"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, April 24, 2017

Faith To Sleep Like A Baby Through The Storm

Faith To Sleep Like A Baby Through The Storm
By: Eric Gajewski
We cannot control the Storm it is here we learn patience.  It is here we are purified and learn to submit to His Will.  No man is bigger than the Storm but no Storm is bigger than God hence why man needs God to get through the Storms. 

Parents want what is best for the children.  This should go out without say.  It is tough to see another suffering let alone our own flesh and blood.  Can you imagine the sufferings of Our Lady during His Passion?  Words cannot truly begin to say the interior horrors that must have been present within her.  Having said this, there was once a Saint, who said, that, “we are carpenters (mostly) of our crosses”.  In a certain sense we bring about our own crosses due to our own defects.  One of the ways we can be “carpenters of our own Cross” is to have doubt, worry and fear where Faith, Hope and Charity should be.  The devil has a "big three" just as we Catholics do.  God is waiting for you in your trial to exercise some Faith.  We all come to those moments during every day where fear, doubt and worry can creep up on us suddenly.  It is not sinful until we concede to such and actually believe these tricks of the devil.  Do you have Faith enough to sleep through the Storm without Valium or Xanax?  God is the greatest “pill” you can ever take , therefore, we must grow in grace.

The panicky dog.  For some reason animals seem to know when a storm is about to approach.  I do not know how it just seems that way to me.  Storms will come and go just as crosses come and go.  Those who try to bypass the Storm and go right to the rainbow will never truly be transformed.  In fact, according to the true religion, it is not even possible.  For the way of the Cross is the only way.  If it were possible to view the rainbow before the Storm who would ever wait around for the storm therein after (in our human nature)?  It is grace which sustains us.  Take a look at some dogs, for example, who will go run and hide in the corner and be in perpetual fear during the storm.  The man of self is similar.  Rather, than lean upon the Cross he leans upon his own understanding and finds a couch to go hide behind.  I must be blunt, doubting and worrying really “annoy” Our Lord.  If you don’t believe me take a look at some of the examples in the Gospel where He is really giving "an earful" to Peter or the apostles who simply wont demonstrate Faith.  It is not easy to respond as such but this is why we need to stay close to God in prayer, the Sacraments, praying our Rosary, etc.

Reminders.  I think it is a good practical reminder for us all including myself shortly before bed to exercise this Faith.  We must constantly show God this Faith which pleases Him.  Review Scriptures covering the topic and read up on the Saints who spoke on the matter.  Grace is not a mental mind game it comes freely from God and we will only get more grace if we do not doubt and worry.  Let us cling closely to Our Mother who is always first to arrive at the “crib” in the morning to “let in the Son’s Light’s” from above.  Mary is with us in the dark.  I call her the nightlight in my book for us children.  She helps to keep the fear away.  St. Anthony of Padua called Mary the “full moon’ for she is perfection seen most bright at night.  We know the Church is in a dark crisis and thus we have recourse to Mary.  Likewise, with our own souls, we cling to Mary in our “dark night” for She helps guide us unto the morning Light of the son.  Post reminders up all over your house if necessary that God is with you.  Christ had a few words for me this week which were humbling, “you are secure, doubt no more”.  I was displeasing Him and disappointing Him by my lack of faith at various times during my own trials.  Thank God for His mercy.

Storms are necessary to grow in Faith.  You don’t go from having “no faith” to a “faith which moves mountains” over a few short trials.  It is learnt and built up in the soul over time.  He is directing and guiding your soul not the Storm.  He just uses the Storm to get you to the rainbow.  The "scarier" the storm the more vibrant the rainbow at the end.  One person once said there was only a 3 day difference between the saddest and happiest day on earth.  This is true.  He died then rose again and night was turned into day over three days.  Love conquers death.  Keep Scripture close to you especially the Psalms they have helped me tremendously over the years.  There are two paths a man can take in the Storm Faith or Fear.  Is this not the motto of TradCatKnight?

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The baby sleeps.  Those with an infant like Faith for the provisions from their Father will sleep well at night.  They stay connected to their parents in the lullaby playing even though the nasty storm is raining down hard.  The most important thing to us is our souls and our souls must be close to Jesus and Mary at all times.  The baby and dog have two different reactions.  The dog reacts upon a premonition of something which will never happen.  The baby sleeps knowing they are taken cared for.  Is this not what God will be proving to the world as we enter the Tribulation?  That He protects His Church?  So boot out those nasty thoughts especially at night where most people have more time for “alone thinking”.  They are just temptations of the devil and are mere illusions.  Don’t add unto your crosses by being “carpenters of your own”.  God is with you and is merciful.  We all fail but let us be resolved to grow in Faith daily with the opportunities (storms) that He gives us to show unto Him we won’t succumb to doubt, worry and fear, Ave Maria!


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