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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Developing: Mysterious "Shakings" in Arizona

Developing: Mysterious "Shakings" in Arizona
PHOENIX - What was that?
Many Valley residents reported shaking and loud booms on Thursday night.
The United States Geological Survey has not reported any earthquakes in Arizona in the past 24 hours. So the question must be raised…what was it and how did so many people around the Valley feel it?

The Arizona Geological Survey said they could not identify any large earthquakes in the area. It is possible there was a very small earthquake that occurred and it was not detectable.
Scottsdale resident Maria Rodriguez said she felt the shaking from her home.
"We felt the doors shake, like somebody was trying to push them in, but we didn't see the doors move," Rodriguez said.
Luke Air Force Base said they do not have any information about sonic booms in the area.
Air Force captain Becky Heyse said there was an aircraft flying around 8:30 p.m. Thursday, but it was "unlikely" the jet caused a sonic boom in the northeast Valley because they were flying 60 miles west of Glendale.
Research geologist Jeri Young said there weren't any signs of a earthquake in the Valley.
"There were some signatures of maybe a man-made disturbance," Young said. "We can't really say where it occurred or what it was based on our equipment."
When we have an answer, we will update this story.

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