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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The New World Order of Francis's Good Friend

The New World Order of Francis's Good Friend 
Note: TCK does not hold Francis as the true Pope.  Some eye opening information in the video within however.
Here is a longish - and quite revealing - interview with the "Pope's" good friend, Jeffrey Sachs, a man we ignore at our peril.  We bring it to your attention so that we can better understand the mindset of those who are committed to remolding the world to their own liking and in their own image.

In his exaltation of a "new world order", Mr Sachs, whose arrogance is really a sight to behold, minces few words as he lays out his vision for what he wishes to see in the very near future.  For Catholics, it isn't pretty; for the sane, it isn't pretty.  For Mr Sachs, it is just glorious.

  Francis is apparently a friend and confidant of Mr Sachs.  Given what this papacy has been degenerating into this is hardly surprising.   Yet still, it pays to understand what goes through the brain of people like Sachs, who is a well-connected man very much at home with the ruling elite who work behind-the-scenes to destroy the last vestiges of Christendom.  The video is a bit over an hour.

We give you Mr Sachs:

This should not be a surprise since the Vatican II Popes have all supported the New World Order

Pope John Paul II New World Order Speech at Gandhis Memorial

Pope Benedict XVI calls for a New World Order