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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Apostate Schönborn: Yes to "women in ecclesiastical offices" and Communion for adulterer

Apostate Schönborn: Yes to "women in ecclesiastical offices" and Communion for adulterer
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Schonborn "celebrating" Balloon Mass

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna wants "more women in ecclesiastical offices". He told “Wiener Zeitung”, that women in the Latin Church were consecrated to deaconesses until the Middle Ages and that deaconesses exist in the Eastern Churches until today. Schönborn thinks it is a theological question what kind of consecration women had.

The Cardinal calls it "strange" that only men can be ordained. He imagines women to feel a “discomfort” when there are only men at the altar. This feeling has – according to Schönborn – been strengthened by the Second Vatican Council: “Previously, the priest was less in the center than today.” The priest at the people’s altar can be seen as a “moderator, as in the media events." Nevertheless Schönborn defends the liturgical reform: "I do not want to turn back anything, nor do I idealize the old liturgy.” He thinks there was a "most urgent need” to reform the liturgy.

Schönborn also talked about "Amoris Laetitia". He gives a “very simple answer” whether adulterer should be allowed to receive Communion: "I will not expel anyone from the altar rail. I cannot look into the conscience of remarried and trust their decision to be responsible."

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