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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

TCK Special Briefing: Latest False Prophet Message, The Promise of the Future"

TCK Special Briefing:  
Latest False Prophet Message, The Promise of the Future"
The newest message fom the False Prophet "Master Jesus" was just posted on shareinternational's website.  As you know, I keep you up to date on all the latest the enemy is saying.  I provide some further insights on Maitreya and his "ascended masters" in this special briefing.
From Share International:

The Promise of the future

by the Master —,
Every so often, in response to human need, the door is opened which separates Hierarchy from mankind and, to a greater or lesser degree, certain teachings and information are released for the benefit of those who can make use of them. Now is such a time. For those with “eyes to see and ears to hear” these articles constitute one of the ways in which new information can be given at this time, the ancient truths remembered and a new light focused on the perennial values which underlie human evolution.

It has been My endeavour, over the years, to present to the readers of this magazine a picture of the life ahead, to inspire a happy and positive approach to that future and to equip them with the tools of knowledge to deal correctly with the problems which daily arise upon the way. From My vantage point of experience and insight, I have sought to act as “look-out” and guard, to warn of approaching danger, and to enable you, the reader, to act with courage and conviction in service to the Plan.

For many, this has not been a task performed in vain; many have found in My words both inspiration and guidance. Many await, avidly, their monthly libation of truth. Others read calmly, with a distant eye and even more distant mind and heart, while others again are baffled and know not what to think.
In recent articles I have concentrated on the emergence of Maitreya and of Ourselves, His Disciples. This is the central happening of this time, without precedent in untold millennia. The climax of this process is now being reached. Frequently, now, Maitreya appears before many hundreds to inform them of His Presence and to invoke their aid. Soon, these appearances will reach the ears of media and investigation will begin. That investigation will reveal the presence of an extraordinary man, endowed with unusual powers and offering unusual answers to men’s problems and needs.

We stand on the threshold of a new era. Most people today can feel the winds of change which sweep across the world, pointers to the new time. Amid the chaos and the breakdown of old certainties and forms can be felt a new world waiting to be born. A better world. A safer, saner and a fairer world.
My task has been to keep these hopes and plans before you, to inspire your co-operation and active service, to guide your footsteps when they might have faltered, and to awaken in you the realization that you are not bereft and alone.
I am happy to be of this service; I welcome the opportunity to lighten your burden and to hold before you the golden promise of the future.

 TCK Special Briefing:  Latest False Prophet Message, The Promise of the Future"