"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, October 26, 2017



LOOK upon the lively examples of the holy Fathers, in whom shone real perfection and the religious life, and thou wilt see how little it is, and almost nothing, that we do.

Alas, what is our life, if it be compared with theirs! 

Saints, and friends of Christ, they served our Lord in hunger and thirst, in cold and nakedness, in labor and weariness, in watchings and fastings. In prayers and holy mediations, in frequent persecutions and reproaches.

2. Oh, how many and grievous tribulations did the Apostles suffer, and the Martyrs, and Confessors, and Virgins, and all the rest who resolved to follow the steps of Christ!

For they hated their lives in this world, that they might keep them unto life eternal.

Oh, what a strict and self-renouncing life the holy Fathers of the desert led! What long and grievous temptations did they bear! How often were they harassed by the enemy! What frequent and fervent prayers offered they up to God! What rigorous abstinence did they practice! What great zeal, and fervor had they for spiritual progress! What a valiant contest waged they to subdue their imperfections! What purity and straight forwardness of purpose kept they towards God!

By day they labored, and much of the night they spent in prayer; though while they labored, they were far from leaving off mental prayer.

3. They spent all their time profitably, every hour seemed short to spend with God; and even their necessary bodily refection was forgotten in the great sweetness of contemplation.

They renounced all riches, dignities, honors, friends, and kindred; they hardly took what was necessary for life; it grieved them to serve the body even in its necessity.
Accordingly, they were poor in earthly things, but very rich in grace and virtues.

Outwardly they suffered want, but within, they were refreshed with grace and Divine consolation.

4. They were aliens to the world, but they were very near and familiar friends of God.

To themselves they seemed as nothing, and the world despised them; but they were precious and beloved in the eyes of God.

They persevered in true humility, they lived in simple obedience, they walked in charity and patience: and so every day they advanced in spirit, and gained great favor with God.

They were given for an example to all religious; and ought more to excite us to advance in good, than the number of the lukewarm induce us to grow remiss.

5. Oh, how great was the fervor of all religious in the beginning of their holy institute!

Oh, how great was their devotion in prayer! How great their zeal for virtue! How vigorous the discipline that was kept up! What reverence and obedience, under the rule of the superior, flourished in all!

Their traces that remain still bear witness, that they were truly holy and perfect men who did battle so stoutly, and trampled the world under their feet.

Now he is thought great who is not a transgressor; and who can with patience endure what he hath undertaken.

6. Ah, the lukewarmness and negligence of our state! that we soon fall away from our first fervor, and are even now tired of life from slothfulness and tepidity.

Oh, that advancement in virtue be not quite asleep in thee, who hast so often seen the manifold examples of the devout!


NOTHING can so powerfully excite us to live holily as the example of those who are holy. Example convinces us of the possibility of virtue, makes it practicable and easy, and offers it to us already illustrated in others, and, as it were, prepared for our exercise. For, when we read the lives of witness the examples of the Saints, we naturally say to ourselves: See what men like ourselves have done, and suffered, and forsaken, for the kingdom of Heaven, which is equally the object of our hopes. But what have we done to obtain it? Why do we not exert ourselves as they did to become worthy of the same recompense? Alas! I have reason to apprehend that when I shall appear before God, He will compare my life with my faith, with my religion, and with the examples of holy men who have lived in the same state at life as myself; and, confronting me with these witnesses, will say to me: See what thou shouldst have done, and how thou hast neglected it; judge thou thyself; what dost thou deserve?


ENTER not, O Lord, into judgment with Thy servant; for my life, when compared with the conduct of the Saints, can never justify me. Grant me the grace which Thou, my Savior, didst merit for me, of attending to the discharge of my duties, of entering into the spirit of religion, of observing its rules and maxims, and of conforming my life to my faith, that so, when I appear before Thee, I may be clothed in the robes of Thy justice, supported by Thy mercy, and animated with Thy love. Amen.


  1. Shows us,by the examples of The Saints,holiness is attainable

  2. The flesh wages war against the spirit this the desert fathers new. They then wage war against the flesh. Something none of mondern man will not do. Oh he will say the prayers of the church but draw his own blood even if only a drop !!!! Never EVER GOD FORBID.For the flesh care and kindness. For the flesh pleasures and delight. For the flesh vanity of every kind and measure. Hair shirts are out - Fasting out - scourging out - sleeping on the floor or ground OUT OUT OUT - no shoes out - charity and chastity out. Just prayer will do. BUT BE SURE TO MAKE IT SHORT I AM PRESSED FOR TIME.

  3. And there is even greater violence that can be a propitiatory sacrifice than the scourging of the flesh which is efficacious.And one must have both and that is the bloody and deep scourging of the SELF. The scourge here will draw blood a most pleasing propitiatory sacrifice of your self-esteem.you may scourge your flesh once a week perhaps 2 or 3 times a week but the scourging of your seance of self can happen 5 or 6 times a day. The scourge of the flesh is by your own hand where it is possible to cheat but the scourging of the SELF is by the hand of another out of your control So it penetrates much deeper. The scourge is contempt for you.Someone's anger at you right or wrong especially wrong displaced anger. And you YOU must bare it as our lord did with patience , kindness , fortitude or silance, quite and at peace.The scourge will come to you from our lord as you drive down the road and someone cuts you off you must show self denial And offer it to our Lord as a true sign of detachment and devotion in prayer. Driving your car alone will offer you several scourging a day toward purity of heart and soul if you use it as such. And with co-workers several more in a days time where you must use and accept with the holy principles of virtue this scourging of the SELF from pride to meekness and humility. Our lord will use the hand of others to smite the self in you untill you are purified as gold. You must be Christ like to carry the cross he sends you to clean and purify you in the desert. Use both scourging by your own hand and by another.

  4. Let the acts of asceticism be practiced everyday let it always be a part of your prayer life.Remember this a war you cannot excape except by the cross. Love the way of the cross. Bless our Lord for sending you a cross.Without the cross self discovery is in vain. It is by the royal way of the cross that we draw closer to Divine Love and learn the folly of earthly delights. Jesus thought little of love without suffering.When you come to the point where trials pain and suffering you Bless God for then you will know Divine Love and mercy that will raise you far above the earth with Joy peace and Love nothing will disturb you ever again.