready to be dominated by the high lodges, with the establishment of a Universalism, Globalization and the New World Order.
Today (Since Vatican Council II and Novus Ordo Missae) in a Catholic environment, masonry, after having created a mess and after having spread chaos almost everywhere, tries to establish a cultural / spiritual environment that is a real parody of the sacred, a sort of reverse spirituality (Francis especially with his corrosive actions and his Novissimus Ordo Missae).
A new religion is about to be born for the masses, a religion that is evidently anti-Christian and anti-Christ, nourished by naturalism and without God. More than atheism it is Satanism or the "religion" of the devil.
In other words, this is the nature and purpose of masonry.

Fr. Kramer: Ecclesiastical FreeMasonry, February 2015  

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  1. Maybe they need to be shown the vision of hell. I recently saw Kim Jung In doing the hidden hand sign.The 33rd and above degrees heard they go into the 80th% are the heiarchy. Judeomasonic?