"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


By: Hugh Akins

News of the firing of Fox superstar-icon Glenn Beck is being received by unthinking Catholics, Christians and patriots as the greatest moral outrage since 9/11.  “This poor persecuted patriot.”  “So hated by the Jews.”  “A genuine martyr for the cause of freedom.”  “A real American hero.”

These are some of the things good people are actually saying about ZIONIST/ISRAEL-FIRST Glenn Beck.  Unable to spare the time to set the record straight and prove beyond all doubt that Mr. Beck is none of those things which good people think he is, but rather a total fraud, the next best thing is to share with you the following thoughts which were taken from my forthcoming book, Synagogue Rising.   It was in that book that I had the audacity to suggest that Glenn Beck was one of the enemy’s “useful idiots” who, far from being a true conservative, is nothing more than “A PHONY USURPER OF THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT,” A ZIONIST COURT JESTER AND A TOP CANDIDATE FOR THE NEXT “MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA” TITLE.

      I also predicted that Fox News would eventually fire him and that his Zionist handlers would subsequently make a martyr out of him, furthering their evil cause.
      The following is taken verbatim from one of the parts of the soon-to-be-released Synagogue Rising that had to be omitted from the text in order to streamline the book for practical reasons.
      The master manipulators once again get the dumbed-down American public to fall for yet another of their mass-deceptions as part of a meticulously engineered psychological warfare campaign against the simple-minded goyim. 
      The television addict who foolishly permits the likes of Glenn Beck to poison his/her thinking is certain to remain misinformed, confused and cemented in Rabbinic lies, even while believing they have all the answers and remedies for all the wrongs in the world.  Such massive mind-conditioning is frightening.    

Recently, part of our research for this book became part of a self-imposed penance for Lent.  It turned out to be the most PAINFUL penance we could possibly inflict on our person.  We subjected ourself to the exceedingly unpleasant task of sitting through a Glenn Beck TV presentation for the first – and we assure you – last time.  More than “unpleasant,” the experience was downright revolting.  Rarely, even after many long years on the front lines, have we encountered such a display of mindless babble, of intellectually drunken sophistry, of blatant deception, of emotion-charged propaganda, of outright treason disguised as patriotism.  So deliriously insane is this comedian-propagandist of the Zionist right that we cannot help but agree with certain liberals that label him “Fox News’s paranoid superstar demagogue.” [1]

      For all the talk about the New World Order, Glenn Beck is one of its most energetic and effective facilitators.  How so?  One reason: he’s a fanatic warhawk for Israel.  Nothing is driving the world faster into the Judaized New World Order than the aggressive and genocidal wars we are fighting for Israel. 

      The reason this wholly Judaized court-jester is given so much coverage in the Jewish-controlled media – Fox is no less Zionist than all the other purveyors of disinformation – is because he is one of them, notwithstanding all the impassioned claims to the contrary.  A Mormon by creed, Beck is therefore linked to Talmudic Freemasonry, which is and has always been under Judaic inspiration and control.  With an estimated 2-3 million viewers per night, the “king of conservative porn” would not be in the national spotlight and raking in millions of dollars from misinformed conservatives from coast-to-coast if he were nearly as true-blue conservative and anti-Big Government as he makes himself out to be.  

      If there was anything we might agree on with the radically subversive hate-peddlers of the Southern Poverty law Center (SPLC), it’s their concern regarding the upsurge in new “patriot” organizations in the past year.  In its March 2, 2010 report, “Rage on the Right: The Year In Hate & Extremism,” we learn that “an astonishing 363 new patriot groups appeared in 2009, with the totals going from 149 groups (including 42 militias) the year before to 512 (127 of them militias) – a 244% jump.” [2]

      Why should true patriots be alarmed over this development?  Because the majority of these newly formed groups are part of the controlled opposition, intentional or otherwise.  Like Fox News and Glenn Beck, their mission is to deceive, divert, discredit, demonize – in a word, neutralize – moral-minded citizens who would otherwise stand against the Rabbinic Tyranny that is right now fastening the final chains about the American people.
Conservative-minded middle America must wake up.  Glenn Beck is more than just the leading conservative “class clown” or “court jester;” GLENN BECK, LET US REPEAT AND RE-EMPHASIZE, IS AN UNYIELDING ZIONIST.  His phenomenal commercial success is due to this one fact alone.  He is fond of saying that he’s not going to treat his audience like morons, but this is exactly what he does. EXACTLY! “Truth has no agenda,” he sanctimoniously grandstands.  “Obama has an agenda…the left has an agenda… the media has an agenda…” He loves to rant and rage in self-righteous indignation, but certainly not him.  He emphatically disclaims having any agenda of his own.  No one owns him.  No one has claimed his soul.  He is the populist Moses-come-down-from-the-mountain-after-seeing-the-face-of-God to lead the chosen people of the right (Fox viewers) to the promised land of a restored America – a renewed Jeffersonian/Freemasonic/ Constitutional republicanism.  His only agenda, he would have all his cheering and worshipful fans accept, is to speak the truth, to expose evil (all those who repudiate the Zionist party line), to save America from “Obammunism,” and to re-open the gates of heaven for all who tune in to Fox News and genuflect before HIM.  It’s the gospel according to Glenn Beck.  And, God save us, there are many conservative and traditional Catholics and other patriots who make up no small part of the Glen Beck Fan Club.   

      Well, you can be sure that Mr. Beck and Fox TV have a far different agenda than what those who’ve become hypnotized by all their lies hold to be true.  Their agenda is ISRAEL’S agenda, it’s quite simple and quite obvious.  And on the top of the list is the rabid push for war with Iran and more support for Israel and an ever escalating war on terror on Israel’s behalf.  Make no mistake about it.  This high-strung and pompous con-artist, comedian, showman, pseudo-conservative is no Moses, but no less a Mossad asset than Abe Foxman of the ADL is a Mossad agent, only less conspicuously so.  And because the fact is more cleverly disguised, he is the more effective and hence the more dangerous traitor. At least Foxman is honest enough to openly stand for anti-Christian Talmudism.  Beck is the greater deceiver whose task is to lead the whole of conservative/moderate-liberal middle America into the Zionist camp under the pretext of defending American and Israeli democracy and standing against Marxist and Islamic militancy.  

Beck sporting some "Illuminati wear"...
Watch carefully – the process has already begun – as Tea Party conservatism is progressively assimilated into Ronald Reagan conservatism via the grand deception of Glenn Beck conservatism.  Interestingly enough, it takes a liberal to see Beck for what he really is.  Kevin Drum writes for the far-left Mother Jones consortium.  Here’s what he says in part: “Glenn Beck is, for a liberal like me, far more entertaining to watch than, say, Sean Hannity or Bill O’Riley.  The latter are garden variety blowhards and their subject matter is predictable.  But Beck?  He’s crazy!  He thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is going to take over the entire Mediterranean!  Fabian socialists are a fifth column working to subvert everything that makes America great! (But slowly, sneakily.)  The Tides Foundation is on a mission to ‘warp your children’s brains’!  And Obama the secret Marxist is behind it all!  It all fits together!

      “This is actually sort of entertaining in small doses.  But in bigger doses, not so much.” [3]     
      The scam consists of a vast media effort, the left collaborating with the right as always, to project Glenn Beck as a persecuted enemy of the liberal establishment rather than an invaluable stooge of that same Talmudic establishment’s Grand Design for America and the world.  Even the Jews, whom Beck serves with undying loyalty, criticize him in public in order to maintain the deception (as they now do with Obama).  By portaying His Lordship Mr. Beck in this light, as an anti-Semite, he is lionized as a martyr/hero for “the cause” which is certain to galvanize more support for him and therefore secretly for International Jewry’s anti-Christian conspiracy.  This is exactly what is happening.  Michael Hoffman explains:

      “Glenn Beck couldn’t be more of a slave of the Talmudic mentality if he wore a kippah (skullcap) and carried a copy of the Talmud Bavli onto the Fox News set.  He follows their script 99% of the time.  But it’s that one percent of independence that troubles any slave-master.
      “(1) Beck is not supposed to use ‘Holocaust’ parallels.  ‘Holocaust’ is a trademark of the Master Race of Holy People and they have a proprietary relationship with it.  (2) Beck cannot criticize any certified ‘Holocaust’ saint.  St. George Soros is one such Holy Person.
“For these two minor infractions the master chess players take the opportunity to be seen as highly critical of their shabbos goy, Mister Beck.  He is portrayed as another ‘Father Coughlin,’ the peace campaigner and social justice worker who so annoyed the usual suspects in the 1930s.  Beck is no Coughlin.  The comparison is laughable.  Beck [is PRO-war not antiwar as was Fr. Coughlin.  Beck too] hates the social justice campaign against usury.  His economic heroine is the greed-is-good Russian Khazar, Ayn Rand.  But leave it to the Talmudic mentality to stretch the bounds of credulity with their delusion.

      “Watch the pea under the shell: with this controversy, Zionists show themselves as independent of Beck and Beck gets to appear as a thorn in the side of Zionism – even though Beck is a fervent war-Zionist who doesn’t just kiss Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s feet, he kisses each of his toes…Watch for ‘useful idiots’ in the right wing start to refer to Beck as being ‘courageous as Father Coughlin’ and someone who is beginning to wake up about the ‘Jews.’” [4]   

      We predicted months ago that Beck may well get “fired” by Fox to really dramatize the “persecuted martyr” false image.  Now that Beck’s termination with Fox has been made official, we may well see him take a more active role in the Tea Party movement, making more public appearances, giving more public talks to standing ovations of unthinking masses who actually believe him an independent and a voice of traditional conservatism.  We recently saw a similar tactic employed in the termination of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC, who is said to be Beck’s counterpart on the left.  Right, left, centrist, Beck, Olbermann – they’re all on the same side: the side of the Elders of Zion, Masters of America and the world.   
      An article titled “Glenn Beck the Socialist” [5] does a poor job of exposing his Rabbinic, socialist, statist, Big Government proclivity, [6] no matter how much rhetoric is spent focusing on the opposite.  But it does speak a single truth in observing that some folks “view him as a phony usurper of the freedom movement.”  He is exactly, emphatically that
In the months leading up to the 2008 presidential elections Beck was heard on nationwide television naming candidate McCain as his personal preference.  Not Dr. Ron Paul, mind you; not Dr. Chuck Baldwin – either of whom would have been the proper choice if Beck really believed all the conservative verbiage that comes out of his mouth in an endless torrent of lies and deception.  But Sen. John McCain, the least conservative, most radical candidate who has been described as “the most dangerous man in America” by Chronicles magazine (America would most likely already be engaged in a nuclear war in the Middle East had McCain been elected president)?   You can’t get any more socialist, statist, internationalist and Zionist than that without having openly favored Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton for president.  And if we are not mistaken, Mr. Beck has indicated Sarah Palin as his first choice in the up-coming 2012 elections; Yes, Sarah Palin, darling of the Israel-First, Zionism-right-or-wrong crowd. 

      For those who do not have their head buried in the sand, ostrich-like, Mr. Beck is as predictable as the rotation of dawn and dusk. Yet Beck’s rhetoric is always for less government intrusion in our lives, less federal regulations in the market, less state encroachments upon our liberties, less cultural and political communism, less Islamism...he will even throw in a word or two about God for all the religious fanatics among his vast throng of wide-eyed devotees.  Truly the man is a “saint,” is he not?  

      His defenders are quick to point out that he has invited on his show such genuine patriots as Dr. Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin.  This, we assert, is only to keep up the masquerade that he himself is a principled and leading conservative who can be trusted.  But a closer look betrays a horse of an altogether  different color. 
      He is certainly brilliantly cunning in the way he will manipulate the few genuine conservatives on his program; most cunning in the way he, not his guests, will direct and dominate the dialogue, in the way he will allow certain truths to be disclosed only to totally dismiss them in drawing his typically false conclusions, in the way he will permit the discussion to go only so far before he will cut off his guests from speaking of the real issues, the real dangers, the real culprits, the real answers to our nation’s greatest ills.  

Beck sporting some more "Illuminati wear"
      Glenn Beck can be counted on to avoid, whitewash or misrepresent the truth.  We read that, in the same show which featured Mr. Griffin, expert on the Federal Reserve and author of the most comprehensive expose on the Fed ever produced, The Creature from Jekyll Island, Beck did most of the talking and Griffin could hardly get a word in.  Beck reportedly mocked the idea that a Rothschild conspiracy was behind the secret founding of America’s Central Bank, which is essentially a money monopoly of which Beck’s Fox sponsor is a witting player, and that behind the Rothschild Empire was a vast International Crime Syndicate of Rabbinic anti-Christianism, all of which is a matter of historical fact.   Glenn Beck will attack George Soros, a Kissinger-type villain that everone loves to hate and which the Powers that Be permit to be villainized and hated, but never will Mr. Beck even whisper an unfavorable word about the Cryptocracy’s far more powerful Insiders at B’nai B’rith, the ADL, Chabad Lubavitch, the OTO, in short, not a single negative word about those hardline anti-Christian Talmudists that sit at the helm of Political, Financial and Ecclesial Power that rules America and the world. 

       How is this systematic disinformation and cover-up of the facts not complete and utter treason on the part of media superstars like Glen Beck?  How is this not the charades of a shrewd and cunning master deceiver, and a Zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing?  
 Glenn Beck Exposed 

Want more "Illuminati wear?"
      This is the same Glenn Beck who practically single-handedly snatched hold of the initial Tea Party movement, which had some sincere patriots and noble intentions propelling it, and turned a huge part of it into just another false alternative to the bipartisan status quo Judeo-Masonic establishment.  For all these reasons combined, and given the power he and Fox News seem to hold over the minds of countless millions of basically honest but absolutely conned patriotic Americans, Mr. Beck himself may well become the next “most dangerous man in America.”  We cringe at the thought of how many traditional Catholics have been beguiled and played for a fool by this pied piper of crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism disguised as anti-Obama, Star-Spangled, Motherhood-and-Apple-Pie American Conservatism.

      Dear friends, Glenn Beck’s mission, we cannot stress it enough, is to make true conservatives a laughing-stock, thereby undermining the moral and religious foundations upon which true conservativism is built.   A Judaic “useful idiot” if ever there was one, Mr. Beck is to be considered extremely delusional in his self-adulation and exceedingly dangerous in the extent of his influence and of his disinformation. 

We have much more to say about Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement, the new up-coming Zionist “No Labels” third party controlled opposition to the two-party Zionist syndicate, neocons – false patriots and psychopathic warmongers, phony Christians who parrot the Zionist party line, etc.  You’ll have to purchase a copy of Synagogue Rising to read the rest. 

If you liked what you read above; if you see the importance of the book it was excerpted from, perhaps you will see fit to help us get this book published.  It is 99.5% completed.  Besides a few last-minute finishing touches, all we need now are the funds to take it to print.  If you think this book has merit and is important, perhaps you will send us the most generous donation you can to help get it printed, bound, advertised and widely distributed.  Getting this book into the hands of many good people is as much to your advantage as it is to ours.  None of us are immune from the menace of crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism which is swiftly descending upon us all.

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Thank you and God bless,
Hugh Akins, author.

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[1] David Corn of PoliticsDaily.com, quoted in “Beck’s Extremism: A Conservative Dilemma,” The Week, March 11, 2011. 
[2] “Meet the Patriots – A ‘Patriot’ Movement Timeline,” SplCenter.org, April, 2010. 
[3] Kevin Drum, “Standing Up To Glenn Beck,” MotherJones.com, Feb. 11, 2011. 
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[5] Phil Maymin, “Glenn Beck the Socialist,” LewRockwell.com, Sept. 16, 2010. 
[6] How exactly is Glenn Beck a propenent of Big Government socialism?  By answering this question you will have your answer: “Does he or does he not crusade against such unconstitutional bureaucratic monstrosities as Homeland Security, FEMA, the Fed, IRS, ATF, CIA, NSA, DEA, FDA, DoD, DoE, EPA…?”

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