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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Burning Man Ritual, CERN, DNA and Raising OSIRIS w/Anthony Patch

Burning Man Ritual, CERN, DNA and Raising OSIRIS w/Anthony Patch
NOTE: Ignore any noncatholic theology.  I have had Anthony on my own show to discuss CERN.  CERN will be "opening the gates of hell" during the 3 days of darkness.

Author & researcher Anthony Patch joined us on the show to discuss his latest research into all the hottest scientific topics. In this episode Anthony lays out his connections between the upcoming Burning Man 2017 Ritual, an eclipse in August, the CERN hadron collider, DNA & the resurrection of Osiris.


Anthony has been looking into this years Burning Man festival that takes place in the Nevada desert & has found some striking symbology that link right back to CERN. Anthony explains how everything at this event, with the meme of “RADICAL RITUALS” this year, has everything to do with the resurrection of DNA in a mega ritual set to take place later this year at CERN!

The image above shows the temple, an 8-sided octagon, that is set to be built for this years Burning Man. During the show, Anthony pays particular attention to the “golden spike” at the centre of the structure.
The golden spike will be stuck into the ground and around it a city will be built outwards in circles. This connects back to the “Symmetry” video that was released by CERN a number of years ago.

The golden spike also symbolocially represents the north area of the main ring at CERN. This is the area of the Large Hadron Collider where Anthony theorises there will be an attempt made to re-animate ancient DNA to host the spirits that will be unleashed from the Abyss below once the portal has been opened.
The 8-sided temple is paying homage to the 8-sided detectors at CERN. The 8 sides are key, as it represents the OGDOD, the 8 God Heads of ancient Egypts. The Golden Spike is a representation of the gold that will be used in the resurrection of OSIRIS. The actual DNA of these dead entities will be re-animated and brought back to life, and they will be led by the resurrected OSIRIS.
Burning man is a celebration of the upcoming birthing of OSIRIS.
Burning man is all about rituals and is held near one of the most active areas in the world for satanists in Oakland, California.
Burning man takes place 6 days after the egg-shaped eclipse that will pass across the USA.