"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Operation Megadeath – Jade Helm Live?

Operation Megadeath – Jade Helm Live?
Lots of "drills" as of late, dont you think?
For the past three days, I have allowed an email to quietly sit in my inbox without looking at it and as it turned out, it came from an old friend with a potentially serious warning about a series of events set to take place next week. Today, another email appeared and it is identical to the ignored email except for key words and phrases which were attached to the following public advertisement for crisis workers at a pair of upcoming disaster drills. Both emails have to do with a disaster drill involving chemical and biological agents used to attack the American people as part of a false flag operation which appear to contain Deep State overtones.
Here is what is upcoming set of drills that will take place in Ohio next week.


Role-Player Registration: OHIO
“Human Domain” Solutions, LLC

Please note: You have to be willing to submit to, and pass, a Background Check in order to support this exercise. Applicants who have a felony conviction on their record are not eligible to work as a CRP. All CRPs will be moulaged (injury make-up and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional injuries and conditions, and will go through medical triage, decontamination, and medical treatment several times during each day of the exercise. You will be provided cut-away prop clothing and will be washed in water decontamination lines to simulate the cleaning off of contamination substances. This is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for these brave men and women of the Army National Guard. Those who have participated in past National Guard disaster preparedness exercises have found it very rewarding: you get to support this important State and community service and get paid to have FUN while doing so!
Availability (Choose One): *

OPERATION MEGADEATH – Dayton, OH – May 5, 2017 – PAYS – $130

OPERATION HEARTLAND – Dayton, OH – May 6, 2017 – PAYS – $130

BOTH OPERATIONS – Dayton, OH – May 5 & 6, 2017 – PAYS – $275

Choose this option if you are not available for any of these dates, but wish to be considered for future opportunities.
Would you like to be considered for a Team Leader (TL) position?

This is not just another drill, like Operation Gotham, which I said was a non-event. This drill has special relevance and could serve as a warning of a dire threat comgin to the American people.

A Warning from Four Years Ago

In the 1990’s, I became a Maricopa County first responder for the campus that I was working at. Shortly thereafter, FEMA took the process over. During the integration meetings, I became friends with FEMA agent and we socialized together. In the fall of 2012, he and his wife showed up at my office on the college campus where I was coaching basketball and we had a four hour meeting about what was coming.
His message to me was that he was “early retiring” along with some like-minded colleagues to a previously prepared survival colony, some of which was subterranian. They were reprtedly equipeed with air, food, water, etc and felt they could survive anything except a direct hit from a nuclear bomb.
During the meeting, as I have recounted in December of 2012, he revealed the American people were overdue for a popular uprising. He thought there would be a counter-revolution against Obama and his globalist friends. He further told me that this revolution would be met with deadly bio/chem weapons such as the world has never seen. This is why he and some of his colleagues were relocating to a safer haven. He feared being a Brown shirt and eliminated. He also did not want to get caught in the crossfire of what was coming.  Since he departed, I have had very sparing communication with him.


The ones that I have had contact with say they are running for the following reasons in order:
  1. World War III
  2. A deadly purge within the military and the intelligence agencies
  3. Chemical and/or biological attack
Here are excerpts of an email that came to me on these operations:
Hey Dave,
….there are two upcoming drills that you will want to take note of.  At this late date, exposure is your best friend….
As discussed over four years ago, there forces whih will perpetrate some combination of CBN on the citizens of this country if TPTB are not able to move this country in a desired direction… you will recall we have CBN’s that the world knows nothing about and there is no defense and this is why some of us retired and relocated to safer more discreet areas….The above referenced drills are the type of events that could/will be used to usher in a new era of governance in the U.S. I cannot say for certain that these drill will go live, but if TPTP reach the point where dramatic action is needed, this has been and I presume is the fail safe…..UN is here and will be a player-
This week, I have been covering the UN sightings around the country and I wondered outloud if we were seeing preparations for a mass casualty event. I also reported that Paul Preston was reporting that military medical call ups were in progress:
Part One
Part Two

Is There A Jade Helm Connection?

From Jade Helm 15:

Master the Human Domain

The following explains the mystery behind the Jade Helm moniker phrase “Mastering the Human Domain“.

ARSOF 3-3. The Central Idea

  1. Special Warfare. Special warfare is an umbrella term indicating operating force conduct of combinations of unconventional warfare (UW), foreign internal defense (FID), military information support operations (MISO), CT, and counterinsurgency (COIN) through and with indigenous personnel. With discreet, precise, politically astute, and scalable capabilities, ARSOF frequently undertake politically sensitive missions over extended periods of time in hostile, austere, and denied environments. Here, ARSOF’s deep language and cultural expertise enhance unit survivability through the recognition and understanding of emerging threats. Such capabilities also grant Army special operators influence over the human domain in pursuit of U.S. objectives, to avoid conflict, or to bring about a quick and enduring victory…
    Take a look at the Jade Helm symbol and phrase: “Mastering the human domain”.

Now ,take a look at the company that is acquiring crisis actors for Operation Megadeath.
HD stands for Human Domain. What is with the establishment’s obsession with this term “mastering the human domain”. Many believe it is an euphemism for enslavement.  I have serious reservations about any connection between Jade Helm and Operation Megadeath.


To conclude, it is accurate to say the following:
  1. Former FEMA counter-bio terror agennt is concerned about the status of the upcoming drill called Megadeath.
  3. Former FEMA agent is on the record with saying that if the population is not being controlld, exotic CBN’s are a likelihood.
  5. Former FEMA agent contacts me with information on a planned .set of CBN drills.
  7. In all of the drills that I have covered, this source has never reached out to me on any drill, not even Grid EX II.
  9. There are complementary facts that I have reported on this week that says we should be watchful, even concerned, about what is coming.