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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, March 3, 2017

Traditional Catholic Community (Ohio Valley)

Traditional Catholic Community (Ohio Valley)
By: Eric Gajewski
“In those days, Faith will fall very low, and it will be preserved in some places only, in a few cottages and in a few families which God has protected from disasters and wars.” Bl. Anna Emmerick

Over the past few weeks this topic seems to be coming up in my email.  As I have stated in times past I cannot tell you where “real” traditional catholic communities are flourishing worldwide.  I can be specific as it relates to where will be more safe (off coastlines/out of major cities) but I cannot be specific as to where these “communities” are arising.  As you know there are SO MANY different opinions that it truly is hard to get a group of dozens of individuals all on the same page.  From sedevacantism (error) to the error of Pseudo-traditionalism (implying Vatican II/New Mass was Catholic) it becomes difficult to form true communities.  Having said that I am open to the idea of trying to formulate something here in the Ohio Valley.  Those, who, more or less, see things as I have been are coming to me asking of my area.

I would be willing to try.  I cannot guarantee anything.  This area is relatively cheap to live in.  Ohio has a strong militia and has great resources.  I have had even one talk wherein a woman from the Wisconsin area wanted to fly down to the area pronto to see if it might work.  As you know the Great Storm approaches.  Antichrist Maitreya is nearly here.  The greatest persecution is Church history will soon commence. 
Pray for direction.  I don’t have the answer but Our Lady does, therefore, go to her and ask what direction to take.  There are cheap enough homes more or less relatively close in my area which could be bought.  We would have to find a priest to lead us.  We simply do not know what priests might be willing or who may even convert out of the Novus ordo.

Formal ecumenical dioceses?  We know here the rumors which shouldn’t shock anyone concerning allowing heretics into “once Catholic buildings”.  They want an ecumenical rite they will get it but it will be much worse.  Eventually the Sacrifice will seemingly cease altogether (TLM) and other valid masses worldwide.  It is not going to just start here thus everything will become more localized.  If you find it difficult to drive an hour to Mass now then you are not going to like it in the future.  Again, I cannot even guarantee a priest we can only try and see if it is Gods will.

Tour Guide.  For those prospecting a move to Steubenville (Ohio Valley) I can take time out to show you around.  Even though this area is more or less Novus ordo they know my work and they know Im right.  Too many still hiding behind careers and fears.  Any questions can be set to apostleofmary@hotmail.com

When will people realize?  You cannot go to ANY church that is teaching Vatican II!  It doesn’t matter if your local church offers the TLM mass.  They still accept the New Mass and still teach the pastoral principles of the Vatican II New religion.  They are heretics yes even the “conservative” ones.  Time to prepare our homes and communities Planet X will pass and communication will seemingly become difficult.  An EMP “attack” could put us back to the stone ages.  No more calling Aunt Liz across the country.  Where you are is where you will be.  If there was ever a time to consider moving it assuredly is now.  The Faithless Jews are saying in 2022 this celestial star sign coming will herald in their “Messiah” (Antichrist Maitreya).  If this holds true, given all the current events we see, who could argue that the time to consider such a move is right before us.

I believe Our Lady has brought me back to this area exactly for these times and I do believe this area will be protected more or less.  You can go to realtor.com to check out some of real estate or like I said you can email me to setup a phone call/skype session wherein we can discuss further.  May God’s Will be done.

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