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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Noah Labored Long So That Few Could Be Saved

Noah Labored Long So That Few Could Be Saved
By:  Eric Gajewski

Conversion is a process.  Certainly, my conversion did not happen over night and thus I go into my ministry working with females in the adult industry with that disposition.  Having said that, it is truly sad to see so many reject the invitation to a new life in Christ.  Even worse is the reality that many of these girls laugh at sin altogether.  Today, I was doing some reflecting as to how I can improve this outreach and upon reading an exerpt from the “Imitation of Christ” I was reminded that there is much labor in this work.  We take a look at the past to see how Noah labored so long and warned mankind but only FEW actually were saved.  We are living in similar times.  We sometimes tend to think it is “easy to love” but it is not.  We need Christ every second of the day to get the job done for He alone is Charity.

Beauty on the inside.  Todays modern girl has taken the devils bait and looked to the world for her “role models”.  They think to “expose more” is to be more beautiful when the reality is, in sight of God, they become more ugly.  Sin is ugly.  Vanity is ugly.  Immodesty and sensuality is ugly but not to those living in mortal sin.  These people are truly blind and cutoff from Gods grace and yet they still speak of Christ (some of them) as if everything is okay.  Most of the girls have had rough upbringings perhaps even raped before the age of seven.  Their home lifes are tragic and this plays into the devils game.  The devil does not want a stable traditional family setting for the children.  Virtue is mocked in these endtimes and charity is all but seemingly God as Scripture forewarned.  Certain escorts actually rationalize and think they are contributing positively to society by helping out “lonely men”.  The reality is there world is bent on self.  They like the attention.  Attention they never truly got as a child from the stable home environment. 

Tough sledding.  I try to at least reach out for a few hours during the day if not even longer on some days.  Out of the thousands of texts/messages perhaps only a handful will respond at all and even less girls respond positively.  It reminded me of the story of Lot and how there will virtually no just souls left so God had to rain down the fire from above.  We are entering similar waters for our day.  I would argue that this ministry has opened my eyes to this reality.  There are FEW just souls living in the world with the majority having already turned their backs on God and the true Faith and its going to get worse.  So much worse that Our Lord said that if HE didn’t shorten the days that NO ONE ON EARTH would be saved.  That Word of God is hard to comprehend considering how many people there are in the world.  It is tough sledding out there in this ministry which is why prayer has to be the focal point.  In one or two conversations souls will not be converted (I have rarely seen that happen although it does).  It is a process of me staying in contact answering questions and even being humorous at times.  I share my own testimony and warn them of the impending Tribulation we are about to find ourselves in.  On this level I suffer with Noah.  Many hours are put in “building the Ark”, that is, promoting the Church and Or Lady but only FEW in the end will be saved.


I need them as much as they need my message.  In order for me to grow in the virtues and in charity I need their nasty and often demonic replies in return.  It is truly humbling.  I suppose it is much like a married man and woman.  The Church teaches one can grow on this path to perfection in the married state.  I would argue it is similar in this ministry.  I truly have said a lot of things over the years I have regret but there is always room for growth.  I need this work just as much as they need to hear my message.  The majority of these girls have no consciences at all.  Who else would tell them of the dangerous path they are?  Hours and hours a day these girls receive messages from perverts who only build up their ego.  Escorting is dangerous not only because of the immodesty and impurity involved but also because of the vanity.  They are their own world.  Yet what will happen soon when that first drip of water lands in front of them and they realize “the flood” is about to rain down upon them?  How many will be saved?  In my opinion still FEW.

I ask for your prayers.  I still will get a few every day or two who are at least interested in listening and at least that is a start.  These girls truly need our prayers as many of them are literally one breath away from forever hellfire.  The time of false security is nearly over as with the coming economic collapse the escort industry will largely crumble.  Who is going to be spending 100 dollars an hour for “pleasures” when that money will be necessary to just survive.  This will apply to the rich even (who are largely their clientele) The rich will have pockets with holes in them we read in the Apocalypse.  The escorting industry is dangerous now due to the human trafficking, sin, the sexual diseases and violent crime.  Men void of grace who still pursue pleasures in their lust will only get MORE VIOLENT in the days ahead seeking to satisfy their disordered hearts.  Noah labored long and was called crazy.  I share in and enjoy that same suffering.  I continue to build the Ark and warn and soon the fire from above will rain down.  Let us pray that at least “some” of these girls will repent before it is too late.  Pray that their hearts might be touched with grace for them to see what they have done and where they are going if they do not stop.  Please keep me and this ministry in your prayers.  Jesus first converted an adulterer and we know what a wonderful Saint she became. Perhaps there are more "Mary's" out there? Ave Maria!