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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Economic Crisis: Grand Goal Is War

Economic Crisis: Grand Goal Is War
Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says war should figure into any investment strategy because one is coming. Mannarino says, “It should be clear to people that we are now at a pivotal moment.
. . . Whenever the economy in the United States starts to get shaky, unfortunately, we seem to escalate into new wars, and I think that is where we are going.  We have spoken about this in the past.  This is their grand goal.
War is the goal.  War has always been the goal.  We are already in it, and I really believe this war started a while ago.  It’s now really starting to come into the public light, and now we are in the propaganda war.  This is what goes on at the beginning of every major engagement.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “It does not matter who is in the White House. The U.S. military is the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve. . . . Wars are engineered, and they are going to decide how much blood will be spilled to keep this twisted, disgusting debt based economic model going.  That’s where we are right now.”
Mannarino says the Fed wants war to get fearful investors into the bond market. Fearful investors will buy bonds, and that demand will drive interest rates down.
Mannarino explains, “Does anybody here find it suspicious that the Federal Reserve is talking about dumping its mortgage-backed securities (also called toxic assets) right now and dumping Treasury securities right now?
Does anybody find that suspicious right now where geopolitical events appear to be going?
If you don’t find that troubling, then you are not engaging your brain.  I think the goal here of the Federal Reserve, who is the real government . . . will do anything they need to do to keep power.
They don’t care how much blood they have to spill.  They don’t care how much people are going to suffer. . . . The Federal Reserve has re-inflated a housing bubble.
So now, those ‘toxic assets,’ those mortgage-backed securities are worth something.  Now, they are going to sell these at a profit.  The profit should be going to the poor people who were kicked out of their houses and lost everything.  That is not going to happen.
The Federal Reserve has deliberately created bubbles to save themselves.  If the Federal Reserve allowed the markets to do it’s one and only job, and that is to determine fair value, we’d be out of the woods by now.  We wouldn’t be facing another war right now.  They refused to do this.
The free market has been stolen.  We really could be on the edge of a major event that would force people into the debt market.
There could be huge amounts of cash coming out of the stock market because of all this fear.
There could be massive amounts of cash going into suppressed assets like gold and silver.  Housing could come under pressure.  We could be staring at the next real Great Depression.”
In closing, Mannarino says, “The global debt problem is going to get monumentally worse. Let’s see anyone argue that.
Does anyone here believe that the global debt problem is going to get better?
That should tell you what you need to do.  This is like adding 2 + 2.  This should be so simple for people to understand what they need to do. . . . If you want to hold those pieces of paper with numbers printed on them, they are unbacked liabilities being dispersed by bankrupted governments.
If you want to hold that, good for you.  I can promise you I am going to be taking the opposite side to that trade, and I will win.”

JUDGMENT DAY: Russia & China Bypass the Dollar With GOLD



Marine Le Pen-The Potential Brexit Times 100

You want drama. ..and TRUTH?  Well, let’s start with this amazing, must see, three-minute 2009 clip from Ron Paul; or, as I deemed him five years ago, “America’s greatest man.”  Given what I discussed in Friday’s “did America just start World War III”; and yesterday’s “beating of the drums”; it couldn’t be more appropriate – as in it, he asks “what if” America’s foreign policy is misguided; and “what if” it continues down the horrifying road it appears dead set on taking.
At this point, I have little interest in political correctness – as any slim, misguided hope I had of Donald Trump “draining the swamp” is gone.  In other words, my “stance” of neutrality – this, after I spent more energy helping to get him elected than 99% of the population – is dead.  I don’t for a second begrudge his failed attempt to “repeal and replace” Obamacare; nor his inability to even propose a tax reform bill – like the “phenomenal” one he promised last month, which as of yesterday, was declared dead.  For that matter, I’ll take no issue when his promised fiscal stimulus plan – which wouldn’t help the economy one iota, I might add – fails, too; particularly as the ugliest, most destructive debt ceiling crisis in U.S. history is mere weeks away.
Just two days after he was elected, I predicted this as vehemently as possible, in my must listen “turning on Trump” Audioblog.  To wit, everything he campaigned on was pure rhetoric; designed – like any politician – simply to win the election.  Similarly, everything he promised was politically and/or economically unviable, particularly given the mortal enemies that he, as the “ultimate outsider,” started out with – from the lunatic “snowflake liberals” to the oxymoronically named, equally nation-destroying “Republicans.”
That said, if he had been modestly diplomatic, perhaps the will of the people would overcome that of the deep state, if for a brief, fleeting moment.  However, asking Donald Trump to be diplomatic is like asking a lion to pass on a wildebeest; and frankly, the only times I’ve seen “diplomacy” are when he’s needed votes or political favor – like during the last weeks of the election campaign; at his “state of the union” speech; and, LOL, when he bombed Syria – which of course, won plaudits from the “wolves in wolves clothing” known as Congress and the mainstream media.  Including, I kid you not, the “fake news” kings of the world, and number one Trump haters, CNN.
For those that have a subscription to his service, David Stockman could not have described better how the “spanker in Chief” all but destroyed his “stillborn Presidency” by senselessly, and comically inefficiently, bombing Syria.  In the process, not only violating his campaign promise to end U.S. “nation-building,” but potentially starting World War III – particularly in light of his follow up comments, that he is dead set on deposing Assad, in the interests of, double LOL, “national security.”  In other words, he’s proving to be no more intelligent, tactical, or moral than George Bush, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton; only more impulsive, and confrontational.  And far richer – which is why, from day one, I have vehemently espoused that Trump has more to lose from the bursting of the “big, fat, ugly bubble” he correctly diagnosed when campaigning (but subsequently embraced, the day he was elected) than nearly anyone in America.  Which is probably why he’s surrounded himself with half of Goldman Sachs, and a cabinet full of fellow “swamp deepeners” that even Barack Obama – would be ashamed of.
Heck, Trump is so undiplomatic – as he’s demonstrated in spades, in making mortal enemies of Mexico, Germany, North Korea, and China in less than three months – he actually gave the Syrian attack order – in response to what many people, from Ron Paul to Vladimir Putin, believe was a “false flag” chemical attack – whilst hosting Chinese Premier Jinping (i.e., America’s largest creditor) for dinner; whilst simultaneously “warning” Jinping that if he doesn’t “solve North Korea, we will.”
A level of rhetoric, I might add, that has since been dramatically escalated; as after our real estate developer turned reality show star turned Commander-in-Chief ordered a warship into Korean waters, North Korea claimed its “nuclear sight is focused on the U.S. invasionary bases not only in South Korea and the Pacific operation theater, but the U.S. mainland.”  To which, our “loose cannon” President responded – via the most impulsive, and destructive, communications method ever invented, Twitter – that “North Korea is looking for trouble.  If China decides to help, that would be great.  If not, we will solve the problem without them!  U.S.A.”
Good thing Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, as he used every one of them to threaten one of the most maniacal, nuclear-capable regimes on Earth with invasion.  Oh, and did I mention that just yesterday, it was reported that China deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border – clearly, in response to Trump’s threats.  Which, when combined with Trump’s prior threats to “block China’s access to islands in the South China Sea,” are being appropriately construed as loosely-veiled threats as well, to a nation that can military destroy America as easily as we can destroy it.
Tying this to the raison d’etre of this blog, Mac Slavo couldn’t have said it better yesterday, in warning us to “prepare for war, as it’s going to obliterate the global financial system.”  And in my view – which I back up by putting my money where my mouth is, the best way to protect yourself from what’s inevitably coming; with or without the aforementioned worst-case scenario of war; are physical gold and silver.  Yes, Bitcoin will likely also take on similar “safe haven status” when the “most overdue financial crisis in history” inevitably arrives.  However, given its nascent status; and the significant political and technological risks it faces, this “twin destroyer of the fiat regime” is far more speculative than Precious Metals, with their proven 5,000-year track record; which is why my PM position remains five times that of my Bitcoin, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.
Yes, I’m pissed off – and I don’t see why anyone would want to spend a second debating politics, when America’s, and the entire world’s, economy and monetary system are at the edge of the abyss.  Frankly, I couldn’t care less who’s “President,” here or anywhere – as it won’t make a whit of difference.  I’m an analyst, logician, and realist; and above all, a human being with survival instincts – for myself, my family and friends, and you.  And what I’m telling you, with every ounce of my being, is that the time is NOW to prepare financially, as whether the “best” or “worst” case scenario plays out, it will undoubtedly involve larger economic losses that the world has ever known – particularly for those who hold “cash” (for as long as its legal) in banks and other financially vulnerable institutions – be it in the form of “dollars,” Euros, Yen, Yuan, or whatever fiat toilet paper your Central bank prints into oblivion.  This, on the orders of governments that are being serially overrun – first, in “banana republics” like Turkey, Brazil, and Venezuela”; to shortly, “first world” nations that supposedly “wrote the book” on civilization.  Like, say, Greece – which will unquestionably “GrExit” by year end; Japan – the tragic “land of the setting sun”; and potentially, as soon as next month, France.
Yes, France, one of the oldest, most storied, and proud nations on Earth – inhabited by people famous for revolution, and standing up to tyranny.  Today, France is a shell of its former greatness – having been destroyed by money printing, debt, immigration, and feckless “leaders” like current President Fran├žois Hollande – whose approval rating is so low, he isn’t even running for re-election.  Not to mention, Hollande’s 39-year old, snot-nosed, silver spoon “Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs,” Emmanuel Macron – who the same propagandists and poll- and betting-line-riggers that said the BrExit and Trump would fail – are purporting to be the Presidential “front runner.”  This, after the previous “front runner,” former Prime Minister Fran├žois  Fillon was charged with embezzlement of Parliamentary funds, funneled to his then girlfriend, and now wife.  That said, Le Pen’s “odds” are far higher than either Trump’s or the BrExit’s ever were – and after she marches through the first round of voting on April 23rd, you can bet said “odds” will be higher still, particularly if fellow upstart; and yes, COMMUNIST, Jean-Luc Melenchon manages to surge past Macron, yielding a direct confrontation with Le Pen – which he could not possibly win.  This is a low probability scenario, mind you, but in the land of the French Revolution, don’t be surprised if it happens.
Certainly, markets won’t be as surprised, given that French sovereign risk metrics soared this morning to the highs of 2012, when Mario Draghi was forced to give his infamous “whatever it takes” speech.  LOL, “whatever it takes” to save the Euro, has apparently meant hyper inflating it, destroying its exchange rate, and causing the continent, just five years later, to be on the verge of collapse!
Suffice to say, I believe as strongly as my extremely vocal pre-election views of BrExit and Trump victories that she will win the French Presidency on May 7th.  Look no further than the huge crowds she is getting – like this one last week, and the one in the 60 Minutes profile aired roughly a month ago.  France is rapidly dying – and if Macron, or some other statist puppet wins, it will turn into Greece sooner rather than later.  Even if I’m wrong about the election, France will financially implode in the coming year or too irrespective – particularly if Greece, Catalonia, or another major state or nation secedes.  However, if I’m right, we’re talking about a “BrExit times 100” market cataclysm on May 8th, less than one month away.  As I assure you, “FrExit” will be a given if she wins – and with it, the end of both the European Union and the hyper inflating Euro, certainly in its current incarnation.  And TRUST ME, no amount of market rigging – in stocks, sovereign bonds, Precious Metals, or otherwise – will be able to stave off the enraged forces of “Economic Mother Nature”; and the trillions of dollars; Yen; Pounds; and particularly, Euros, seeking “safe haven.”  In other words, PROTECT YOURSELF, and do it now!

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