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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 8, 2017

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....
Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox. Please continue inviting friends, family and church members to TradCatKnight your number one stop for the latest Church and Endtime news.

LaSalette and Marie Julie connection:
It is to see the pastors detaching themselves from the SacredBond that directs and governs Holy Church... My children, when I remember the day I brought MY WARNINGS TO THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (La S alette), to the threatened world ; when I remember THE HARSH RECEPTION OF MY WORDS ! ... not by all, but by many. And those who should have made them known to the souls, hearts and spirits of children with great confidence, deep penetration ; THEY TOOK NO NOTICE ! They despised them and most of them refused
their confidence. ,
. My Divine Son, who sees everything in the depths of consciences... who saw the CONTEMPT FOR MY PROMISES, made arrangements in Heaven for a measure of SEVERITY FOR ALL THOSE WHO REFUSED TO MAKE KNOWN MY WORD TO MY CHILDREN as a BRIGHT LIGHT, true and just... when I see what awaits the earth, MY TEARS FLOW AGAIN. . . FALSE APOSTLES, under the appearance of honeyed words and false promises and tell lies soliciting my dear children to SAVE THEIR LIVES FROM THE STORM AND THE PERIL OF BLOOD. , . I assure you FLEE FROM THE VERY SHADOW OF THESE MEN who are none other than the enemies of my Divine Son ! I once again refer to this immense sorrow : I SEE SOME PASTORS AT THE HEAD OF HOLY CHURCH (Our Lady shudders) ... when I see this IRREPARABLE OUTRAGE, the deadly example of which WILL BE A DISASTER FOR MY DEAR PEOPLE, when I see THIS BOND BREAKING. . . my sorrow is immense and HEAVEN IS GREATLY IRRITATED... pray for those pastors whose weakness will cause the loss of a multitude of souls
(repeated three times).
When I see the enemies presenting their promises... to many of those who are Priests of my Divine Son ! When I see those souls allowing themselves to DESCEND TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ABYSS, I tell you this : I am surprised as the Mother of God Almighty, that my Son does not IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE HEAVENS TO POUR OUT THE BLOWS OF HIS ANGER ON HIS ENEMIES WHO INSULT AND OUTRAGE HIM... 
~Raymond L.

Dear TCK:
The "Immobilists" found a scapegoat for the liturgical revolution that followed Vatican II. They can say whatever they like about Pope Pius XII, but there is no link between his reforms and Paul VI's New Mass. They can quote Paul VI--when it's convenient--i.e. when he declared that his new liturgy was a "continuation of past legitimate reforms." But why don't they quote Paul VI's other contradictory statements? Several times he referred to his own Mass as a completely "NEW RITE". (We didn't need him to tell us that.)
And why don't they quote the Modernists who boast that the Vatican II Church "REPLACED" the Church of Pius XII, the Pope who liberals say "suffocated the postwar Church"?
If anyone needs proof that Pius XII was not responsible for Vatican II's liturgical revolution here it is:
Because another Pope, St. Pius X, could not eradicate Modernism, it continued to flourish and spread exponentially. (Most Modernists back then did not wear a sign on their forehead.) By May 23, 1923, sixteen years BEFORE Pius XII's pontificate, Modernism was so entrenched in the Church that, according to historian Fr. Raymond Dulac, certain cardinals had to advise Pius XII's predecessor, Pius XI, against summoning an ecumenical council for fear it would be "maneuvered" by "the worst enemies of the Church, the Modernists," who were ready "to bring forth the revolution in the Church, a new 1789".
This completely demolishes the false accusations that "the progressives gained the upper hand during Pius XII's pontificate" and that they needed his reforms to ignite the liturgical revolution. Pius XII suffered gravely from an illness that is caused by "prolonged chronic stress." He inherited a powder keg for almost 20 years. It did not explode until AFTER his death...
P.S. May God continue to give you zeal for the Truth throughout the new year.

Marny B. Medeiros

Hi Eric.  I have been listening to your shows now on u-tube every day and especially Father Hesse.  I have really been enlightened to say the least, and now I find you have on your site the old code of canon law which I have been looking for.  Wow!!  Anyway, I now go to a Latin Mass.  It is said by a Priest of the PFSP, but he is completely orthodox and gives fantastic sermons.  I would be very aware if he said anything contrary to tradition, except, he also says the new mass.  I have stopped going to the daily mass and I still miss it, but cannot afford to lose my faith at all in the tiniest amount.  I am a secular Carmelite and this return of mine may also affect this, I mean staying in it.  They like the Novus Ordo, but maybe I can affect them for good.  I am saying the Office as I have since I joined in 1995, but look up all the psalms and readings in my Douay=Rheims and now I can really see how they have demonically twisted things; ICEl in the translations and also the prayers, I can see the Masonic influence now.  My eyes are really opened now.  I feel that Vatican 2 is really the ushering in of the anti-Christ, getting ready and helping Catholics to lose their faith. 
 I really went through a lot of persecution in my old parish, but God used this for good to send me to my present parish.  I am there for now and will have to see in the future if I stay there or not.  I know some people in my city won't go there because the new mass is said in the same church.  They go to Syracuse which is about 30 miles away from Rome, NY where I am.  I am planning to go to a Latin mass in Utica and see how it is there.  I would like to donate to your ministry.  Thanks.  I love listening to Father Hesse and now listen almost constantly.  
Mary Wancewicz
P.S.  It occurred to me yesterday, they change the missals in the new mass every year so they can change the text!!!


Your website is awesome
Eric.     Keep up the hard work📢

Dan John 



I read your article concerning Sister Lucia beatified. Which one of the two they intend to beatify??

You must watch this video who explain that Sister Lucia was probably killed and a new one took her name and was the last one to be known. To understand that you should admit that there is a conspiracy in the vatican.... real or not this is very interesting and intriguing.

Go to 19min 42 sec to see the difference of faces between the two sister Lucia. That video explained very clearly a lot of strange facts.

Best Regards

Hey, Eric.  I've been enjoying listening to your interviews and your guests. 
I have some food for thought, along these lines, and want to share a few things, and will appreciate knowing if you have done (or can do) any research on some specific potential "controlled opposition" as I have.  Since we are swimming in an ocean of lies and disinfo., I have tried to seriously vet certain so-called "alternative media" or "whistleblower" or "former dark side" persons -- who often turn out to be just the opposite of what they present themselves as.  You have a big audience.  I thought this might be helpful.
Here is some of what I have seen, and have concerns regarding: 
1. The "New American" is an arm of the John Birch Society.  The JBS was started by the Rockefellers as blatant controlled opposition, although this is little known.  And while I like the articles on the New American,  I have overall distrust of them.
2.  I read that Leo Zagami is possibly controlled opposition, especially because he is still a Freemason.
3. Alex Jones is clearly controlled opposition. (I'm sure you've seen that.)  Unfortunately, Dave Hodges constantly praises Alex, and presents him as a real patriot, and posts Alex videos, etc., etc.  This, then, makes me wonder about Dave.  He has so many seemingly great sources, "highly placed," etc.    Well then why does Dave continue to  promote Alex?  He has to know that Alex is a fraud.  Maybe Dave is actually controlled opposition... with the proverbial "a few drops of poison in an ocean of truth." ???   I sent Dave several good articles exposing Trump (like one by F. William Engdahl, and a Daboo7 video on the Masonic Shrine that is the Trump penthouse in NY) -- he won't hear anything negative about Trump.  Period.  Red flags are starting to go up here also.
4.  Hagmann & Hagmann -- now officially installed w/D. Hodges.  Hodges' most recent program on Sunday, Jan. 1 had Doug Hagmann preaching (replete with Scripture, etc.) on how Israel is God's -- how terrible it is for the USA not to be favoring, blessing, supporting Israel the way we should, etc., etc., on and on. I had to turn it off.   He was a superb Christian Zionist.  Red flags went up on that day!!  But this actually just confirmed some other conflicting/concerning things that I had read about the Hagmanns.
Would appreciate it if you have any info along these lines, and if not, if you can apply your expert researching to help all of us stay clear of controlled opposition. 
Time is short.  The internet will go down.  We need to stick  only to truth as we prayerfully enter with Our Lady deeper into the time of terrible prophetic fulfillment.

Hello Fellow Soldiers of Christ,

I would like to share with you some of our research over the past 4 years.  I enclosed copies & links of must read articles, books & websites.  Some of these articles are not available on the sspx.org or angelus online.  Please share them with others.  I recommend you save and print them asap because the links might not be available in the future.

God Bless,
Ida Salcedo

The Society of St. Pius X: Mired in Anti-Semitism - ADL
Not an endorsement 

Below are articles about the Jews that have been removed from SSPX.org and the first two articles are not available on angelus online.


Can it truly be said that the Jewish race is guilty of the sin of deicide, and that it is consequently cursed by God, as depicted in Gibson’s movie on the Passion?

By Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp.

My Return To The TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS Autobiography of a Traditional Catholic Bishop By Bishop Salvador L. Lazo

The Three Baptisms by Father Joseph Pfeiffer

Michael Hoffman challenges editor of The Angelus

Books on Secret Societies / Freemasonry - Father Fahey, Fr. Luigi Villa, Leon De Poncins

Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked - Mgr. Dillon foreword Fr. Fahey

Father Luigi Villa - Chiesa Villa Magazine

Lives of The Saints online -Rev. Alban Butler 


January 2, 2017

Dear Eric,

I am really praying and searching for an area to relocate, considering that my family resides in the coastal state of Louisiana.
I like the Ozarks of Arkansas, but I know not of an area that would be of traditional minded Catholicism.
If a family pursues a "prepper" type lifestyle, so remote, then you lose the contact with others.
How can one put the two together, safe area and traditional Catholic, with traditional sacraments.
I think it's called a miracle.
You have already written that you can't answer this question, but maybe you could give me an
area that you think I could find this situation.
Thank you,
Blessed New Year.
Mater Dei Genetrix, Ora Pro Nobis.
Marie S

Mr. Gajewski,

Mr. Marshall Masters does not want to wake up to the fact that "remote viewing" is just a new term for good old spiritism! Why desire to be the slaves of the evil spirits faithful servants of the N W O, when you can be the slave of the evil spirits themselves? Truth, Justice, Peace, Mercy, the divine attributes, don’t come from repenting and doing penance, they don’t come from religion, they don’t from God, they come from Star-Gate. Times and seasons replace religion and repentance with Star-Gate! Times and seasons are the new divine attributes! Why would the rocks in space give us something the rock of earth and the rocks on earth could not? What sin is he attached to, that it’s painful for him to wake up? Intellectual pride?

Mike K


 This is a 50 minute documentary about how transhumanism is being sold as the golden egg, giving humanity new transcended abilities and powers. The researchers, scientists, professors, many who are self professed atheists, tell us we will have "god like power and we will become as gods" and that humanity will become obsolete in our human bodies and become free spirits in cyberspace. Humans will become a fossil in history.... 
Through robotics, bionics, nanotechnology, artificial neurons, transhumanism man will merge with machine. 

If this isn't disturbing.....

Elana F

This documentary is a confirmation of Hugh Akin's book Synagogue Rising.  It takes all of modern history and
shows the interaction of the Jew within each society and how they intend to take over the world.  It is solid and
a true eye opener.  If you haven't read Synagogue Rising then this would bring you up to date concerning the
"Jewish" influence in the world at large.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Voigt

Must watch, listen, learn, remember, and save.