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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ratzinger: An Arian?

Ratzinger: An Arian?
(Portions of this article are loosely translated from the original text)
Is Ratzinger an Arian? by Prof. Dr. Wigland Siebel. Ratzinger's Christological formulation is essentially that of Wojtyła and Rahner. When asked to comment on Rahner, the eminent Thomist, Fr. Cornelio Fabro, replied, "He is an Arian."

Prof. Siebel criticizes Ratzinger to be an Arian, because he in his "Introduction to Christianity" (1971), which was in fact "Introduction to apostasy" hot, claiming that Christ was an exceptional person, but only a People have been adopted by God in the moment of death on the cross as the son ("adopted").
The article of Prof. Siebel appeared in SAKA details 1990, December, S.233-239; 1991, January, pp 9-12.

Since it would be outrageous if so agreed, it is the duty of all to verify this assertion thoroughly. I myself am in possession of all ages SAKA information, including that of December 1990 and January 1991. I therefore hereafter publish the relevant article of Prof. Dr. Wiegand Siebel from the 15th year of issue no. 12 December 1990 and Issue Volume 16 No. 1 January 1991 (and refer to the online version of the work in Ratzinger's "introduction to Christianity")

The theological position of Cardinal Ratzinger

Ratzinger is an Arian?

By Professor Dr. Wigand Siebel

It is known that Cardinal Ratzinger since November 1981 prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It is responsible for the task of watching over the integrity and integrity of the faith. Does he have to the conditions, that is, he himself has preserved the Catholic and Apostolic faith? This for many almost unbelievable question, we must put them all? It is set to be! We had to not only make but also negative answer necessity already several times. In the present article, which is continued in January 1991, we need to ask again, this time with respect to the core of Christianity, Christology. We ask especially those readers who our point of view (still) critical of studying the present observations by Professor Siebel unbiased. Today it is too much, as that one is likely to lightly dispense with such an argument.

1. Introduction

As of this year, has been discussed in various articles SAKA INFORMATION, it is in the Roman ecumenical church a greater number of bishops who vertreten.¹ in their teaching Arian positions do not truly believe the Christian doctrine that Jesus Christ is true God, eternity is. For them, Jesus is only a great man who has proven through his life and death, that he was close to God, thus the deity expressed and was rewarded with the deity. As examples, the bishops Walter Kasper, Karl Lehmann and Joseph Stimpfle were treated. They all retain the language of the Christian faith statements, but inferior to this new sense of deeply contrary to Christian teaching, so pick up the foundation of the Christian faith examined.

The question arises as to how it was possible that priests who these views

* Among other things, in the March number 1986: Athanasius Kroger, the Trinity Ratzinger and resurrection Ratzinger. December 1987: Wolfgang Beranek, The "fertility" of separation - Ratzinger's ecumenical ideas. Year 1989: Paul Hacker, Joseph Ratzinger and the destruction of the dogma, pp 188-190, S. 208f, pp 235-238..
represented, could ever be bishops. Had not you in their writings may find with ease, that they deny the true divinity of our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ? For such a test, the Roman Congregation would have had jurisdiction, the prefect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (born 1927). At least the appointment Kaspers Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart is the responsibility of Ratzinger. Ratzinger has failed here? Or is about Ratzinger himself near the modern Arianism, he is even self be regarded as Arians? The question was raised by the recent results of investigations with the utmost urgency. And not least because Ratzinger is one of the most influential representatives of the Roman ecumenical church. After 25 years of teaching in Freising, Bonn, Münster, Tübingen and Regensburg, he in 1977 Archbishop of Munich and Freising, 1981 for the Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith under John Paul II. The question of the relationship Ratzinger as Arianism is primarily based on the book "Introduction be, but then also answered in Christianity "by means of further writings and a statement of the CDF.

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