"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Latest Resistance Sermons (1st week September 2015)

Latest Resistance Sermons (1st week September 2015)

Here are the latest Resistance Sermons for the end of August going into early September.  

TradCatKnight Exclusive: The Resistance  

Fr. Voigt Catechsim and Low Mass August 23, 2015 Syracuse, N.Y.

Sermon Padre Pfeiffer Samaritan Sunday August 16th 2015 

 Sermon Padre Hewko August 23rd 2015 

Sermon Padre Hewko Pilgrimage Conclusion August 2015 

Fr. Voigt Sermon April 26, 2015 Syracuse, N.Y. - U.S.A. 

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Sermon Padre Hewko 11th Sunday after Pentecost August 30th 2015 

Fr. Remi Picot - True Devotion to Mary [Singapore, 27 Aug 2015]

Sermon Padre Hewko In Defense of the Rights of God September 5th 2015 

Sermon Padre Hewko Demolition of Holy Mother Church by Popes and Princes August 30th 2015 

Fr. Pfeiffer Sermon September 6, 2015 Milton, ON

Sermon Padre Hewko Feast of Saint Pius X 2015 

Sermon Padre Hewko 1st Saturday September 2015 

Sermon Padre Hewko Our Lady of Mount Carmel Padres True SSPX Priests September 6 2015 

 Father Hewko Sermon September 6, 2015 

 North Texas Marian Corps Mission Message

The Self

The Self: Needs, Wants and Humility
Let the rule of the self be known far and wide, for the care and concern of self dominates over all over cares and concerns. What others need and want matters only when it coincides with the needs and wants of self. When they do not, those needs and wants are at the very least neglected, and in certain occasions are actively suppressed.
This is the mantra of the selfish.
The ego, or the self, when it is most important, is elevated to the status of the divine. This elevation of self is a clear example of idolatry. It makes the self, the ego, the end of all things. It removes God as the Alpha and the Omega, and the source of all goodness and eternal happiness. This elevation goes against the heart of the Catholic Faith, and is a mockery of the Mass, when Christ is elevated as the Supreme Sacrifice, under the species of bread and wine.
It is far too easy to raise the self, as selfishness is a part of the human condition. This human frailty, however, can be avoided; it need not be nurtured. The opposite of the elevation of the self may be found in humility, which is nurtured through works of faith, hope and charity. It is charity, with the overriding sense of humility, that can obliterate this false elevation, and turn the soul firmly to Christ.
Acts of humility and charity go together, as true acts of charity must be done humbly. To act charitably “in front of a live, studio audience,” is not a true act of charity. It lacks humility, and is done for an effect, to bolster one's pride and elevate oneself.
An act of charity and humility does not often receive the praise and adulation of others. It goes unnoticed, unrecognized by the eyes of man, but not by the eyes of God. Our Lord see all our acts of charity, and repays them above and beyond anything we deserve.
To counteract the vice of selfishness, the acts of humility and charity must be daily practiced. Prayers and sacrifice are two examples of charitable acts, ones that should be part of the daily routine. With practice, these two methods should create the right atmosphere within the soul for greater works for Christ.
Above all, charity. Put the love of God before the love of the self, and all will work unto good.








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