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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Hour of the Justice of God is Close!

The Hour of the Justice of God is Close!
Note: Francis is an antipope not a true pope

Every picture tells a story: "Pope" Francis stands amidst the rubble of Amatrice following last August's earthquake. The clock on the 13th-Century bell-tower, which can be seen in the background, poignantly stopped at the very moment of the earthquake which left around 300 people dead. We hear that the medieval tower finally collapsed during this Wednesday's earthquakes. For those who listen out for God, there is surely much symbolism in all of these things.

Listen, those who have ears to hear!

The headline for today's article is taken from a prophetic warning received by Blessed Sr. Elena Aiello on 22nd August, 1960. Blessed Elena was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in September 2011. Given the present diabolical revolution searing through the Church, the proximity of her beatification and the tragedies unfolding in Italy, we believe that Blessed Elena's reported visions and prophecies, which warn of a coming chastisement from God, should warrant our serious attention.

Blessed Elena testified that the holy Madonna had said to her: ''The hour of the justice of God is close, and will be terrible! Tremendous scourges are impending over the world, and various nations are struck by epidemics, famines, great earthquakes, terrific hurricanes, with overflowing rivers and seas, which bring ruin and death... If the people do not recognize in these scourges the warnings of Divine Mercy, and do not return to God with truly Christian living, another terrible war will come from the east to the west. Russia with her secret armies will battle America: will overrun Europe. The river Rhine will be overflowing with corpses and blood. Italy, also, will be harassed by a great revolution, and the Pope will suffer terribly... Spread the devotion to my Immaculate Heart, in order that many souls may be conquered by my love and that many sinners may return to my Maternal Heart. Do not fear, for I will accompany with my maternal protection my faithful ones, and all those who accept my urgent warnings, and they - especially by the recitations of my Rosary - will be saved... Satan goes furiously through this disordered world, and soon will show all his might. But, because of my Immaculate Heart, the triumph of Light will not delay in its triumph over the power of darkness, and the world, finally, will have tranquility and peace.''

The bold-type emphasis in the above translaton is my own; and I have drawn especial attention to those bold-typed parts in light of the fact that we are witnessing devastating earthquakes and, sad to relate, just such a refusal to recognise in them the warnings of Divine Mercy.

As we reflected just a few weeks ago at New Year, the treatment of Fr. Giovanni Cavalcoli OP - removed from Radio Maria and publicly rebuked by Pope Francis' Secretary of State Becciu for warning that the devastating Italian earthquakes of 2016 could have been divine chastisements incurred by last summer's homosexualist subversion of Holy Matrimony in Italy - makes this clear.

A Series of Warnings in Nature
We have discussed on a couple of previous occasions the fact that the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome was most unusually struck by lightning twice on the 11th February, 2013; being the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the very day on which Pope Benedict XVI announced his abdication of the Papal throne.

And how, on the 7th October, 2016, the dome was struck again by lightning: this time on the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary; and the 445th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, which had so gloriously saved the Church and Europe from aggresive Islamist expansion.

Just days before this third lightning strike on St. Peter's, Pope Francis had relativized the Sacred Priesthood, scandalized the faithful and misled onlookers by attempting to offer a, shall we say, ''mixed blessing'' with the chief Anglican minister Justin Welby. As we said at the time, we should not be so proud, rationalistic or post-modern in our thinking as to ignore the possibility that Our Lord and Our Lady might have been warning the Church and trying to get our collective attention.

Such thoughts returned a few weeks later when, on Sunday the 30th October 2016 - the Feast of Christ the Universal King in the Traditional Calendar - Italy was struck by a massive earthquake that destroyed St. Benedict's ancient Basilica, devastated Norcia and shook the residents of Rome from the slumber of their beds. Rome and Norcia, of course, were both in so many ways the spiritual and physical sources of Western Christendom. It is disturbing to see them both being thoroughly shaken in our times; an age in which Western civilization, having rejected Christ, is so desperately on the wane.

Many observers were troubled that this was a much larger earthquake than the one which had killed some 300 people weeks earlier during the month of August. It seemed to be against received understanding for an ''aftershock'' to be so much larger than an already devastating earlier earthquake.

That October devastation took place just 24-hours before Pope Francis was due to take part in the scandalous ''commemoration'' of the evil heresiarch Martin Luther in Lund. That very morning, even as the Benedictine priests of Norcia were seeking souls who might be in need of Extreme Unction, we wrote: ''It is difficult not to see these instances as warnings of Divine displeasure regarding the travesties planned to take place in Lund tomorrow, and the radical take-over by Modernists of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the JP II Institutes.''

And yet, it seemed that few in the Church understood these events in such spiritual terms; and too few appeared to respond to them with conversion of heart and life.

Shaking the Throne of Truth and Splitting the Church
This week has been typically devastating in terms of the Francis-encouraged affronts to Catholic Truth.

To name just a selection of Church-shaking happenings from the last 7-days, the week has been punctuated by: the Bishops of Malta and Gozo promoting adultery, heresy and sacrilege; then allegedly furthering these grave travesties by ordering all their priests to comply with them on pain of being suspended a divinis from their sacred ministry; the Vatican inviting the Culture of Death-promoting Paul Ehrlich to speak at an ''Extinction'' conference; the Vatican announcing publication of a commemorative postage stamp of the arch-heresiarch - and forerunner of Antichrist - Martin Luther; Cardinal Koch suggesting that Luther would have ''found his own Council'' in Vatican II, describing Luther's chum Philip Melanchthon - who rejected Transubstantiation and Confession - as ''a great ecumenist of his time'' and suggesting that criticism of the Protestant Reformation ''is no longer possible in an ecumenical age''; Pope Francis suggesting that Luther intended to renew the Church, not to divide it; Pope Francis (yet) again speaking derogatively of ''lazy Christians'' who ''do not fight to make things change, new things, the things that would do good for everyone''; and Pope Francis accepting an image of a pagan fertility ''god'' from the President of Guinea, whilst suggesting this was somehow good as Italy needs fertility...

In the midst of all of these travesties against God, the Faith and the faithful, Italy was again struck by a series of four powerful earthquakes that once again caused death and destruction near the epicentre, whilst also shaking Rome considerably. As I write this, rescuers are still searching for the missing 25 or so people who were inside the Rigopiano hotel when the post-earthquake avalance in the Abruzzo region so suddenly crushed it. Happily, it seems that 6 people have just been found alive!  

As with the earlier lightning strikes and earthquakes, too few seem to have noticed that these latest shakings took place on an important date in the Traditional Calendar: the Feast of St. Peter's Chair at Rome. It is very important for Catholics to grasp the fact that this feast was established, by Pope Paul IV in 1558, as a direct response to the Protestant Revolutionaries' rejection of the authority of the See of Peter. The fact that Rome was shaken on the date of this feast, in a week that again saw such flagrant official promotion of the heresiarch Luther and the Protestant revolution, should not be overlooked by those trying to make sense of the present crisis. 

It is certainly notable, too, that these shakings - which were powerful enough to close Rome's underground Metro service, empty local schools and drive much of the fearful Roman populace out from their buildings into the streets - took place during the Wednesday audience with Pope Francis.

Interesting, also, was the reaction of a couple interviewed after attending the papal-audience byRome Reports. Unlike many people in Rome, they said they did not feel the earthquake. Indeed, the woman quipped that, being in heeled shoes, ''you would think I would have fallen over''. To this, the man added, ''I will tell you our legs are a little shaky from meeting Pope Francis, but not from the earthquake no.''

It seems to me that this seemingly innocuous exchange is expressive of so much that is happening in the Church today. A strange phenomenon, much beyond traditional Ultramontanism and described by some as ''Papolatry'' or ''Papal Positivism'', is taking hold of so many people, who seem in blissfull ignorance of the attacks on the Faith and the orthodox faithful which Francis has enabled and encouraged to this date. The very Church is shaking, but many are so enamoured of Francis that they fail to see it.

There is a terrifying worldliness taking over from all that is good and holy; a radical shaking of truly Catholic foundations that too few care to notice.

And so, even as over 800,000 faithful Catholics who petitioned for Pope Francis to defend traditional teaching on marriage are ignored, the 4 Dubiacardinals continue to be sidelined, and three good bishops are forced to issue an appeal for prayer for Pope Francis to ''confirm the unchanging praxis of the Church on the indissolubility of marriage''; we also see the emergence of a Youth Synod being launched with a cleverly loaded questionnaire to give the impression of a ''listening church'', a somewhat unchastely-dressed Irish woman singing an almost-worshipful anthem to Pope Francis in the presence of the sacred Tabernacle, and even a blasphemous medal bearing the image and legend ''Pope Francis - Pray for us''.

At the outset today, we noted that Blessed Elena Aiello had warned that worse chastisements would befall us if we did not heed those which first come in the form of natural disasters like earthquakes.

It seems to us that Heaven is warning us through such prophetic warnings, the signs in nature, the dates on which certain disasters are happening and their proximity each time to the promotion of Protestantism, adultery and sacrilege.

The very Throne of St. Peter, that divinely appointed Throne of Truth, is being shaken by natural, supernatural and, perhaps, preternatual events. At the very least, the fault-lines in the earth and the Church are moving. It makes sense to respond by being found ready in the state of grace and praying.

May God then give us, and all who read this, the grace to heed Our Lady's prophetic warnings, by responding through the means she outlined to Blessed Elena Aiello: conversion to God with truly Christian living; devotion to the Immaculate Heart; acceptance of Her urgent warnings; and the recitation of the Rosary.

By God's grace, we have been warned of the events now overtaking the Church and world. Let us respond with fidelity, truth and sincerity of heart.

Immaculate Heart of Mary - Triumph and Reign!

"Endtime Revelations Of Blessed Aiello"