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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Novus ordo: Drag queen on the altar at a Mass in Brazil

Novus ordo: Drag queen on the altar at a Mass in Brazil

Fr. Paulo Bezerra, pastor of Our Lady of Carmel Church in São Paulo, Brazil, invited Albert Roggenbuck – aka Drag queen Dindry Buck – to deliver the homily at Mass, below first row, to raise the Chalice after the Consecration, above, and to distribute Communion.

According to ecclesiastical norms, only a priest or a deacon can touch the Chalice with the Blood of Christ. Obviously, Roggenbuck is not a deacon. This fact in itself constitutes a sacrilege. Also, to distribute Communion without being a Eucharistic minister participates in the same offense.

Further, when a layman is invited to deliver an homily, he is considered a person who can instruct the congregation in the Faith. What topic did Roggenbuck address in his homily? He spoke about sexual diversity and informed the congregation about his own homosexual life. This action is a scandal because it openly promotes a vice against nature that calls to God for vengeance.

Fr. Bezerra, the mastermind behind these crimes, justified his initiative as an effort to break the taboo against homosexuality in the Church.

He could also say that he is just following the footsteps of Pope Francis, who does not lose one opportunity to promote homosexuals and transgenders.
Drag queen Brazil - 02
Photos from Ancoradouro & Blog Folha first seen in Catapulta

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