"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Marie Julie Jahenny, "The Future Glory of La Fraudais"

Marie-Julie foretold on numerous occasions that after her death, her home at La Fraudais would become a great place of pilgrimage after the chastisements and the arrival of the Great Monarch, for her cottage was destined to become the site of a great and holy sanctuary dedicated to the Holy Cross and Immaculate Mary, a triumphant acknowledgement of the work of the Cross that first commenced with her mission as a victim soul and her prophecies preparing the world for the great renewal.  Our Lord declared to her on July 29, 1875:

“O My spouse, when you are no longer (i.e. on earth), I will leave great graces to La Fraudais. This place is a blessed land. So far, I have accorded graces, this is nothing. It will be especially in the last days that My Grace will be visible and they can say it is I who have led you.”

 She was given an incredible number of details concerning the massive construction project and was shown what the church would look like, an immense building on the order of the classic gothic pattern that will hold about 1,400 people, Christ Himself declared He would be its architect.  Marie-Julie was told how many pillars there would be and described the altars.  At first, there would be disputes over the land as the people will not want to give up their property for the great project, but they will be justly compensated by an exchange in land and the bitter disputes will be short lived.  No worker will die from accidents during the heavy building work.   The rich will generously donate costly gifts and presents for its construction and adornment. Wonders were also promised: a miraculous spring will bubble forth on the site of her cottage, the waters of which would heal both body and spirit of the pilgrims who came to the sanctuary.  The water would eventually be piped through and be collected in a special fountain constructed beside the main altar.  The angels would be sent to help with the sanctuary’s construction: workers will leave for their period of rest only to discover upon their return that the walls will have been raised higher.  In this manner, the work will rapidly continue to its completion.  The builders will also be graced to hear the heavenly choirs and saints singing three times a day to refresh them.  A heavenly perfume will permeate the air.  Our Lord promised that He Himself would also come to sing and give them refreshment.   Heaven revealed that the Great Monarch and his entourage would come and plant the holy standard at the promised sanctuary in thanksgiving for his great victory and for the prophecies that announced his reign.  The surrounding lands will house great convents, cloisters and charitable orphanages, great conversions will take place, it will become a new ‘City of God’ in the renewal.   The future graces promised to La Fraudais, ‘the Garden of Mary’, are so great that Our Lady declared on May 16, 1880:

The house of Marie Julie...
“My children, so many pains, so many crosses, so many tears will be highly rewarded.  Heaven has you covered. This place (La Fraudais) will become great, an immense magnitude. Souls will come, driven by an extraordinary grace. My children, a mountain has been raised here ...”

We also find the following text with the same date, indicating Our Lady also made this astounding revelation:  “From (the time of) Calvary to this date, I have never seen so many graces, as (those) reserved for this place.”

 There are indications in the texts that work on this great sanctuary would begin when the days of chastisements are near, but when the terrors finally come to an end, the Great Days of Peace and Renewal will commence, which will last for approximately 25 to 35 years.  The Reign of the Sacred Heart will begin, the Great Monarch, the leaders of the Church and all the faithful will flock to the great Shrine in thanksgiving.  Sadly, earth will experience turmoil again when the Antichrist appears to destroy the faith, but until then, the Church will enjoy an Age of unparalleled glory never before witnessed in the history of Christendom.  These will be magnificent days reserved for the future that we can only dream of and pray will soon come to pass.
Marie-Julie Jahenny, pray for us!

Marie Julie Jahenny -French Mystic & Stigmatist, End Times Catholic Prophet




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