"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

St. Vitalis of Milan to Marie Julie – Prophecy of Contraception, Chastisements Will Follow

St. Vitalis of Milan to Marie Julie – Prophecy of Contraception, Chastisements Will Follow 

Note: St. Vitalis was a victim of persecution in the 1st century in Milan with his wife, St. Valeria, mother of St. Gervase and St. Protase. He is described as a wealthy citizen of Milan, who was put to death in Ravenna. It was St. Ambrose, who in 393, ordered that a search be made for the relics of the martyrs of previous centuries, and it was by this that their relics were discovered. The Basilica of Ravenna was named after St. Vitalis.
Despite this, these martyrs were considered "legendary" for years, and pronounced so in 1969, but here, St. Vitalis visits Marie-Julie Jahenny and confirms his and his wife's existence, also giving details of their martyrdom. Their Feast Day is April 28.  (Image: Martyrdom of St. Vitalis of Milan)


Ecstasy date December 17, (1878?)

I am Saint Vitalis. I was martyred with my wife Saint Valeria. I suffered death for God and the Holy Church for not wanting to deny my God Who made me a Christian ... I was seized, bound and then stoned to death with lead balls. Our bodies were pierced through and through. Then they forced very sharp awls through all parts of the body. Then we were again sifted and stoned. Then we were buried alive in pits filled with lime and earth. This is where our souls took their flight. My wife and I were not separated. We were chained and buried in the same pits. We rested long after burial in this great city watered by the blood of martyrs.

Now, a word on behalf of Our Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters, arm yourself with invincible courage to face the evils that threaten you. The Lord sends His soft Divine light and that will serve you to foresee and will make you feel the hour when pain will fill the earth with a cry of alarm and sobs. This day of pain is in full strength ... What attracts this pain? This cry of alarm? They are sins, crimes, scandals, abominations ... This is the bouquet of the earth.

I do not speak of you, Brittany, but to you, land of France, which was once a noble name, you who had such a great reputation. Today, you are trampled underfoot by your corrupters and your friends. Your bowels are hardened mercilessly for your children ... Previously, this land was covered with the blood of martyrs. It was fruitful with a seed of grace. Today, I see from Heaven, the Justice of the Lord in anger against the land of France. I see its lightnings close to falling heavy (upon you). A single fibre holds them and still stops them ... There only Heaven can make this miracle of victory in this desecrated land …

(Note: “Your bowels are hardened mercilessly for your children.” This could be a prophecy concerning contraception that was introduced in France in 1967, and throughout the rest of the world. The name 'contraceptive' is misleading in many cases as certain ones do not prevent conception from taking place. Many are actually contragestives, they prevent a fertilised egg, human life, from implanting in the womb, and in a sense, 'hardens' it. The new baby is unable to develop and starves to death. Some cause the uterine lining to shed after implantation, which would make it chemical abortion. The infamous 'Morning After Pill' is a contragestive, certain IUD devises are also contragestive.)

St. Vitalis: They do not tremble, the men that rule the earth, but God is the Governor of Heaven and earth. Persevere in prayer and the Lord's anger will not reach those whom he has promised to protect … Remember that we are all crucified on earth. It is suffering that raises us in triumph, and triumph leads to eternal happiness.

Meanwhile the protection of peace, let us rest in silence on the Cross of our Lord, say to Him with submission and resignation: "Lord, here we are, do with us as You please!" This word can defy and reverse the designs of your enemies … You are on earth where you merit to win the so precious treasures that Heaven (sends for) rewards. Continue your way and at the end you will receive the crown of victors!”



  1. St. Vitalis and St. Valeria, please pray for us, the children of the latter days.

  2. Amen to that, Karen! 15 decades a day for the five 'P's' and for the Consecration of Russia! With Christ as our King we'll end these murderer's schemes and restore the Social Kingship of Christ! Vivat Christus Rex!