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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 9, 2017

Fear Mongering? Or Fear of God?

Fear Mongering?  Or Fear of God?
By: Eric Gajewski
Our Lord said “watch and pray” but why do many preach “live and don’t bother?”

Over the course of the years of evangelizing I have run into so many whether they be priests or laity who attempt to paint "realists" as fear mongering zealots.  I wonder what these types would say to Noah or Jonah?  I think it is safe to say that if Our Lord said to "watch and pray" when you begin to see"all of these signs happening" then we ought be paying attention.  So why do the majority not listen and hide their heads in the sand like ostriches?  Is it because they fear God or the truth in what we say?  Is it because they enjoy the distracted life they lead?  Or maybe it is because these individuals are truly not living the Gospel altogether?  For many of these modernists and phony Christians of our times we see this reflected in their disposition.  If I were following Vatican II I would be telling you to stay away from people like me but that is exactly the problem.  These people (priest/laity) haven’t got a real grip on reality.  They don’t hold to Catholic doctrine and prefer the "sugary coated false yet fantastic world" they live in so what can you really do?  Not much in reality outside of prayer but for the sake of discussion let us break down this subject further.

Leave it up to God?  Um, that is not what Our Lord taught in the least.  We are called to evangelize we are called to admonish, correct and shed light on the times we live in.  The modernists do not like this because it exposes them completely.  They would have you point your head in other directions rather than attempt to assess the times we live in.  There are men and women all over the world who have similar vocation as me and they are doing even as Noah and Jonah did.  Prepare Gods people for the storm and this transition.  Yes but who are you to say this or that Eric!  I reply who are you to tell me who I am and what I am not and what I am to do?  I am really glad to see so many new people coming to TradCatKnight and leaving Vatican II websites this is a great trend as I see more and more people “watching and praying” and realizing they can no longer get the truth from these websites which preach a different gospelRemember, in the end, love works...

Promoting fear?  We relay information here at TradCatKnight which helps to paint a very vibrant picture that we are indeed in those times the early apostles warned about.  If, on the basis, of accessing this information, you are overrun with fear this means your heart and soul is not ready.  The reality is I do not promote fear.  The reality is those souls trying to label us as fear mongers are simply fearing reality and ultimately fearing facing God which is due to self love.  The apostle warned that in the endtimes men would hate truth and be full of themselves.  The modernist is a completely blind fool and this perfectly describes those obstinately hiding behind Vatican II.  They love this world, they love novelty they enjoy honors and writing for garbage newspapers and websites.  They promote error and heresy and want you to believe there is something wrong with another and not themselves.  This is exactly the problem.  There can be no greater charity than to give truth because truth and charity go hand in hand and yet do the Vatican II modernists teach truth?  Absolutely not.

Most wont listen.  It is largely due to pride that most wont listen.  Our Lady of Akita said the good will die with the bad sparing neither priest nor faithful.  According to the modernist Our Lady is a “fear mongerer”.  Don’t worry about it though just keep following Vatican II and Francis and everything will be alright!  Not a chance and a good number of souls will lose their soul because they choose this path of “live and don’t care”.  I realize most wont listen but if our Lord went out to find the one lost sheep than assuredly I can have the same disposition.  Most wont listen because they fear the change necessary for them to get right with God.  If all that you say is true Eric than that means I have to change my life!  Yes, that is exactly it.  That means you cant go to churches teaching Vatican II.  That means you ought take some time out of the day to see some of the signs of our times.  Salvation must be urgent.  It means you have to shut off the TV and start talking your interior life more seriously.  Those who say don’t pay attention have left Our Lord all alone in the garden and God will rebuke at their Judgement for such an action.

Looks dark….CHEER UP!   In this hour we ought all be offering our hearts and souls in union with the Sacred Heart through the Immaculate.  God is not at all happy on every level.  He raises His voice loudly against the modernists of Vatican II and has very harsh words for priests and prelates at times.  It would be better off that I reiterate it to these priests than it be too late when Jesus sends them away at their Judgement.  This is charity.  As I have taught you, eagles get excited for the storm!  Where is your smile?  You ought be living as if we are not on the precipice of chastisement but this does not exclude you from putting in that time “to being watchful”.  Gladly suffer with a smile and go out and evangelize all about the times we live in.  Do not let any prelate or priest prohibit you.  Our Lady calls all of her true disciples in these times to do as such and thus I reiterate to you all.  If you find that some priest is constantly knocking you for doing so than I ask you this question.  Why are you still around him?  If he is following Vatican II you cannot receive His Sacraments anyways (generally speaking).  He does not hold the Faith and see clearly therefore God refuses grace in this manner to these souls.  It is apart of the spiritual chastisement we are currently going through.  Pray for him and simply keep your distance you are on the right path and he is not.  Cheer up you have God to answer to not any heretical priest. 

We live our life by “living in His”.  If we gaze in charity with the eyes of an eagle we can see how Our Lord is in agony and what lover does not what to comfort his Beloved?  This is a time to be a victim for Our Lord.  It is not time to be caring about what others think about you priest or not.  I think a great good has come out of this Vatican II crisis, in that, it has caused a lot of people to go soul searching.  They realize that the Vatican II priest is far off in doctrine and what he speaks of doesn’t correspond to reality.  Thus more people have turned more inward and this is good.  They can no longer relay upon the priest for direction and must turn to Our Lady and Lord directly.  Even Our Lord said this to approved visionary Marie Julie.  Is that such a bad thing?  If the priest completely loses it we still have the Church in general but also Our Lady and Lord.  Now is not the time to cave in to compromise.  God will be directly dealing with these wayward prelates and priests personally and it wont be pretty.

Fearing God.  In the end these types whether they be in the Novus ordo or some other sect truly fear God in the unhealthy sense.  They are not ready to meet Him face to face so they run from reality.  They don’t really fear what I say (in the general sense) but they do fear that what I say might be right.  This would break the matrix that they have set up and cross a boundary that they do not want to walk over into.  They fear facing God because they are enjoying themselves far too much down here.  They do not like truth as the apostle says.  We were also warned of the scoffers which so many priests now have joined in on.  I couldn’t imagine succumbing to their demands and stop doing what I have been doing and then have to face God.  No, God rather has me to point out how blind they are before it is too late for them.  Rather please God than man.  It is a good thing I haven’t listened to these types over the years for so many would have never come to the truth in general but than also never pursued Our Lord’s command of staying awaking and being watchful themselves.  Fear God by staying awake and flee from those who try to keep your head buried in the sand.  They are exactly the reason why we are in this mess to begin with.  Their eyes are fixated on what they would like to see and not on what is truly happening.  It is with these prideful eyes that they can no longer see (as the cataracts have filmed over their eyes).  My eyes stay fixated upon the rainbow beyond the Storm their eyes still stay fixated upon the world and it is the Storm which will violently overrun them.  In the end, I am not concerned in the least about the naysayers God is with me  #theeagle