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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Earth Changes: California Residents Flee, Massive Sinkhole in Russia & Two Rare Solar Eclipses

Earth Changes: California Residents Flee, Massive Sinkhole in Russia & Two Rare Solar Eclipses

164 foot wide sinkhole opens in Bashkiria, Russia 

Reports coming out of Russia indicate that a massive sinkhole has opened up near the village Novokulevo in Nurimanovsky District.  According to sources, the sinkhole measured 50 meters (164 feet) wide. Although sinkholes this large are rare, the region is known for its karst topography and numerous sinkholes. There was no known reports of injuries as a result of this opening.


DEVELOPING: Mount Etna in Italy Exhibiting Increased Activity, Spreading To all Craters

Europe’s largest volcano Mount Etna continues to exhibit much activity including eruptions that are now spreading to all the craters at the top of the mountain according to new reports. These latest developments come as the volcano has shown an increase in Strombolian activity since February 27, 2017. The reports indicate that Strombolian activity at Etna’s New Southeast Crater (NSEC) cone had gradually intensified since it began on February 27.  As a result, Lava soon overflowed the vent, which quickly traveled down the S flank, and slowed after reaching the gently sloping terrain. The flow reportedly has spread SSW, towards the old cone of Monte Frumento Supino.
Excerpt From History:
One major eruption of this volcano was in 1669 that resulted in Multiple eruptions and killed more than 20,000 people and left thousands more homeless. Most of the victims could have saved themselves by fleeing, but stayed, in a vain attempt to save their city. Mount Etna dominates the island of Sicily. Rising 11,000 feet above sea level in the northeast section of Sicily, it can be seen from just about every part of the 460-square-mile island. The geologic history of Mount Etna demonstrates that it has been periodically spewing ash and lava for thousands of years; the first recorded eruption of the volcano was in 475 BCE. It is the most active volcano in Europe. In 1169, an earthquake just prior to an eruption killed 15,000 people on Sicily. Despite the dangers of living near an active volcano, the eruptions made the surrounding soil very fertile, so many small villages developed on the slopes of the mountain.

A Rare Solar Eclipse In 2017 And Another One 7 Years Later In 2024 Will Mark A Giant ‘X’ Across The United States

(Reported By Michael Snyder) On August 21st, 2017, something is going to happen in the United States that has not happened since 1918. On that date, a total solar eclipse will be visible all the way from the east coast to the west coast. Incredibly, another rare solar eclipse of this nature will move across the country just seven years later in 2024. If you plot the projected courses of these two solar eclipses on a map, you will find that they form a giant “X” across the continental United States. In the Scriptures, Jesus told us that “there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars”
just prior to His return, and many are speculating about what this giant “X” might mean. Astronomers have been buzzing about the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st because it is so very rare. In fact, many are already making plans to travel to specific locations in order to have an optimal viewing experience. The following description of what will happen on that day comes from Fox NewsREAD MORE

Residents In California Forced to Evacuate From developing “Earth Movement”

Is California about to experience a powerful Earthquake? According to reports from the region, At least three homes in a Del Dios development near Lake Hodges, California have been evacuated after the earth beneath them reportedly started moving. This residence is reportedly a newer development called Cielo, which in Spanish means sky, appropriately named for its magnificent views from million-dollar mansions built on steep hilltops. According to residents In the 18000 block of
Avenida Apice cracked sidewalks and pavements forced these sudden evacuations. “We are getting an arcuate failure or pull away service where this mass of the earth is being pulled by gravity down the slope,” geologist Dr. Pat Abbott said. Reports have indicated that the cracks have shown up just in the last week-and-a-half and the cause of the sinking has not been identified.

Apocalyptical hailstorm hits Rio Grande do sul, Brazil (video)