"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TradCatKnight: October Message, “I am an Eagle”

TradCatKnight: October Message, “I am an Eagle”
 Lift not up thy eyes to riches which thou canst not have: because they shall make themselves wings like those of an eagle, and shall fly towards heaven. Proverbs 23:5
Brothers and Sisters I write to you in the Selfless Love and peace of the Union and Marriage of Jesus Christ and of His Sacred Heart and all the blessings that flow forth from it. Why, O’ men, do thou look for, that which to the eye draws the heart in but only moves the soul further away from God? Why doesn’t man in his endless chase of ‘things” find out that he only pursues in vain? Thus, is this perfect society we seek one that strives for perfection “on the surface level” bowing down to human favor or is it in reality a pursuit of Christ alone and all that He encompasses? Nay, the nations must be ruled by the Divine Law if order is to be restored. But the weary continue to wear their own “self” out by dragging it from this “thing’ to the next and yet the soul is not satisfied!  An eagle learns to detach his heart (poverty, simplicity & humility) from all things so that he may fly freely interiorly in the “yoke of His blue skies”and yet how many wilst stay grounded due to the heavy weight that the “self” carries. . Who satisfieth thy desire with good things: thy youth shall be renewed like the eagle' s. Psalms 102:5  Thence, the soul must move inwardly and upwardly through the Fortress of God following his will and intellect wilst avoiding even the smallest venial sin. Wisdom sayeth, “… as often as I would acquire on the surface is nearly as often as I would stay imprisoned within”. For in what I would acquire would only weigh my wings down, in so that, my faith and hope would be placed upon transient things and not the One who makes and grants all things according to His Will.

Be of good cheer for the true renewal is nigh at hand! Be ye refreshed by the Waters of the “youth of His joy”! Moreover, the Purification of the senses and spirit is something every man must accomplish, either in this life or the next, in order to fly freely as One with the Son above. Yet how many wilst stay in the solitude & silence long enough so as to pay attention to his own heart’s movements either toward “self” or to His Sacred Heart? The video I have provided below is only meant to touch upon the surface as to what embodies “being an Eagle”. For God has not ordained man to fly like a sparrow off into the mountains in hiding but rather as an eagle to fly “head on and above” the very storm sent unto him. This is willed by God in order for him to rise above his own human nature and above the clouds of “self”. Does the eagle not ascend higher when met with the mighty wind of the storm? Then why do we run from our own storms in this life? Yea, eagles are excited for the storm and are found above the storm clouds not below like the frightened sparrows!  In the Lord I put my trust: how then do you say to my soul: Get thee away from hence to the mountain like a sparrow? Psalms 10:2

Verily, let us consider 12 guiding characteristics of what embodies being an eagle.  First, as a Knight or Handmaid of the Immaculate and Sacred Heart, we find a “life of service” rooted in the Selfless Love of our King and Queen. Is it not, that in the End, we will be judged according to Charity? Therefore, an eagle works for Love works. He serves God and neighbor by humbly looking for opportunities to put his Faith on display. Second, he/she continually pursues the virtues; he/ she values silence, solitude and simplicity which is necessary for the soul to grow in accordance to the graces it is merited. He/she is a contemplative yet who understands how vitally important it is to be engaged with others. He refrains from idle talk and pursues to satisfy the Sacred Heart in even the smallest of his hearts actions. Third, he/she is well learned in the Faith. Time is spent daily not only in prayer but in rigorous study to (1)expand our own learning of Holy Religion but also (2) to be better able to defend against errors or heresies. Are we not called to walk as a pilgrim(detached) in this life so as to better know the God we serve and adore? Than what a great way we have in following” the stars (Saints) of night”  in our pilgrimage who assist in “lighting’ our own walk here below. Therefore, an eagle is found studying the councils, encyclicals and the works of the popes and saints not for knowledge’s own sake but rather so that he can be a better asset for the Almighty. Fourth, he is an evangelist who teaches and spreads the Gospel of Christ promoting and knowing nothing other than the Social Reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. And like, St.Francis, he preaches often, by not even uttering a word but allowing his actions to walk before him. 

Fifth, he/she is ready to adapt or change and I do not speak of theological change which the Vatican II modernists have already accomplished but rather the practical change that will be necessary in the days ahead. For as God’s Justice weighs heavy upon the world the eagle detached shall  fly free and be a model to all those who are still afflicted by “self”.  He/she renews the promise each morning to be, not only at war with the self, his greatest enemy, but also of the world, flesh and the devil. Yea, an eagle seeks spiritual perfection, therefore, how can the Knight of God be called a brute or mercenary? Sixth, an eagle is pro-life and a patriot. He/she loves the homeland regardless of the sins that cry out unto God and is further willing to be that instrument of change for God’s good purpose. He or she loves the brotherhood or sisterhood, that is, the Knights or Handmaids, who compose this order. Seventh, he/she defends Christ, Our Lady, the Church and Her Sacraments with their own lives. For what eagle does not protect its’ own nest from the incoming invaders? Further, in all things we shall point to God Whom was, is and forevermore shall be, our Source and End. More exactly, by carefully guiding and taking custody over each movement of the heart an eagle learns the interior discipline necessary to ultimately make an impact on the world for the greater good. Eight, in simplicity an eagle follows the daily basic doctrine of Christ, that is, to deny the “self”, take up holy suffering (Cross) and follow Him. For an eagle does not seek honors, status or a place in this world but only rather to be a humble instrument of the Almighty.  Further he/she defends the innocent and helpless recognizing the Face of Christ upon the suffering and defenseless. Moreover, an eagle also preserves the traditional family for it is the only plan of God. 

Ninth, an eagle takes up modesty both in speech and in dress. Recognizing that the society will not change unless “I do” , therefore, we lead by example drawing more souls unto our work. The Knight is chivalrous and the Handmaid is a soft spoken flower whose petals vibrantly draw souls in to “have a look”. Tenth, an eagle is a contemplative in action, valuing prayer, for it is the door of the Fortress, but also finding that balance of duty he owes unto his neighbor. He/she is not found idling or running from this distracted endeavor to the next. No, rather, this Knight or Handmaid has structure and purpose to the day. Next, an eagle is deeply devoted to Our Lady, the Rosary and the Scapular. An eagle stays close to the Immaculate Heart of our Mother, who thence in return, leads us more deeply into the Divine life of the Trinity.  Do we not seek to “be absorbed into” the Sacred Heart the Source and End of our salvation?   

Nay, you will always find an eagle close to the sacraments for this is our “home or nest”. “Where the Body is so too shall the eagles gather…”  Lastly, he/she is a true traditionalist, that is, one who does not accept Vatican II nor the New Mass for both are consequences of modernist revolutionaries. Yea, we are true friends of the peoples who will be looking to “restore order’ from the madmen who seek to undo it and implement their new-age nonsense. In summary, a Knight or Handmaid of God is discreet, well spoken, selfless, generous, loyal, humble, courageous, honest, honorable, gentle in general but firm with the enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. This is, in part, what it is meant to “be an eagle”.  May thee Immaculate Heart of Our Lady guide, protect and guard your heart everyday in this exile, Ave Maria – Amen.

TradCatKnight Presents: "I am an Eagle!"

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