"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

False Right “White Supremacy” Narrative on the 666 Handsign

False Alt-Right “White Supremacy” Narrative on the 666 Handsign
By:  Eric Gajewski
This hand sign is a pledge of allegiance to the cult of man, NWO and Antichrist Maitreya

The right and left are both controlled by the Jews.  If you have been following this apostolate for some time now you know this.  I find it very interesting that the alt right crowd is now using the “okay” hand sign to signal “white supremacy” to the public.  This is not at all a “white supremacy” hand sign but has every bit to do with the New World Order and ultimately a pledging to the Antichrist “Maitreya”.  Don’t get me wrong people are using this hand sign ignorantly even teenagers these days but the diabolical Jews always have a way to deceive the public and diverting their attention away from the truth of a certain matter.  The false or alt-right crowd is completely run by the Jews whether it is Alex Jones or Paul Joseph Watson or these new “popular” alt right girls.  I now look back and understand why some of these girls have declined coming on my show.  Heck, even Gavin McInnes (Zionist) tapped out 5 minutes into an interview I was conducting with him based upon the Church’s real teachings on the Jews.  Listen in at the end of this blog.  These are the people so many supposed traditional Catholics listen to and follow.  This is another reason why I use that term "false trad" because they cling heavily to the false right politically.  You will find this type following websites like the Remnant and OnePeterfive.  Let me discuss why the false right is now interpreting this hand sign to mean “white supremacy” for the answer may shock you.

The New World Order needed a polarizing figure to counteract Clinton and they got their guy in Trump.  This high ranking Scottish Freemason was just what the doctor ordered as he is just another Zionist stooge furthering Israel’s plan not America’s.   

America is simply the military right arm for “Israhell” we have been for quite some time.  The recent attacks on Syria only prove Trump is a New World Order stooge who is truly not interested in protecting Christian countries.   

He was allowed to run this country by the Jews so he could the fall guy for the economic collapse coming, for war and lastly revolution and civil war in this country.   

The last area is important because I believe it to tie into the topic of this hand sign.  Have you noticed Trump has been stirring the hornet’s nest at times with people of color in this country?  If you are awake you have and the reason why this is important is because the New World Order wants our country to socially collapse.   

They want conservative’s vs liberals, the north vs the south, the have’s vs the have not’s and yes whites vs blacks.   

Zionist shill Alex Jones even warned about the coming race war in this country and this hand sign is only adding fuel to the fire.  Hey, nice hand sign Alex!

 This handsign was never a Nazi calling card.  They had other gestures and hand signs but this is not one of them.  Hitler even gave certain Talmudic hand signs further proving he was controlled opposition as the phony Jews needed a boogeyman figure so that they could set up Rothschild’s puppet state of “Israel”. 


Out of chaos cometh “order”.  What order shall this be?  The antichrist’s one world socialist republic in which all men will have to take his mark in order to formally be embraced by society. 

You wont be able to buy or sell without this Jew’s mark.   

Back to my original point.   

Trump, the egoist (as even some conservative’s call him) is just the recipe to stir up a race war in this country AFTER the coming economic collapse.   

Think for a second just how horrible it will be after the stock market crash.  Most Americans are barely getting by now just wait till then.   

Animosity is building up all over this country between blacks and whites.  I have even warned some whites and blacks in my own community not to fall for this New World Order trap.  

 The Jews sit back and laugh when you give into their agendas (kind of like the movie the Rat Race). 

These “white supremacist” or “black social justice” movements are both of the enemy who controls both sides of the fence.  Want to guess who again?   

They (these movements) will both gain further momentum in this country as we get closer to the collapse which still could be this summer.  

The Jews knew we were catching on and had to change the narrative.  They knew people will put two and two together and figure out this hand sign was a pledge of allegiance to the New World Order so they used their puppet alt right crew to simply brainwash the masses into another narrative. 

Now these stooges use it publicly to effect another meaning.  Why?  To deflect it away from its true meaning.   

I spotted this from the get-go I just haven’t had time to sit down and write about it.  I don’t want to beat the drum repeatedly so I wanted to provide some visuals below so as to refute this claim it is solely being used by “white supremacist’s”.  

 In the end if you are the Fox news type and follow the alt right you might as well take the mark now for you are already deceived and being brainwashed by their puppets on TV.

Antichrist Maitreya's handsign and his goonish agents preparing the way...

Pope John Paul 2 the white supremacist? 

Antipope Francis the "White Supremacist"?
Hmmm funny how both the Clintons and Trump do this new world order hand sign...

So if this is a symbol of "white supremacy" then why do so many black new world order celebrity puppets use it who often speak up against "white privilege?"  We are not that stupid, Jews!

Even the Jews who try to stir up social trouble give this hand sign.  They hate the white/black race by the way 
I thought Lebron hated Trump?  I didnt know Lebron the social justice warrior was a "white supremacist!"
 Lebron is seen giving another talmudic handsign.  He is NWO all the way.
I didnt realize all these people were white supremacists?  Now you know how ridiculous this claim is by the controlled right crowd.
i could go on all day providing visual proof but you get the point.
the reality is the New World order controls both the left and right and this is their pledge of allegiance to the New World Order and Antichrist.  welcome to the divide and conquer routine of the enemy my Christian friend.  Some of these people claiming to be Christian are merely agents of hell....


 Hitler was controlled opposition....

Jews using Celebs (more Talmudic handsigns)

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