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Friday, April 21, 2017

One World HealthCare: One finance and one healthcare for humanity

One World HealthCare: One finance and one healthcare for humanity
Vatican II aka the Conciliar Church does not teach conversion to the Catholic Faith as it was said by John Paul II to be outdated ecclesiology.  However, they are interested in a one world financial/healthcare system?  Sound familiar?  Reread the Apocalypse!  The False Prophet and Antichrist are soon to arrive onto the scene!
Some controversy and several debates have been stirred up by "Pope" Francis’ Social Magisterium, which on several occasions relaunched the teaching of the Church’s social doctrine, highlighting the unsustainable conditions of an economic-financial system that idolizes money and no longer has humanity at its core. However, these teachings struggles to become, even in the catholic world, a reference point from which research and reflection could start finding new and concrete ways.

Is it possible to make business models for the benefit of humanity and not vice versa, allowing humanity to be dominated by money? Is it possible to “build a network” and take in the teachings of the Church’s social doctrine? And how to apply all this to the world of health care, especially the Catholic one that is seeking to propose an added value through its structures that today experience a few economic and organizational problems?

Vatican Insider and Valore (a consulting company that offers services to improve the economic and financial management of banks and institutions) organized a meeting on Thursday April 27 in Rome to reflect on these issues and to undertake new endeavors. The conference’s title is “Humanity for Finance or Finance for humanity?” Ethics and financial management. Experiences in Health Care” and takes place in the Sala del Camino (Chimney Room) at the Columbus Hotel, on Conciliation Street.

After the reception and registration of the participants, and the welcome by the organizers - director Stefano Ronchi for Valore- Francesco Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts, will deliver an opening speech devoted to ethics and the centrality of the person.

Moderator Luca Pierazzi of Advance Sim will coordinate the three main speeches of the day. The first speaker who will take the floor is Giorgio Majorano, Financial Chief Officer of the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), who will discuss the “IOR Financial Management Guidelines”. Then, will be Roberto Carulli, Head of the Office for the Analysis and Negotiation of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA) with an intervention marked by the evangelical verse: “ Shall we go buy 200 denarii of bread and give them to eat (Mk 6: 37).” The third intervention will be that of Vladi Lumina, a member of the Commission for the Public Health Care Activities of the Church, which will talk about “Catholic Initiatives in the World of Health: Principles and Objectives”, in the more general context of the principles proper of Social doctrine of the Church.

After the coffee break, works will resume with some first-hand witness of the health care world. Anna Maria Trovò, Vice President of the San.Arti Fund, and Michele Carpinetti, President QuAS will take the floor.

Among the sponsors of the initiative are, Allianz, GPA Wide Group, JC Capital, Selectra, and Anima.

TCK:  Vatican II the cult of man building a better humanity (new tower of babel) without proper doctrine.  Pope St. Pius X warned us of these heretics.  Pope St. Pius X said these conciliarists had the audacity to call themselves Catholic.  A "united humanity" here we come!  Get out of any building teaching Vatican 2 for it is not Catholic.

Bernard Janzen "Fr. Malachi Martin: Camouflaged Apostasy"