"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 30, 2017

A long road to Tradition by "3 DAYS OF DARKNESS"

A long road to Tradition by "3 DAYS OF DARKNESS"
Another testimony...
Dear Eric, 

My name is Jon, I have been watching your videos for over two years, It has been a long road to tradition, I was originally brought up new age and me and my family's "Christian" journey began with Protestantism, eventually we came to what we thought was Catholicism but as we both know is not, however I have had quite an interesting life story to tell you.

My life has been very strange I was diagnosed with Autism when I was a Child which I believe came from a vaccine I was given as a child. I spent my educational years in special schools until I turned 16 when I was admitted to a psychiatric unit for adolescents for 9 months in that time I became very institutionalized and still am to this day. I have been taking various psychiatric medication since I was 12, when I was younger I was molested by two older boys from a Protestant Church I attended on several occasions, I have been taking medication for anxiety since then, even tho I have been trying to get off the stuff on numerous occasions. 

After my stint in the hospital, my care plan began, I was at first allocated carers to take me out and hopefully help me to function in society. Eventually, I was allocated 24hr care due to my chronic social anxiety.

Before I made my current youtube channel, I was a completely different person. My old youtube name was Fetus Muncher, I was into extreme Horror/cult films, pornography and death metal music, before Christ, I was certainly anti-christ. This went on for a number of years, I was under forensic services due to being a danger to myself with persons I was in contact with. I used to find death, violence, immorality, normal, funny and exciting. However, I had a very unusual experience that converted me on the spot. lets just say it was demonic in origin. 

So my mum and dad at this point were already "Catholic" myself having a very bad experience wanted to join the Church and put my bad past behind me. this is around 2013/14 so I did join the Church, went to confession, started to pray the rosary but something about the Church I was going to was not quite right. 

The Priest at the time would not talk to me about anything controversial or conspiratorial or anything relating to the book of the apocalypse, he allowed my sister to take communion in a state of mortal sin for 4 years before my sister came to realize that what she was doing was a sin. The Priest used to joke about the brown scapular when I asked him to enroll me and I didn't end up getting enrolled.        

I had questions that needed answering and the Priest and Church I was going to were not going to answer them. This is about the time I started to get interested in the conspiratorial material. at this point, I was highly liberal in my thinking and understood practically nothing about Catholicism.

I was ecumenical to a degree at this point only with "Christianity" I used to watch Alex Jones, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle. This would be around the time I started my Youtube Channel in 2015 I was originally called Doomsday Ministries. 

I was uploading at this point anything really, mostly protestant stuff even tho I was "Catholic", however, this is where you come In, I came across your channel TradCatKnight, I think you were around 20k+ subs at the time. When I watched your documentary about The 3 days of darkness.

That video and the prophecies held within at first scared me very much, so much so I wanted to tell people to prepare for what was coming. This was around the time 2015/16 when I began watching a lot of Traditional Catholic content and when I had one of the biggest struggles of my life, overcoming and convincing my family of tradition. 

Antipope Francis, I always thought was bad, because of his liberal and crazy outbursts that were getting weirder and weirder and when I told my family they got really mad at me, argued and did not believe me. 

I was trying to convince my family of tradition, even tho at this point I was still stuck in the Novus Ordo myself, having my own conversion. I started to get very irritable about the Church I was going to and started to not attend and sought a Traditional Church that resisted Vatican II. By this time July 2016 my family had came to realize that what I had been saying was true and Antipope Francis was bad and the mass we used to go to was bad also.

I found a SSPX chapel 1hr and 30-40mins drive away from our houses and started to go along. This is where I started to really pray my rosary and my family also started to pray the rosary every day. I was called 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS on youtube at this point and really started to upload Traditional content and also more conspiratorial content such as exposing the Jews etc... thanks to your inspiration.

I usually get to Church once a month due to the traveling, however, I bought the purple scapular for all three houses one for each house and me and my family truly believe in the prophecies of Marie Julie Jahenny. In total there has been a total of 6 adults who have converted to tradition and 2 children added to the ark of tradition.

I thank God for leading me to your videos and really thank you for all the information you put out their, if it wasnt for God leading me to your videos I don't think me or my family would be where we are today. 

God bless you Eric and your family.

Kind regards from Jon (3 DAYS OF DARKNESS Youtube) 

Thanks and God bless.

One of his videos


  1. nice to see you got my email, thanks for posting this eric, it means a lot. God bless.


    2. I try to check in daily, still under 24hr care at the moment so sometimes I am busy, but check in most days.

  2. Very hard to watch...but we need to see and acknowledge the truth of our current pagan world.

  3. Thank you Lord God. God bless you Jon.

  4. To keep praying the Rosary every day, even the full Rosary if possible, 15 decades. I think more gatherings in order to pray the Rosary are needed, especially outside abortion clinics, where the greatest human atrocities take place. Murder right on our doorsteps, and contraception within the home itself. The Rosary is the key, as Our Lady had said regarding it and how through it and the Brown Scapular she will save the world. Obviously the time is critical but it is time for the USA itself, us, to begin the holy crusade and to stop atrocity where it is happening. I am very negligent myself but i have to say that allowing abortion to happen without openly and publicly opposing it is the same or worse as the people who refused to harbor the jews and Catholics etc. who Hitler was pursuing to murder. It is happening right now and yet there is still much parading by the left and still haughty expansionist "Americanism" by the right. Indeed at this rate we deserve a great chastisement, when murder is happening every day to unborn babies who feel the pain (Babiesinthewombfeelpain.com), sanctioned BY the government through the public. The left dances and parades and glorifies itself in the rainbow banner of homosexuality while this atrocious murderous onslaught and the most sorrowful sin of abortion is happening, crying to heaven for vengeance. Never before has this rate of cruelty, combined with willful negligence and even positive and gay and gleeful celebration of what they're doing, been seen in humanity. It is abortion under the rallying cry of sodomy, and marching under the rainbow banner of negligent liberality.

  5. Thanks for your commentary. Very well said. As a former proliferation sidewalk counselor in front of abortion clinics for a few years, we were verbally abused, threatened by the authorities if we stepped one inch on abortion facility property, ignored by boyfriends, family members and friends who accompanied the pregnant Victims to the clinics. Couldn't make much progress with state or federal authorities. Now our tax money pays for these innocent deaths, as well as the selling of aborted baby body parts being used for nefarious purposes, possibly even immersed in our food and drinks. This is so satanic and evil that I pray chastisements come soon! Rosary, traditional Masses, brown scapular only ways now to save souls.