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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rome Has ALREADY Lost the Faith

Rome Has ALREADY Lost the Faith
By: Eric Gajewski

This is a sentence you will no longer hear in the Neo-SSPX or from some of the other heretical false traditionalist websites playing pretend.  I apologize that I have not been covering Archbishop Lefebvre these past few months as much as I should have.  Archbishop Lefebvre after some years had finally figured out the game of Conciliar Rome.  Bishop Fellay has not and neither do any of these false trad websites who still just see Francis as the problem.  The reality is they are just as much a part of the problem as he is.  Will it be admitted?  Of course not and sadly so many will be filtered into the false trad circuit not realizing they tread in the land of error.  There is talk these days from the false traditionalists of a schism to come and yet they are a part of the material schism which already occurred during Vatican II.  Lefebvre continues to be a guiding light for these times as the unhealthy false trad circuit continues to grow.  Thank goodness for God’s Rod of Correction to come.

Vatican II= cult of man.  Vatican II, as a whole, was not Catholic.  The false trad heretics will try to convince you otherwise.  They are to be avoided.  The New Mass is not Catholic.  The false trads will try to tell you otherwise.  They are to be avoided.  The false trads will try to convince you that “you have left the Church”.  The reality is THEY HAVE.  We have the faith they have their false trad circuit filled with poison.  Recently there is news that the false trad cardinals have apparently backed down from Francis and asking him tor ecant from his error.  Why has this surprised some?  Maybe on false trad sites like OnePeterfive, Canon 212 or Vox Cantoris but real traditionalists have seen through these “conservative” types even as Archbishop Lefebvre had.  Yes, we must continue to pray.  My words will not change "the landscape" of the traditionalist world much but Gods Justice will.  That hour assuredly approaches.  They are apart of the problem and are not the solution.

Sedevacantists & hardline traditionalists agree?   We agree on the level that Rome has lost the Faith (objectively speaking).  However, we must be more precise.  Since Vatican II, the Conciliarists have hidden behind the “hermeneutics of continuity” argument.  This is a defense against any would be formal heresy argument of the sedevacantists.  They are wrong.  It is true we have a new gospel of man being promoted but it is cloaked under the banner of “Catholicism”.  It is not formal heresy as they say.  Our Lady was being even more precise in her statement that Rome would lose the Faith.  Soon, Rome will dogmatically lose the Faith and even deny Our Lord as God.  The False Prophet will soon arise and the new 5/7 step self realization program will be setup.  You will have to take the Mark of the Beast to fit into the New Age.  We are not there yet thus the sedevacantists have “jumped the gun” so to speak.

False Trad “Litmus test”.  This has been asked quite a but over the years as it relates to the false traditionalists.  How do I know what is a false traditionalist many have asked.  For starters, ANYONE who would be accepting this Council or the New Mass is immediately put into this category.  Think about how nearly all supposed traditionalist sites now fall into that category.  Having said that, I would add another to this litmus test.  If there is a positive opinion of the Vatican II Popes especially JPII and/or BXVI this is a clear indication you are in the wrong group.  Those two have been arguably two of the worst Popes we have ever had.  Just because I say Benedict XVI is the true Pope doesn’t mean I hold a “positive opinion” of him.  He, like JPII, taught too many material heresies to keep up with.  Francis is different.  I do believe, that, we can now argue, he is a manifest heretic.

That is just your opinion.  This argument has come up by certain false traditionalists over the years yet it doesn’t prove anything.  They say this as if I should weight their opinion equally.  “There are other opinions ya know” therefore you cannot say we are wrong.  Bologna.  Is this how St. Athanasius responded?  Is this how Archbishop Lefebvre treated the same question?  Of course not therefore it doesn’t matter that I don’t have ecclesiastical authority.  I have an opinion I don’t need authority to say such an opinion even as St. Athanasius did not have authority over the Church to bind what he said at that time.  Many are looking and sadly you are not going to find the truth on all these false trad websites playing pretend.  They will stick to their narrative and God will soon stick it to them to wake them up.  That is it in a nutshell.  The Pope and prelates will Flee Rome.  Priests will be killed off as well with a good number of laity.

In the end, Lefebvre was adamantly against these false trad types who live in an imaginary world of “being right” and being the measure of “orthodoxy”.  I will continue to maintain what Lefebvre TRULY taught.  Those who have questions can contact me to setup a talk.  So many are confused and still searching.  Let us continue to pray for the Vatican II Revolution to go away altogether.  You wont find the Faith in your local diocese due to it (Vatican II) and you will only find heresy and/or compromise within the false trad network.  Truth does not fly in numbers at this point and the comfort of “we have numbers” doesn’t mean they are not poisoned (which they are).  Flee from heresy and compromise my friends.  Rome has ALREADY lost the Faith!  Until next time I ask you to keep me in prayer. Dont get discouraged if you think you find yourself with FEW who think alike.  God is the great Landscaper and He will is about to do some pruning out in the Vineyard.  Stay true and dont compromise as they have.  Ave Maria!

Archbishop Lefebvre: Rome has ALREADY lost the Faith!