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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, December 1, 2017

OUR LADY TO MARIE JULIE: Our Lady Visits Her Children of the Cross – A Message of Consolation – A Revelation about Holy Desires

OUR LADY TO MARIE JULIE: Our Lady Visits Her Children of the Cross – A Message of Consolation – A Revelation about Holy Desires

Ecstasy date November 28, 1878.

Our Lady: “It is I, my children who comes to say a word before entering the Holy Novitiate (i.e. of the Cross).
My children, here is my heart filled with tenderness, love and charity. Enter this second Furnace. You will find and you will draw from there ineffable tenderness and happiness. I incline to you, my children, to send you all my maternal kindness.

My children, I have to say happily: "Here are the pure and fresh flowers in my Immaculate Heart. I come to offer them to you, to prepare a tender cradle for my Son in the depths of your souls and in your hearts."

My children, here the lilies, with a dew of love flowing in all the beautiful qualities you possess. Be formed with the lily of purity, the birthplace of my Divine Son.

My children, here are some red carnations, place next to the lilies these flowers that bear the emblem of Calvary, the emblem of the Blood pure and divine that ran from the Sacred Members of my Divine Son.

My children, here are other beautiful white flowers that bear five leaves. Place them in your souls, around the crown of carnations. Then you place all of them together around the divine cradle, the other small flowers that will make you happy.

My children, I send you my most tender smile as a blessing that is spreading about you. I make you rest on my heart. I will cover you with my tender kisses. I shelter you under my virginal mantle.

My children, I lovingly watch over you all. I am in your daily tasks. I accompany you in your efforts. I am over all your troubles, I help you carry your cross. I accompany you at the foot of the Altar of Sacrifice. I collect your tears on the hem of my coat and I present them to my dear Son, as tears of merit, desire and appeal …

My children, when you cry, there in your tears, a pleading voice, that asks grace from my Divine Son. These tears water like a fertile dew the field of my Son ...”

Marie-Julie: “Why Good Mother, do you give us so sensitive a heart?”

Our Lady “My children, love is sensitive like a star that rises from the earth and rises to the sky. This love goes to the foot of the throne of my Divine Son. It pleads in secret, it asks Him in secret and pleads with all its might.”

Marie-Julie: “Good Mother, which is most meritorious, a (holy) desire satisfied or an unsatisfied desire?” (i.e. apparently, she is asking about the desire to do holy works or spiritual desires.)

Our Lady: “My blessed children, the desire satisfied has a measured merit, the unsatisfied desire has its merit without measure.”
Litany of the Passion: A Prayer of Reparation before the Blessed Sacrament

Our Lord requested this prayer to be said to console Him on Thursday mornings at 9 AM before the Blessed Sacrament, and on Fridays in the afternoon. He promised to those who would recite this prayer as a great mark of their love for Him, He would grant them a solemn happiness. Our Lord: “They will say passing over in their heart (meditating on) all that I have done for them for love.  As a reward, at their death, I will almost immediately attract them in the eternal sojourn.” (The soul will be immediately attracted to Him and draw upon themselves all the necessary graces for salvation at that critical moment.)  Our Lord said: “Burn with love for Me, I will let escape from My Heart the last stream that will set you ablaze.  My Love comes to search for your prayers to soften the pain caused by all the offenses.” (i.e. offenses committed against Him in the Blessed Sacrament.)  Our Lord also promised: “I will bless those who say this prayer at least once a day, I will give them a solemn benediction.”  When Marie-Julie passed on the litany He taught her, she asked: “Lord, will You be willing to remain with us until the end of time?” (i.e. in the Blessed Sacrament.)  He answered. “This is Love.”

The Litany of the Passion:

Oh my very dear Jesus, what brought You to suffer for us a mortal Agony in the Garden of Olives: It is Love.

Oh My Adorable Jesus, what brought You to separate Yourself from Your Apostles during this Agony: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to leave the executioners and the Jews torture and bind You: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to appear before the tribunal of Pilate: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to descend into the obscure prison of Herod: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to allow the executioners scourge You without a complaint from You: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to separate Yourself from Your Holy Mother in order to suffer insults: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to cast a glance at St. Peter when leaving the Praetorium: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to fall before Your enemies under (their) weight: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to die for us on a Cross: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to give Yourself to our souls in the Most Holy
Sacrament: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to reside for us in all the Shrines and Tabernacles in the entire world: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to tell us 'Dear Children, do not fear, come close, I sleep, but My Heart watches': It is Love.

Adorable Sacred Victim, what brought You to let us approach Your Holy Tabernacles, to possess You and dissolve into these delights: It is Love. It is Love.

Oh Most Holy Victim, what brought You to love us with a Love so Ardent and full of Goodness: It is Love. It is Love.



  1. "Our Lady Visits Her Children of the Cross"

    She DOES!

    One day, after a critical event in our family involving a daughter, a very devoted soul who suffers a lot, who was dating, we thought, a fine Catholic-schooled young man...

    I sat on the stairway and said to Our Lady,

    "Please visit this house."

    I told no one and frankly,
    forgot about it.

    Then one morning the daughter tells me that she thought it was I, standing at the foot of her bed and kept saying, "Mom...?" And no answer and then fear and THEN, perfect peace at Whom she was beholding! Our Lady then seemed to go up into my room but did NOT wake ME up!

    Do I need "Rome" to investigate? Do I need to turn our home into a pilgrimage destination, nor is there any inclination from Heaven for any of that.

    I do have a grotto outside: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, standing over the Crucified and the neighborhood...

    There are "demon-strations" against from time to time since including the Crucifix having been snapped in half... I pray for the perpetrators, put everything back together, and add more flowers! They will not win! She already has. She does not bargain with evil. She crushes its head as the statue so reveals beneath the band of silk pointsettias...

    "Nov. 28," of course is the Feast Day of St. Catherine Laboure, who received direct instructions to forge that Medal! Of course!

    FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY: the three Theological Virtues, necessary for Salvation. Believe!

  2. My heart fills with peace, love and joy when reading the words of Our Most Blessed and Immaculate Mother...:)

  3. Since this is all about HER, how about more inspiring messages from HER. AVE MARIA. Your friend in JESUS and Mary.TY.