"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 22, 2018

COMING SOON: Neo-Catholic Conference under patronage of St. Carlo of Bologna!

COMING SOON: Neo-Catholic Conference under patronage of St. Carlo of Bologna!

According to Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register, plans are underway for a “major international conference to examine ways to resolve the current crisis of division in the Church,” with additional focus on “papal infallibility.”
News of the upcoming conference is being met with excitement; in particular, in neo-conservative circles and even some self-identified “traditional” ones too.

Edward Pentin is one of the most well-informed of Vatican journalists. Although he didn’t divulge sources, there can be no doubt that he is effectively quoting conference organizers when he describes the upcoming event.
With this in mind, the first thing that stands out to me in his report is that the conference, which is reportedly going to meet in Rome in early April, could accurately be named, How do you solve a problem like Francesco?
It won’t be so named, of course.
In fact, we can be fairly certain that it will feature interventions given by the usual cast of characters – Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Sarah, et al – each of which will contain lots of winks-‘n-nods while also failing to identify the actual problem much less name the current primary perpetrator.
The second thing that stands out is that the organizers of the event, in spite of any good intentions, are evidently among the most gravely disoriented.
The “current crisis of division” in the Church, properly speaking (if you’ll forgive my repetition on this point), isn’t so much about Francis; it’s about the Council’s departure from the truths of the Faith that he is simply magnifying as he proceeds along the path that it established.
With regard to Francis himself, “papal infallibility” has very little to do with truly current (and unprecedented) affairs such as those concerning Amoris Laetitia and the various “guidelines” that have been established in its wake (e.g., in Buenos Aires, Malta, and Rome.)
Yes, there are those who wish to treat every papal proclamation as Gospel (when they agree with them, that is), but no one with even an ounce of Catholic credibility is suggesting that Amoris Laetitia has an infallible character.
If the disorientation of conference organizers isn’t evident enough already, Mr. Pentin went on to report:
The upcoming conference is expected to also debate a related subject: the limits of papal power, amid concerns that Pope Francis is leading the Church in a direction that they consider to be a departure from the faith, continuity and tradition, and that he is doing so in an authoritarian fashion and without unanimous consent of bishops.
The unanimous consent of the bishops?       
Since when is this a litmus test for determining what can rightly be considered “continuity with tradition” and what cannot?
Let me guess: Since the Almighty Council pronounced on the importance of episcopal collegiality!
A moral unanimity of the bishops of today are utterly convinced that ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, religious liberty, etc. as conceived at Vatican II are examples of “continuity with tradition.”
This tells us exactly one thing: Nearly every one of these men have departed from the true Faith in such matters.
Even so, excitement about the conference abounds.
As reported by Mr. Pentin, “The international meeting in Rome [was] one of the last wishes of the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra.”
That’s nice.
Look, by all appearances, Cardinal Caffarra was a holy man. He was also a man-of-the-council who, other than signing the Dubia, did rather little to warn the faithful about the danger represented by the Argentinian presently posing as pope (much less Vatican II and the new Mass).
Now that he has passed, while a conference billed as a testament to his legacy might represent a feel good moment for his overly emotional survivors, it’s of precious little help to the deceased cardinal himself. We must pray for him and for his eternal salvation.
Unless, of course, you are convinced that he’s already in heaven…
The pro-family, pro-marriage forces have a powerful heavenly ally in Cardinal Caffarra—the late archbishop emeritus of Bologna … Perhaps His Eminence—one of the original “dubia cardinals”—is still working in Rome even now, trying to save the Church from the Modernists who have her by the throat.
– Michael Matt, publisher of the Remnant commenting on the upcoming conference
Forgive me for raining on the parade, again, but the Modernist-in-Chief, Jorge Bergoglio, isn’t going to be effectively addressed by a gathering of men whose concept of “tradition” harkens all the way back to the 1960’s; these are the very men from whom the Church and her faithful must be protected!
OK, if not a conference under the patronage of St. Carlo of Bologna, then what will it take to confront the Bergoglian menace?
Simple: The answer lies in applying the Catholic faith whole and entire.
There is no doubt that Our Lord desires for our shepherds to do so authoritatively on our behalf – that is, to formally condemn and depose the heretic for the salvation of souls, including his – but the unfortunate truth is that they simply don’t possess the Catholic faith is sufficient measure to do so.
For more than four years now, Jorge Bergoglio (stage name, Francis) has been demonstrating in both word and deed, consistently and repeatedly, that he simply is not Catholic.
If you have eyes to see as much, thank God for the gift of sight, but do not fail to pray that He will grant it to our churchmen as well along with the grace necessary to do their duty, which isn’t to hold yet another meaningless conference.

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  1. The concilliar bishops need to get their heads on straight and reject Vatican 2 wholesale. Until they do this, their rear-guard band-aiding is just an exercise in uselessness