"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, September 28, 2017

TradCatKnight Mail.....(September 28, 2017)

TradCatKnight Mail.....
Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please spread word of TradCatKnight to friends, family and church members....

Three great psalms:
"Do not be anxious about anything,but in every situation,by prayer and petition,with thanksgiving,present your requests to God.And the peace of God,which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus".
                                                                                                                             Philippians 4: 6-7

"The Lord is always with me.I will not be shaken,for he is right beside me."  -  psalm 16,verse 8.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Philippians 4:13

*whether you're feeling troubled or even in joy, it's always good to pray these 3 wonderful psalms in which you will find  strength and peace. -Dan C

Great Video!

Dear Eric –

Prayers for protection for you during your procedure and health in recovery.

You are in my daily intentions for my 15 decade Rosary.

Take care, my friend.

Karen K
Dr. Michael Savage,

I write once again to address your misleading statements regarding a Christianity that has reformed itself and become a beautiful religion, a paraphrase of your words which I have heard many times, contrasting it to Islam in need of a similar reform which is not possible.  Islam cannot be reformed, only abandoned.  The heresy of both your “reformed” Christianity and Islam spring from the same source;  hatred of God, His holy Church and His Christ.

The Protestant Reformation to which you allude, is more properly called a revolt because it was and continues to be a repudiation of objective epistemology, objective reason, the Natural Law, and the primacy of God and His divinely revealed Truth, thereby destroying the ontological unity of Faith and Reason, resulting in what you so aptly identify as the mental disorder of liberalism. You say that you are neither Democrat nor Republican, but an Independent, however this self-appellation does not set you above the subjective paradigm that is the logical consequence of the philosophical antecedents of both the Protestant revolt and the Renaissance.

The Europeans were able to withstand and combat Muslim aggression in centuries past because they had the Faith, the Roman Catholic Faith, that united them, sustained them, and emboldened them to fight to the death for Christ their King. The destruction of that Faith which could not be accomplished from without by the Muslim invaders, the Protestant revolutionaries, or the Communists and their ilk, was accomplished from within by the infiltration of the Roman hierarchy.  It was at Vatican II (1962-65) that the papacy was usurped, Christ the King uncrowned, and His one, true Faith eclipsed to establish in its place a new false religion, the Novus Ordo cult of man, over which Francis-Bergoglio inanely presides.

Make no mistake, what is unfolding is not merely a fight to the death between good and evil, it is the culmination of the enmity between Satan and the Woman set forth in Genesis 3:15.  I understand that you cannot be too preachy and maintain your audience, but please, at least be accurate in your premises.

Best wishes,

JS Morris
To the e-mail group on the Salza& Siscoe controversy with Father Kramer.  
24 September 2017
Dear friends,
Please check the following Correctio Filialis de haeresibus propagatis
Father Kramer’s position is spreading and getting public.
In Christo Rege per Mariam Reginam
Maurizio d’Orlando


Laudetur Iesus Christus

Dear Eric,

I would like to tell you that today I have experienced something that may be similar to an atom of Heavenly Love which surrounded our beloved mystic Marie-Julie. This mighty atom flows through Poland and the whole Central Europe. We must get much stronger so that we come to rescue your people. It will take much prayer and time, but we will strike the whole hell with such ferocity it has never seen.

Let Our Sweet Mother of Jesus Christ the King and innumerable Angels, Saints and Blessed Souls keep you safe


I'd like to tell you that Russians are on the brink of being converted to the traditional Catholic faith.
Yesterday Polish ambasador to Russia and Polish historians took part in a conference on
The conference was organized by Memorial in Moscow.
So if you find a piece of information or somebody tells you that the Russian soldiers
intend to attack Poland, you have to know that such a statement is a blatant and awful satanic lie.
Poland is now being slowly transformed back into counterrevolutionary Catholic kingdom
and Russians almost cry for being part of it finally. Polish prolifers are getting stronger with
every day.

Let the Mother of God keep you safe

Kris L
Saint John Chrysostom has been right all along. He had given extensive sermons on Jews.
Everybody today says that the Holy Saint was a bigot and an anti-semite. I say that the Holy Saint
is holy, and he spoke the truth.  What was true then is true now, and always will be.

We should all endeavor to read and listen to Saint John Chrysostom's sermons on Jews.

Also, we should remember that Divine Liturgy that is celebrated in Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox is of this Holy Saint.

In any case, he is right back then and also today about Jews as destroyers of Christianity

Peter Kullavanijaya

I don't want to take up a lot of your time. Thank you for all the info and radio shows. I have learned so much from your website.

Thank you for posting Father Voigt writing and speaking.

I wanted to know: what do you think of the FSSP? Perhaps you have written about this? I attended TLM via FSSP and thought it was "true." I am very confused about where to go to Mass at this point.

Just comment if you can. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Have mercy on us!
Texas carpet bombs its own hurricane-traumatized victims with neurological poisons sprayed from military planes – NaturalNews.com

Anita T
Steve Schran found text to this "hard to find" but incredibly informative book:

Read especially all pages between 50 and 60:

page 50

The HORNET: is published by Judge J. E. Gardner, Trinity Building, 
Los Angeles, California. A little strange to find a Judge of our Courts, a 


man who in his position has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of 
the United States from the enemy within and without, publishing a maga- 
zine, who holds, as do all British Israel Followers that Britain is to rule 
the world in accordance with the promise of God and that this country 
with Britain is to rule the world. 

The Kingdom Voice: published by Joe Jeffers, 927 So. Flower St., Los 
Angeles, California. Mr. Jeffers got into trouble with the authorities, 
we have not heard so much from him since. In his column "The March 
Ahead of Times” he told the people to WATCH for many things, among 
them, Feb 11, 1940 he says: "Watch for the world to force Hitler’s next 
move; Watch for Britain to have a showdown with Russia from which a 
serious situation will develop, and on Feb 25th 1940 he says: Watch for 
Russia’s move against Iran or Persia; Watch for Britain’s navy to shift to 
the Mediterranean ; Watch jot Britain to change her attitude toward Japan 
and call upon America to stand in the breach for her in the Pacific/* Here 
also we find Mr. Jeffers acknowledging as his foreign correspondent. A. J. 
Ferris, the only foreign correspondent for any Bible School or Church in 
America who knows the Bible Standpoint, and whose books have helped 
phasis mine.) Over two years ago, writes Mr. Jeffers, his books were sent 
to the leaders of the British Empire, and Sir Malcolm MacDonald was 
the one who wrote the letter that we have been privileged to read express- 
ing his gratitude for the light on the National and International situations 
shown from the prophecies, interpreted from the standpoint of the identity 
of Israel as the Anglo-Saxon Celtic people. eric
Right here, let us digress to see what Attorney General Tom Clark had 
to say in Des Moines, Iowa, July 24th, and published as Special to the 
New York Times July 25th, 1947. Quote: 

"Aetheistic communism was spreading with the speed of a prairie fire. 
He called for a World Brotherhood of the future built "on the rock of 
religion” as an answer to the present challenge to democracy and Christ- 
ianity by would-be destroyers of both. He addressed 5,000 pastors, Sunday 
School superintendents and lay volunteer religious teachers assembled by 


LIVING CHURCH official organ of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
November 1936 carried in its letter column articles on the British Israel 
Theory, the original which brought forth the discussion was in the October 
24th issue, written by the Rev. H. Lasselles, Winter Park, Florida, in which 
he states that the attitude of the young people in relation to God is not 
their fault but rather that of the parents. He then goes on to say that in 
England this situation is being met by those who believe and teach the 
doctrines of the Anglo- Israel theory. He further states — "that if theese things 
are true then they meet the questions of the man in the street. If on the 
other hand they are not true it should be exposed as a hoax. That many 
people in this country (U.S.A.) believe these things and are teaching them 
and it is certain that many sincere and devout people believe them." 

I was asked to answer the letter, which I did in the November 7th 
issue, replying to the editor’s note. That contrary to his statement that the 
theory had been well refuted by the Rev. H. L. Goudge, this could hardly 
be correct in the light of the fact that the official organ of the British 
Israel World Federation, 6 Buckingham Gate plainly stated in the inside 
cover, "this is a movement of the Anglican Church, supported by its Bishops, 
Clergy, and lay people and the Free Churches. That it was one of the great- 
est interdenominational organizations of the day. That it had been spread 
in this country by the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America ; that its purpose 
was for the supremacy of the British Empire, and to the detriment of all 
others. That it seeks to destroy the Catholic Church and all Catholic coun- 
tries. It is without question Freemasonry.” 
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Former Senior Policy Advisor

U.S. Department of Education
Eric good morning and God bless you.  You mistook the email I sent to TIA as coming from my wife Patti.  We are very disappointed with TIA although the main body of the work is very excellent.  OLHC is a bastion of the Catholic faith.  Father Colletti whatever his issues was well researched by Monsignor Perez.  So the hit piece against our parish was unfair unfounded and quite frankly scandalous all by itself.  We pray for you daily and hope that the neurological issues you referred to are temporary.  This is what the end looks like by the way complete confusion on the part of even normally sound people.  Ave Maria.  Don.  M
Hello Eric,

I have a friend who is a third degree mason and claims he is Catholic. I've told him he is a heretic and that you cannot be both. How can I convince him to leave Satan's club for men only?


Baltimore Md
I think I am what you would consider to be a false Traditional
Catholic... having said that:
1.        Do you have any idea what the 'abomination' is that is suppose
to be placed in the Church?
2.        You say Pope Benedict XVI will flee?  Any idea why?  He seems
so old and frail, and so out of the lime light as to be a 'non-entity',
and I mean ZERO disrespect about that.  I was truly saddened to see him
step down and have serious concerns about the present Holy Father.
3.        Last question: do have any books on the Three Days of Darkness
that would be good authentic sources...

Not a question, but a comment: "Good aliens?  People believe this?'
Chist's peace!
Prayer Request:

Please pray for Eric McDonald-Please pray for his conversion and for the salvation of his soul.Pray that Christ The King will have mercy upon him and save him.May Jesus in his compassion guide Eric McDonald to the pathways of salvation!

Thank You,
Alfred Brown
Ray L.
- ----------------------------
Check out my latest video about D.I.Y. Traffic Stop 2

When the rights of the least of us are violated,.......we are all diminished!!!

Please circulate this far and wide!!!

 John Smith

Hi there Mr Gajewski,

We're putting up a flagpole on our land and the idea we had in mind was to take an 3' by 5' American flag and stitch two patches on it of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart using cloth that can be put through a home printer to make the design. You know, a homemade job. What I'm wondering is if there's already a flag of a similar idea that you know of. Something that proclaims Christ the King or Our Lady as Empress. Something to put out on a field to proclaim that this is a Catholic home that seeks the Kingship of Christ. Would you happen to know where I can get something like that, or do you have any DIY ideas?

Thanks and God bless,
+William Kaldawi
Hi Eric:

I read your blog post on this German Woman who 1975-76 was under demonic influences and harassment. Is this book still in print? I hope you can follow up sometime. This book and the book  by Miss Jahanney victim soul of the 1800’s would be good reads for people I know who don’t use the internet. My prayers are for you.

One thing the events in Akita, Japan haven’t been reported that Our Lady told Sister Agnes that bad theologians (Priests too) will say that the book of Revelation is fulfilled and completed. “Hitler was the last archetype of Anti-Christ” is the liberal theologian promulgations and those are the ones that work for social justice issues, eco-earth concerns, and ecumenism to a global utopia all Freemason agendas.

Exaltation of the Cross  May Jesus bless you.
Stephen Unis

Hi I am new to your channel I listened to your podcasts and it is interesting is Kathleen Keating not have a email or website can't find anything. Secondly I have been following the end times and Garabandal, St.Padre Pio, St. Faustian and a book written well over 100 years ago by Saint Therese, "The Little Flower" they all describe the end times. According to all of the, there will be a warning firstly as predicted in Garabandal and Medjugorje and then a miracle left for all to see. If we don't heed the warning after the reading of our souls which happens prior to the miracle then there will be the 3 days of darkness which I can say we know will happen with out a doubt. Conchita has said she believes it will happen and in her children's time she is scared for them. Moving forward it is after the three days of darkness that the new Pope will be appointed and there will be a period of peace some say 30-100 years, then comes the Antichrist this according to St. Pio and St. Faustian and St. Therese. I have tried to warn many through church fliers etc.. people even Catholics laugh. I have already started to stock pile and in the last month I have had numerous dreams of the warning. That being said I am no one special no big degree no big attention getting person the very first dream I had was a few years ( I knew nothing about three days of darkness or Garabandal, or Divine Mercy etc.. as I was just coming back to the church after 17 years away) it began with my husband and i and our kids on vacation in the Atlantic provinces in Canada. My husband is at a meeting the kids and I (they are a wee bit older then they are now) walk out of the hotel and down the street come green army jeeps with a big yellow star on the hood of them not sure but the soldiers look oriental. We go across the street to the Italian deli to eat as I enter there is a dead solider on the floor i am stunned I asked the deli owner what happened he said he tried to attack me I defended myself he then tells me "you have to go to the church with the kids now the priest is waiting for you there" I respond how do you know and what about my husband he responds "he knows to go there, go now" I go to the church and the priest takes us to some underground tunnels etc.. we are there for a few days it is lit by candle that's is it very cold.. then the next thing I see is I'm on a swing swinging it is sunny warm and spring like very fresh then I woke up. I think nothing of this dream other than cuckoo. I don't have tv for good reason so I you tube what I want somehow 2 years ago I kept getting Garabandal popping up and stuff like that I had already been doing Divine Mercy and read the book by little flower. However new nothing about the others I now do... and boy if that dream didn't come hurling back. I now have dreams weekly like I said the last was a few days ago I'm walking with Mary it's like we are in a corridor looking out the window she is holding my hand and showing me the bombs it looks like jets falling from the sky all red and smokey she isn't talking just pointing like a nuclear blast. Scary.. Anyways the way Kathleen speaks it seems she thinks the antichrist comes first..
God Bless, Anne V


I have heard you mention that you are sick.  What exactly is wrong?  Do you have cancer or something? 
I know Fr. Voigt had some problems and is doing better.  I even sent him some vitamin C.  Is there anything I can do for you?  (And don't say pray lol)

Jennifer C

It, "Rome," is finished!

The self-styled,
Bishop of Rome
has done it:
wrapped up the protestant/franchise
model in a nice liturgical bow!

Yet all monies still to be sifted up the
pyramid to Roth$child!

Hear that sucking sound?

Local bishops rule!
Just like the protestants!
All that's left is the
con-onization of Luther!

Denise L

Hello Eric,

This book just came out and I'm reading it. Top of the list in England .Excellent book to wake up the sheeple.....points out that journalists, politicians and the clergy have lied to the public .....and continue the lie.

Also points out MOST IMPORTANTLY  that ONLY ONLY when the Koran has been arranged  chronologically is when the non-Muslim can see that Islam is constructed to bring the non-Muslim  to kneel before Muslims and Islam.

Even the most learned WHO CLAIM to have read the KORAN and comprehend what it actually says  are grossly misinformed and then spread the lie to others.

"The book you have before you is the most overt attempt to display the chronological structure of the Koran and to prove that the Koran command war and subjugation instead of peace and tolerance."


Andreas Rett

Good morning,

           I've just discovered some of your back shows on YouTube I've been listening to... Very interesting... I'd like to know if you know of any traditional catholic churches in the Dearborn Heights, Michigan area, a suburb of Detroit.. I am in the 48125 zip.. would appreciate any help I've had no luck trying to Google this.. my search has been futile...

                                               Thank you, Lisa K

Hi Eric,

I hope you are doing well. Tonight I sent a Facebook (FB) request to you....I think for the traditional group. I am a moron with technology and have never really posted anything before or done anything on FB...my account just sits there and has for almost 7 years.

On a different note, I am a big fan of Father Kramer! So much so that we bought plane tickets for our entire family (husband, me, 2 young children) to fly from Atlanta to go see him in California for the Fatima conference.  I am so disappointed that he will not be there and with what is going on with the Fatima center. Thank you for posting the info. on your blog. I believe every word you say. Anyway, since we have already paid I am going to the Fatima conference tomorrow in California but I am not really looking forward to it...we'll see how it goes. Pray for me because we have the hurricane on the east coast and the fires on the west.

Also, I got the spiritual books you recommended..thank you! I just started reading The Imitation of Christ....wow what an amazing book....I can't believe no one told me about this book before....(I have thousands of books and love to read)...I am learning a lot. Thank you again for all the excellent work you do!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Denise D'Angelo

I'm a baptized Catholic and now at age 36 I am doing RCIA to be confirmed in the church.  Are the rites valid in the Novus Ordo church? Is my baptism valid? How can I move forward so that I can receive the Eucharist? My soul is yearning to participate in that sacrament.

Jennifer D


In the short time we have going into the Great Storm I have found it of great value to learn from Fr. Faber's writing on the Sorrows of Mary [reflecting upon this month's devotion to Our Lady's Sorrows].  A great book to recommend to the Faithful in prep for great spiritual combat.

Here is an excerpt worthy of posting on TradCat blog - "Our Lady's Three Days of Sorrow Searching for Jesus" and how unprepared is modern man when it comes to searching for "Him whom we have lost."  Whom do we wish to please - Christ or the world?  Our King is about to give us an opportunity to choose.

My comment: when reading this also reflect on what has happened (FSSP, etc.) and is happening (Neo-SSPX) to Traditional Catholic groups.

Note: Father's book may be downloaded from the following address: https://archive.org/stream/a580635100fabeuoft#page/n0/mode/2up

The Saintly Padra did not use paragraphs much so I placed some in for readability.

Father Faber...

Although this dolour [Jesus Found in the Temple after Three days] for the most part keeps up among the high hills, which do not belong to us, it is nevertheless so full of lessons for ourselves, that it is difficult to select from them. It teaches us, first of all, that the loss of Jesus, however brief, is the greatest of all evils. It was this which was almost unbearable even to our Lady, and Jesus is not more needful to us than to her, because to all creatures He is absolutely needful; only to us He is a more pressing necessity, because of our weakness and our sin. The greatness of Mary s sorrow is to us a visible measure of the magnitude of the evil. Yet alas how little we feel it! How happy can men be, who yet have lost Jesus, often unconscious almost of their loss, more often indifferent to it when they know it! We should have thought the loss of Jesus was in itself so fearful an evil, that nothing could have aggravated it; and yet our want of perception of the greatness of our loss is a token of still deeper misery.

It is sad indeed when the voice of the world is more musical in our ears than the voice of our Lord. It is just the very wretchedness, the very hatefulness of the world, that it has no Jesus. He does not belong to it. He refused to pray for it. He pronounced its friend ship to be on our part a simple declaration of war upon Himself. It makes our hearts sink to look out upon, the world, and to know that it has no part in Him. It is like gazing upon a cheerless and disconsolate view of barren moors or dreary swamp. No sunshine can gild it. It is dismal on the brightest day. Nay, it is ugliest when the sun shines upon it. So is it with the world, because it has no Jesus. So does it become with us in proportion as we are friends with the world, or even at peace with the world. He and it are incompatible. Are we not afraid? Pleasure, gaiety, fashion, expense, dare we, even in our thoughts, put these things into the Heart of Jesus? Would He smile when worldly things were said? Would He wish to please people round Him, who are taking no pains whatever to please His Father? Would He seek to be popular in society, to stand well with those who have not at heart the only one interest which He has at His, to keep out of sight His principles, not simply through silence and reserve, but lest they should ruffle others and interfere with that smoothness of social intercourse which takes the place of charity?

Alas! sin is bad; excess of pleasure is bad; giving God the second place is bad; worshipping the rich is bad; hardening our Christian feelings to become accustomed to worldly frivolities and very slightly uncharitable conversation is bad. But these at least are evils which wear no masks. We know what we are about. We give up Jesus with the full understanding of the sacrifice we are making. We are taking our side, choosing our lot, and we know it. But, wishing to please! this is the danger to a spiritual person. Total separation from Christ is already implied in the very idea. What is it we wish to please? The world, which is the enemy of Jesus. Whom do we wish to please? Those who are not caring to please God, and in whom Jesus takes no pleasure. Wherein do we wish to please? In things, conversations, and pursuits, which have no reference to God, no savour of Christ, no tendency towards religion. When do we wish to please? At times when we are doing least for Christ, when prayer and faith and hope and love and abiding sorrow for sin would be the most unseasonable. Where do we wish to please? In haunts where there is less evidence of God than elsewhere, where every circumstance, every appurtenance, flashes the world's image back upon us as from a lustre. Yet we see no evil. We want smoothness, polish, inoffensiveness, discreet keeping back of God. He said that He and Mammon would not dwell together. But to some extent we will force Him so to dwell. He shall at least keep the peace with the world, and learn to revolve alongside of it in His own sphere, without encroaching, without jarring. Dreadful! Is there not hell already in the mere attempt? Yet how little men suspect it. It is like something noxious getting into the air, and not at first affecting the lungs. But the lights burn dim, then one by one they go out, and -we are left in the darkness, unable to escape, because lethargy and suffocation have already begun with our selves. In other words high principles gently lower themselves, or are kept for state occasions, such as Lent, or a priest s company.

Then we begin to be keenly alive to the annoyance which comes to us from the conversation of uncompromising Christians, and we pronounce them indiscreet, and by that ceremony they are disposed of to our great comfort, and we praise them more than ever, because by that reserve we have got rid of what fidgeted us in them, and we lull to rest the remaining uneasiness of conscience by this greater promptitude of a praise, which we have first made valueless by counterweighting it. Then it dawns upon us that it is a duty to keep well with the world even for God's sake. Then keeping well edges on to being friends with the world. Then there begin to be symptoms of two distinct lives going to be lived by us; but we do not see these symptoms ourselves. Then uncomfortable feelings rise in us, taking away our relish for certain persons, certain things, certain books, certain conversations. We rouse ourselves, and take a view, an intellectual view of the rightness of being smooth, and not offending, and getting on well with the world. The view comforts us, and we are all right again.

Then God's blessings, His spiritual blessings, very gradually and almost imperceptibly, begin to evaporate from us, from ourselves, our children, our homes, our hearts, and everything round us. But the sun of prosperity shines so clearly, we do not see the mist of the evaporation rising up from the earth, and withdrawing itself into heaven. Perhaps we shall never awake to the truth again. Trying to please is a slumberous thing. So we drift on, never suspecting how far the current is carrying us away from God. We may die without knowing it. We shall know it after that, the instant afterwards.

Thus we may lose Jesus in three ways. We may abruptly break from Him by sin. We may quietly and gracefully withdraw from Him, confessing the attractions of the world to be greater than His. We may retire from Him slowly and by imperceptible degrees, always with our face towards Him, as we with draw from royalty, and all because He is not a fixed principle with us, and the desire to please is so. But if we have lost Him in any one of these three ways, sin, worldliness, and the love of pleasing, and He rouses us by His grace, what are we to do? This third dolour teaches us. It must be a dolour to us.

We must search for Him whom we have lost. He may not allow us to find Him all at once. He probably will not. But we must put off everything else in order to prosecute our search. Other things must be subordinate to it. They must wait, or they must give way. But we must not be precipitate in our search. We must not run, we must walk. We shall miss Him if we run. We must not do violent things, not even to ourselves, although we richly deserve them. It is not a time for taking up new penances. The loss of Jesus is penance enough, now that we have found it out. We must be gentle, and sorrow will give us gentleness. Hence our search must be also a sorrowful one, as Mary s was. We must seek Jesus with tears, with tears but not with cries, with a broken heart but a quiet heart also. We must seek Him also in the right place, ill Jerusalem, in the temple, that is in the Church, and in sacraments, and in prayer. He is never among our kinsfolk; He never hides in the blameless softness of a kind home. This is a hard saying, but this dolour says it. All these are the conditions of a successful search. It was so Mary sought Him; it was so she found Him. We must be of good cheer.

Every thing has its remedy. Even worldliness is curable, and it is by far the nearest to incurable of any of our diseases. If our whole life has been but a desire to please, if every thought, word, action, look, and omission has got that poison at the bottom of it, we must not be cast down. To change the habit is too difficult. We will change the object. It shall be Jesus instead of the world. Who ever knew people more thoroughly all for God, than some who were once notably all for the world, nay, it would seem, the more notably for the world, the more thoroughly for Him? We must however, so also this dolour teaches us, be on our guard against a temptation which is likely to assail us in our search. We soon lose the feeling of guilt in the feeling of beginning to be good again. It is part of the shallowness of our nature. We shall not have gone far on our road in search of Jesus, before we shall be drawn to attribute the loss of Him, not so much to our own fault, as to some mysterious super natural trial which God is sending us, and the coming of which is itself an index of our goodness. We feel our hearts sorrowfully burning after our Lord. They cannot surely be the same hearts which we thought but a while ago were living contentedly without Him.

The change of feeling has not been sudden or marked, therefore it cannot be new. So we argue. Alas! the truth is, our own changeableness is so great that it is incredible even to ourselves, except at the moment of the turn, when we see it with our eyes. Let us not take any grand views of supernatural chastisements. They are rare, and they are not for such as we are. Simply we have sinned, and we are being punished for it. It is our punishment to have to search for Him, who once dwelt with us, and only left us reluctantly. Let us be sure that everything about us is very common -place. We have lost Jesus, not in a mystical darkness of soul, but in the weakness of a worldly heart; we shall find Him, not in a vision or in any masterful interior operation of grace, but in the resumption of our old prayers, in the frequentation of the old sacraments.

It is here the Evil One deludes many. They look out for a more striking appearance of our Lord than they had before. So they come up to Him, do not know Him, and go past Him. It is not often men turn back upon a search. But if these souls do not do so, cannot every one see that they have a wilderness before them in which they may die, but which they will assuredly never cross? Mary might have thought her loss of Jesus a supernatural trial, and she would have thought truly. But she thought it was her own fault, and so she reached a far higher truthfulness. It is true there is a loss of Jesus which is not altogether our fault, which is half trial as well as half punishment. It is not so much a loss of Him as a veiling of His Face. We only think we have lost Him, because we do not see Him. This happens to us again and again in our spiritual life; and if we watch attentively, we shall be sure to detect the action of some law in these disappearances.

We shall come to know the circumstances under which they happen, which regulate their duration, and which accompany His reappearance. For He does nothing except in order, weight, and measure, more so, if it were possible, in the world of souls than in the world of matter. God has His own way with each one of us, and it is of consequence we should know His way with ourselves. But, with all, His way is a system. It has its laws and its periods, and is just as regular in its deflections, and as punctual in its catastrophes, as it is in its peace, its sequence, its uniformity. There is perhaps no infallible way of knowing when this disappearance of Jesus is our own fault. Perhaps it is always in some measure our own fault. If it were only a trial, it would cease to be a very efficacious one, were we sure it was but a trial, and no fault of ours. Even then we must not be passive, even then we must sorrow, even then we must search. We must not wait for Him to come back to us; we must go and find out where He is. But, till we find Him, do not let us seek for consolation, either from our guides or from ourselves, least of all from the sympathy of creatures or the comforts of earth; He is our only true consolation. It would be the saddest of things if we were consoled by anything but the finding of Him! All this the third
dolour teaches us; for it mirrors on its surface, without being disturbed by the deep things under it, all the relations of the soul with its Saviour and its Lord.

There is something almost selfish in the feelings with which we turn away from the death-bed when the grim work is over. There is a sense of calm and of repose, which for the moment seems as if it were an enjoyment of our own. But it is not so, or not more so than to our nature is unavoidable. It was anguish to see one we loved suffer so terribly, to watch him struggling with the dark enemy, and to be unable to assist him except by prayers we were too distracted to pray, only that the mourner s unselfish will is itself prayer with
God. So much hung upon the struggle, such interests were on the balance; we were sick to think of them, but sicker still to see them, now uppermost, and now undermost, in that tremendous hour. Now all is over; as far as we can see, well over, happily over, eternally
right. His body is harmless, his soul is accepted. There is nothing to annoy our love of him, because there is nothing to afflict and harass him. It is a beautiful change to him, a soothing change to us. Our hearts are full to overflowing with that expansion which belongs to true repose. Such is our feeling, as we watch Jesus and Mary, on the threshold of the house of Nazareth, together again, the two hearts like one, on the shore of that broad and tranquil sea of eighteen years, during which they shall separate no more.
Mary s heart is still broken. It must be broken always. But it beats inside another Heart, which will not leave her again for years and years, and there is a quiet pensive evening brightness about her sorrow, most unlike the darkness and the wandering and the
weariness of the Three Days Loss. She has got Jesus back again. It is peace to us as well as to her. Truly she is to be envied now for her joys even amidst the number of her sorrows.

Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for Us!
Patrick Coon

at the 48:58 (you may want to watch a little before that mark) mark you were reading from the message from Our Lady of La Salette. It stated that he will be stifled by the breathe of St. Michael. Now I do not know if this statement is referring to the anti-christ talked about in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 but it sounds very connected to it. If it is talking about it then it would be wrong since scripture says that it is the Lord Jesus Christs breathe that will destroy him. It may not seem like a big of a deal but it is since it is conflicting on who destroys the lawless one. But then again it could be talking about 2 different events and 2 different entities. Since the message says that it will be the King of the Abyss where as Thessalonians talks about the lawless one with the working of Satan's powers. It has me thinking though if the King of the abyss is satan and he is destroyed then how would 2 Thessalonians work out in timeline wise. Since the lawless one needs to have Satan to be alive and well to be doing all these false signs and wonders. We have to take in account that when our Lord returns and destroys the lawless one then that is the end is it not? I don't know why but my mind often ponders on little details that people will just read on and leave it at that and not think about it.

Now I know you are very adamant about there is no salvation outside the Catholic Faith. But scripture kinds of tell me that there is for example 1 Timothy 4:10. For to this end we toil and struggle, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe.

One last thing I ponder upon is that most people think, especially protestants. Is that the King of Kings and Lords of Lords is our Lord Jesus Christ. That comes at the end in the book of Revelations who rules the nations with a rod of iron. Well if you look at it in the way that the trinity is 3 in 1 then he is. But according to scripture he isn't. It is God Father according to 1 Timothy 6:11-16. The verses in 1 Timothy 6:11-16 specifically says that no man has ever seen or can see. And we know that Jesus Christ has been seen from the new testament.

I am not writing this email to you to cause dissensions, I am told to stay away from that and those who do cause dissensions will not inherit the kingdom of God. I am just writing to you because I ponder on these things and have no one to talk to them about and get an opinion from them.

May God bless you Eric,
Minh V

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