"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, June 7, 2018

On The Verge Of A Scourge

On The Verge Of A Scourge
By:  Eric Gajewski
Included: TradCatKnight Exclusive: Our Lady of Heede 

Those who pay heed to Our Lord’s command for us to stay watchful surely see the “writings on the wall” as to the times we live in.  Though, we are few in number, we can still make a considerable impact before God decides to pull the rug out beneath the feet of modern men.  Those scoffing at the notion that we live in the end are only setting themselves up for obvious failure.  The traditionalist movement is in shambles with many false trads now adopting the Zionist heresy.  The Novus ordo thinks they are Catholic as heresy abounds virtually everywhere.  I would argue Churches or individual priests not compromising or teaching heresy remain less than 5 percent globally and even that might be a stretch.  What is a Catholic to do these days?  Can the laity truly be pivotal in the restoration of the Church like during the Arian crisis?  Can we really “right the ship” over the next hundred years as I have heard some false trads clamoring or will it come from the Hand of God?  Nay, we are on the verge of the worst period of suffering that will be allowed by God in all times but is it not the Cross which leads us?

The false trads can’t read the times.  It is sad to see so many blind unable to read the signs of the times.  I would say the conservatives live up to their name.  They don’t want to be to left or to right.   

They are comfortable in their “fox news like” approach to the Faith.   

They don’t want to labeled this or a that.  In their circle they think they are making an impact while still compromising and teaching heresy.  God will have to put an end to this crisis.   

It wont involve anything less than getting rid of the Vatican II Revolution.   

Sadly, the Church is going underground but this is exactly what we need.  We need to be scourged like Christ at the pillar long enough to regain our spiritual sense.   

We need to break free from he bonds of self-love and heavy crosses are just the remedy.   

The more Crosses the closer we draw to God and perhaps by God allowing the Church to become nearly obscure in the world we shall realize just how important doctrine is?

Even Benedict XVI said we will have to start all over again.  It is sort of like a cheating spouse coming back to say I am sorry.  There is a period of suffering before the other Spouse takes him or her back.  Let us face it we have been "cheating on God" (in general) with the phony bologna Novus Ordo religion for quite some time.  Heretics pretending to be Catholic and thinking Vatican II is the way!  What else can God do?  Doesn’t he have to put mankind and the Church through the spin cycle in order for men to say okay enough we get it now.   

Sadly, most aren’t going to make it through this Great Storm.  The good as well as the bad shall die.  Priests and laity.  So why will God allow us to be scourged?

First, he needs to purify our hearts and souls and the Church.  A smaller more purified Church as Benedict XVI indicated in his memoirs.  With the Great persecution coming comes great reward.   

God is allowing souls the opportunity for immediate entrance into heaven.   

The question is will you go down fighting or not?   

God made me this way.  Perhaps I am too straightforward with people and people just aren’t use to this approach but perhaps it is what is needed.  Enough of the beauacratic bull****.  Let your Yea by your yea and your no be your no.  God despises “tap dancers”.   

We all are in greater need of purity in our intentions on the individual level and since the modern world feels they are “so secure” God has to allow everything to collapse. 

Will your Faith collapse as you see the world system and Church collapse around us?  I pray not.  We must realize that God allowed His own Body to be put to death.  His Sacred Heart lives always therefore the Church always is alive even if the Church becomes eclipsed.  Even if the False Prophet and Antichrist take over Rome (which they will).  Even after the economic and societal collapse our hearts (if unified) with the Immaculate and Sacred Heart SHALL REIGN.   

This is why Jesus said to start prepping your homes as if they were churches.   

The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away.   

Since heresy abounds nearly everywhere and the majority want to play it safe so that they can keep their jobs and places in the world God will permit the churches to be shut down and priests massacred.  Can you blame Him?

Second, God’s mass Justice program involves reducing the population drastically the Church included.  He will get the right people in place.  There will be no Vatican II after the Storm.  There will be no compromising after God wipes the table clean.  There will be no more modernist’s and their pride to have to refute.   

The remnant who God keeps here will be on Fire for the Truth and will not tap-dance.  People will make that connection between Gods disapproval of Vatican II and the Tribulation/chastisements.  

Those who don’t wont be around (obstinacy will no longer be tolerated).   

The majority of people you know right now wont be around in the next decade or so.  I say that without blinking an eye.  God has had enough and He is just.   

We need to start anew and a scourge is exactly what needs to befall upon the Church for the two reasons I have stated.  There are more reasons but for now I believe that suffices.  #theeagle

TradCatKnight Exclusive: Our Lady of Heede