"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 15, 2018

(Lk 23:44-46) Entrust Yourselves Like Jesus Into the Father’s Hands

(Lk 23:44-46) Entrust Yourselves Like Jesus Into the Father’s Hands
By:  Eric Gajewski
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 I apologize for not writing as often as I have before in the past but I have been terribly busy over the past few weeks.  Having said that, I am receiving a lot of emails such as the one I will attach below, indicating, a feeling of helplessness in this crisis of the Church.  I warned some years ago that God would be putting us to the Test in order to strip our souls of self-love.  I warned it would feel like we were out on an island.  What can we do so many of you are asking?  The answer is in Scripture.  Luke 23:46, And Jesus crying out with a loud voice, said: Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”  We must completely abandon ourselves into the loving Hands of the Father.  This is easier said than done but it is how every Christian must respond when they are high on the Cross and below the darkened skies of Calvary.  Fear not!  We are still safe even when we fear we are losing control and this is precisely what God wants!  He wants you to leave “control” in His Hands.  Let us talk further.

Here is just one of the many emails I received recently indicating how many Catholics are feeling at this present moment:

“Dear Eric,
 I stumbled on your website--and, you have my head spinning.

I am a 60 year old Catholic woman--have always practiced my faith as I grew up in a very Catholic family, and my dad, I feel was a saint on earth.  HE went to daily Mass since his teens, and raised up to love the Eucharist.  He was a wonderful father, husband and doctor. he was loved by all, and spent an hour in prayer after receiving the Eucharist.

He loved John Paul II.
I was sent to Catholic schools--but admit that I could never find a man of faith like my dad.  By the time I was in my 30's, I think I grew disillusioned, married a "Catholic" man, had two children and--we separated by the time by youngest was 6 months of age.  I never remarried--I have become so picky--and actually disgusted with the catholic culture of today.  Which has made me re-evaluate what has been going on in the church. I made my first Communion before Vatican 2, and still recall how it was before all the crazy changes.   Though, I admit, I have gone to some Latin Masses, but feel more of an observer that a participant, since the language is so difficult to understand. I am very active in my parish and our priest has brought bac a lot of Pre-Vatican 2 changes--which has drove many people away--but I love the return of the sacred.

I read The Hope of the Wicked back in 2000, and have never been the same since.

I went down the rabbit hole--and was opened to the sexual abuse within the church long before it became public knowledge.  I--discovered Project Monarch, Project Paper Clip, Project Bluebeam, etc.

I have read the Book--The Jesuits, and also Windswept House.

I have researched the NWO, the Illuminatii.
And I just watched your video on the Black Star, which has left me so so depressed.
Why do I feel that evil is more powerful than good?  Why do I feel that God doesn't care. Why do feel like there is no hope, and what is life really worth living for? Why does God allow the evil one so much control?  WHY DOES HE LET INNOCENT CHILDREN BE SO TORTURED BY THESE EVIL DEMONS?  This is the part that has been so painful to read about.  Abortion is bad enough, but this is so evil--I weep for the children.

Going through your website--as much as it is informative, leaves me feeling so so hopeless.  I am not about to get up and move form MN/WI area and desert my children.
I know very very many good and holy people in my Catholic church. We pray the Rosary, we are devoted to Mary, the saints and of course Jesus in the Eucharist.
I need to seriously try to avoid falling into despair.  I am trying hard not to hate God for letting these demons control us.
How do we go on feeling as if God has not deserted us?  I need to hold on to some type of faith to continue in this very very sick world.”

First of all thank you for your emails my friends I truly do appreciate them all.  Let us get to some points in responding to this email.  This a typical email in which someone who thought they had a firm understanding of the Faith realized that over time they were being duped.  My information is to clearly paint a picture of the times we live in that so many “Catholics” seem to ignore.  It is not to lead anyone into depression or despair.  I find this common amongst those who are coming form the Novus ordo.  They feel cheated on and for good reason!  It is a normal reaction on the human level and this is why we need grace.   

We need to “absorb” all of these varying factors very slowly rather than try to learn everything all at once lest we fall into despair.   

We must be balanced.  Pray more study less.  If we find that we are researching more than we pray than the devil has won.  Move away from that trend.

Why do I feel depressed?  People feel depressed typically when things don’t go there way.  Is God in control?  YES!  Yet when things don’t go according to how we would want them then this is when depression sets in.  God is moving in “turtle-like” fashion because He is purifying in this slow process of removing the evil in the world.   

God can remove all of the evil in this world in a very quick fashion as will be evidenced in the coming 3 days of darkness but so many want results now.  

 This is impatience.  This is us sitting on our throne saying God does this and that.  It doesn’t work like that.  We have to consider all souls involved rather than just our own.

Why do I feel like God doesn’t care?  We must take the same path as Jesus.  His Cross is now our Cross.  We must take it and carry it.  We must follow reason not emotions and passions. The reality is God does care but we care for ourselves more Than He cares for us.  It is everyone’s journey to carry the Cross in Love and say during the process that God does care but even Jesus cried aloud to the Father.  And what did He do?  

He said, “into thy hands I commend my spirit”.   

This is what we must say at the present moment in the climax of this crisis.  A crisis which shall soon end in the 3 days of darkness but will bring forth that resurrection moment for the Church!  A new beginning.  This is why I say we must fill our minds mostly throughout the day with things that are uplifting and edifying.  We must keep our eyes on the rainbow (that is not yet present) rather than the obvious dark clouds gathering.  For every eagle must learn to love the Storm just as much as the clear blue skies.

What is life worth living for?  It is worth living each moment we get because God wills it.  If we don’t love God’s Will we will never arrive at spiritual perfection. It is worth living for because there are far too many people to inform and help.  It is worth living for because it is Jesus who gives us life itself.  St. Kolbe once said I see problems nowhere because I see Mary everywhere!”  How true this is.  If we would only develop our relationship with Mary more than we would begin to see with the eyes of an eagle and how God views things with His all-seeing eyes.  

 Life is what we make of it, therefore, we must control what we can control.   

You can go out and make a difference in your own community.  You can choose to Love no matter what the cost and when that time comes from God to deliver us from all that evil it shall be as equally rewarding.

Ultimately, we must learn to distrust ourselves and entrust ourselves into God’s Hands. We must see the need for purification both in our own soul’s but also in the world.  We must understand that the darkness being painted upon the canvas of the world can be erased by the “white” of Christ.  We get new canvas’s when we confess our sin’s and we will get a new societal canvas after the three days of darkness.  Without Faith and Hope, the wings of an eagle, a soul stands no chance in the days ahead.  So, my advice is to make sure you are balanced in all that you do and to not focus in on the negatives.   

Be aware, yes.  Fall into despair and panic, no. 

Entrust your spirit into the Father’s hands and pay more attention to what is going on within your soul rather than what is going on in the world, Amen.

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  1. Amen Eric. St. Pio said, "Don't allow the sad sight of human injustice to sadden your soul; someday you will see the unfailing justice of God triumph over it!"

  2. Good article Mr Gajewski. Laudetur Jesus Christus