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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Exorcist Migliazzo: "Many priests do not believe the devil exists"

Exorcist Migliazzo: "Many priests do not believe the devil exists"
Loosely translated
"Many priests today do not believe in the devil. The coming of Christ the greatest exorcism of the story. "I lunges in this interview with The Daily Faith of Brother Cataldo Migliazzo, a Franciscan, known exorcist Sicilian protagonist of the documentary film" Deliver me "who has had great success in Venice.
Fratel Cataldo, who is the health of faith in Europe and the Western world?
"Weak and ill, then do not complain if you forward the 'Islam. L 'Europe as are the countries of the West, are spiritually poor because it runs behind the progress, but without God and we see it from so many laws passed. God is almost banished and lived even in opposition to him, as if there were. It is not wrong to say that we have eliminated the value of the Cross. This is confirmed by the use of satanic cults, magicians and charlatans ".
What determines this?
"Since so many factors. One of the most significant is that many priests, not all, today no longer believe the devil and his nefarious power. Yet the same world came to Christ is the greatest exorcism of history. In theology it is little studied and no Satan, there should be demonology. From Exorcist it notes almost daily the bad influence of the devil. "
"In people who come to me. I see and touch hands with their suffering, their personal situation and I see the hatred that Satan has towards the 'man in opposition to God. We always talk about subjects afflicted with mental disorders. Certainly there and deserve attention. But a good part of what we define problems and that medicine can not cure, they are due to the influence of Satan. During an exorcism the devil tried to kill me. A seemingly frail little girl has lifted and thrown to me five chairs. The enemy comes to harm. "
In what areas of life operates Satan?
"In all manifestations of sin is he doing. The sin is of the devil. Satan works with accuracy and does well his interests. Think of Facebook and social media that often turn into traps of evil, or pornography and, of course, to sodomy. "
"It must be said without discounts: this practice, which is a grave sin, and that makes us to deserve the punishment as is evident from Scripture, is satanic. St. Paul is clear and says that saves the mercy of God, who implements it does not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. The lobby of sodomites and those flanking it is satanic, because it wants to destroy the family and marriage. In all this, the homosexuality practiced there is a huge mental and physical deformation. L 'Man is made for woman and vice versa, in order to procreate. "

Anthony Gonzales "Modernist Seminaries & Demonology"