"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How To Survive The Apocalypse

How To Survive The Apocalypse

So the apocalypse arrived and the world as we know it has come to an end. What to do next?
Assuming you’re one of a handful of survivors, do you have what it takes to make it more than a couple of winters and maybe even sow the seeds for the rebirth of humanity?
Something that we all wonder about… even in an un-conspiracy related scenario, what would you do during an emergency? During a natural disaster, major power outage, martial law, or a pandemic?
This is just a list of basic survival tips that we should all know.

Just a couple weeks ago, I came across another documentary on youtube from the History Channel that I found pretty informative, enlightening, and it really paints a great, detailed picture for you if you’re ever caught in the city when SHTF.
Tactics City Bug out Bag
For those just starting, this series starts at the beginning, focusing on skills necessary and then the series moves into gear and knowledge. This video, will focus on building a bug out bag or kit for URBAN Survival. Every environment will require different skills and gear to give yourself the best chance for survival. It begins with the basics and increases from there. When beginning to prep or prepare, skills come first and then gear.
Focuses on the basics of Urban survival in a bug out situation, when Escape from the city & long term survival becomes necessary.
This is the beginning of the new series called “Apocalypse “. It focuses on Gear we should acquire and things we should learn, Research and study to prepare as best we can for the initial phases of starting to Prep and train for survival in any situation. This series will introduce and elaborate on many skills, abilities, planning and gear that will not only aid in survival in an apocalyptic scenario but also in everyday life and other survival situations.

This is a discussion about skills and gear that will be necessary for survival. Not just in an apocalyptic situation, but also in Urban and city survival. We discuss Fire Making, Water Purification, Shelter, First Aid and Self Defense. We talk about the skills and gear needed in general to begin training or prepping.
The Entire series (Apocalypse Tips) begins with the other videos that discuss edibles, skills and other facts.
We discuss gear NECESSARY for starting a bug out bag and preparing to possibly bug out from a heavily populated or Urban are into a remote or wilderness type of setting. When life or circumstance dictates, we may be have to evacuate from our comfort zone and are forced into a situation that survival on a basic & primitive level becomes necessary.
The items discussed are fairly inexpensive and easily obtainable.
These items will offer an excellent means for making survival easier and somewhat more comfortable.
This is not an attempt to sell gear or supplies, just an evaluation of some items.
There is always more that can be added, this is an introduction to the skills everyone should possess for the best chance of survival. There is always more that can be added…more shelter types, first aid techniques, self defense moves, water purification methods and food gathering and prep.
Take what you can and leave the rest.

Skills Necessary Skills Everyone Should Possess For The Best Chance Of Survival
This series will introduce and elaborate on many skills, abilities, planning and gear that will not only aid in survival in an apocalyptic scenario but also in everyday life and other survival situations.
This video is an introduction to 6 skills that are necessary for survival. Not just in an apocalyptic situation, but also in wilderness and forest survival. It discusses Fire Making, Water Purification, Shelter, First Aid and Self Defense.

SHTF – After Armageddon
Look around and notice the increased number of massive disasters that have struck the U.S. in recent years, going back to Hurricane Katrina in fact that devastated New Orleans. Then look globally to Fukushima and the Japanese in large numbers who were forced to evacuate on short notice due to the nuclear reactor meltdown.
Another good reason? The Cold War is back from the pages of history — and it’s back with a vengeance. The U.S. may finally find itself in a massive conflict with Russia in the coming years (if you’ve been watching the news recently you already know this).
Whatever the next disaster, are you prepared to evacuate on short notice? Or like a lot of people not prepared, are you ready to lose everything? A good Bug Out Bag can be a life saver in that regard.
One tactic that will make bugging out go quickly is having 80% of your gear (and food) already packed and just waiting in a closet in your home or your garage for that day when you’re going to need to evacuate with your gear, knowing you might be in a hurry.

When bugging out by a vehicle as your first means of escape, there are a number of other items that will come in necessary at different times, including fishing gear, hunting gear, and gear for self defense. Personal hygiene needs, communications equipment like a CB and two way radios …
Keep in mind that traveling will likely be an important aspect of surviving in a post apocalypse.
Gun stores will be raided as well (though not all of those raids are likely to end well). Hospitals and medical clinics will be next. As the days and weeks pass, and refugees and other survivors make their way for more remote suburbs and smaller towns, in a number of areas several places will serve as good places to get supplies and other resources — just depends on who is thinking that day, and realizes these places exist, and then gets there while there are still supplies to be had.
Defense Strategy and Capabilities .Conflicts and alliances around the globe are shifting constantly, enhancing the need for reliable and timely research and analysis. CSIS analyzes a wide range of issues related to defense strategy and capabilities.
Anything can happen in a land without laws or organized government.

What will happen when the state collapses? Will society descend into lawlessness, or can we seize the opportunity to let our human potential flourish?
Detailed tips on what it may take to survive in a land where crime and violence are rampant, stores have closed down, and the only food you have is either what you stored before hand, or what you can grow, find, or barter for.
A major disaster including a wave of homegrown terrorists with chemical bombs will make several regions dangerous places to live.
Your survival depends on your ability to create a fire easily and repeatedly. Those words are important. If it takes you a half hour to find kindling and combustibles, you don’t want to spend another cold and hungry half hour trying to bang rocks together to get a spark. That’s far too much time and energy wasted. However, matches or lighters will not be the solution either. During the apocalypse, you’ll need to create a fire nearly everyday to cook your food, sanitize drinking water and to warm your bones.

EJ Snyder "Preparedness For The Days Ahead"