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Monday, January 23, 2017

Promises to the Devotion to the Wound on Our Lord’s Shoulder

Promises to the Devotion to the Wound on Our Lord’s Shoulder

During various ecstasies Our Lord disclosed to Marie-Julie that devotion to this Wound was a great consolation for Him, and granted promises to this devotion.

Our Lord showed her this gaping, open Wound and revealed its depth: “The Pain is incomprehensible in the hearts of My children!!!  How this devotion pleases and consoles Me, how often have the prayers of these Wounds risen to My Heart and have torn (open) the (way of) salvation for souls entrusted to Hell.” (May 17, 1878)

Promises collected during the ecstasies of Marie-Julie, for souls who propagate and are faithful to this devotion:

1 - “I will bless all the souls who propagate this devotion: I grant them abundant graces.” (March 29, 1878)

2 - “O souls who love Me, who propagate this devotion, I take you under My protection, I keep you under the mantle of My affection.” (March 29, 1878)

3 - “I will dispel the darkness that will come to their heart.” (December 28, 1877)

4 - “I will console them in their pains.” “I will come in the midst of their greatest afflictions, to enlighten, to comfort them.” (February 8, 1878) (28 December 1877,
February 8 and April 12, 1878)

5 - “I will come to bless them in their undertakings.” (March 29, 1878)

6 - “I will give them a tender love for the Cross. I will come to assist them at the time of death, with this cross and I will introduce them into My Heavenly Kingdom.” (April 12, 1878)

7 - “I will sweeten their agony.” (December 28, 1877). “I will come at the hour of death. I will console them in their passage.” (February 8, 1878). “Especially at the hour of death, I will come to give them a sweet moment of calm and tranquillity. I will tell them: 'O good holy soul, who has spread this devotion (knowing) that I had so much at heart that it be made known, come to receive the reward of your
labours, the fruit of blessing.'.” (March 29, 1878)

8 - “I will shelter them, I will assist them, I will console all the souls that seek to
propagate this Sacred Wound. At the time of death, I will console the souls that have compensated Me by their devotion and compassion to the Wound so deep and
painful. I will come to strengthen them in their final fears. I will come and prepare their passage: Thank you, you who have compensated Me for My pains.” (May 17,

9 - “See,” Jesus said, pointing to His Sacred Wound with extreme tenderness, “all My children who have recognized this Wound, who have venerated it, have prayed to it, will have on the Last Day a great and generous reward. I do not simply show it, I pronounce it.  My Word is Divine.” (May 17, 1878)

Devotion to the Precious Blood, His Holy Wounds

Our Lord asked us to remain devoted to His Precious Blood and not to forget the pious practise of offering all our prayers and works in union with the Divine merits and graces of His most Precious Blood.

Our Lord (date?): “Never forget to renew persistently the offering of Precious Blood. You will be consoled, all you who honour My Precious Blood, nothing will happen to you.”

Those devoted to Our Lord’s Wounds will also be shielded from punishments like a ‘lightning rod’. (date?) “The devotion to the Holy Wounds will be a lightning rod for the Christians who will have kept it.” (i.e. kept faithful to it.)