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saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Keep Reaching, Mel!: Had Sister Lucy Died by 1949? Is there real evidence of a Third "Sister Lucy"?

Keep Reaching, Mel!: Had Sister Lucy Died by 1949? Is there real evidence of a Third "Sister Lucy"? 

Three Sister Lucys? Until the investigation begins, we must not close off ANY possibilities. However, what would that do to the Fr. Fuentes interview in 1957. He had been here confessor. Below is an article, from a Spanish source, which tries to lay out a plausible scenario for a Three Sister Lucy thesis with the real one dying in 1949, a substitute being put in her place --- who was the one interviewed by Fr. Fuentes, supposedly ---- and, a final one who met with Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and, well, Mel Gibson. 


The following has bee sent to me by two readers. A friend of mine has given a paraphrase of an article from a Spanish source that presents information which is in accord with the information presented immediately below. A reader send, what is claimed to be a screen shot of a register of the nuns of the Coimbra, Portugal convent. In this record, we find a woman with similar birth and profession dates and the name of Sister Maria Lucia of the Immaculate Heart listed as having died on May 31, 1949. In some way, this would make sense because, according to other sources, there have been no pictures of the first Sister Lucia since her appearance in the garden of the Dorothean Convent in the year 1947. 

Please read the brief inclusions and follow the links. Was Mel Gibson reaching through the grill to the third "Sister Lucy"? Please support my efforts to find out what is going on. 
My thanks go out to the generous and pious souls who want truth and justice to prevail. Thank you for your donations to Sister Lucy Truth Incorporated. I will have information on the investigation shortly. 

Here are the two bits of information:

To whom it may concern,

for more than a year this date remained unchanged:

(Saved screen shot) 
Then it was changed in a haste. But just as swindlers do who fabricate wrong balance sheets. If you change one thing all the others have to be changed accordingly. As we can see above, Sister Lucia made her profession in 1928, but, mind you, this profession concerned the Order of the Sister of Saint Dorothy where she was first. It was foreseen that she should make the profession for the Carmelite Order May 31st 1949. But this was not changed accordingly.  

Then the whole page went offline and announces that it's under contsruction: 
Check out this blog in Spanish:

Here is the second:

        Ultimostiempos.org (Last Times.org) said that the real Lucy died in 1949.  They don't say whether she died of natural causes or otherwise (at least, when I rapidly scanned the article, I didn't find any such assertion).  But they say that because it was known that the Third Secret should be revealed as soon as Lucy died, or in 1960, whichever came first, the masonic powers in the Vatican didn't want her death to become known. Otherwise there would have been a public outcry, demanding the release of the 3rd secret.  Ultimostiempos says that Pope Pius XII did not know about the substitution of a false Lucy for the deceased one, but that it was done by Secretary of State Montini behind the Pope's back.  Perhaps the Pope didn't even know of her death (?).  Therefore, they say, the interviews with Father Fuentes, was with the second, false Lucy.  But the fact that those interviews occurred enraged Montini and his co-conspirators, because it exposed the false Lucy somehow to discovery, so they immediately discredited and suppressed Fr. Fuentes and his writings.  Because they suspected some betrayal or other in the second Lucy, they installed a third Lucy in about 1958, and she is the one shown fawning over Paul VI and John Paul II in later videos and photographs. 
That Spanish site claims that for over a year the Carmelite convent had in some website the date of Sr. Lucy's death posted as some time in 1949; it was later taken down, they say.
 Dr. Peter Chojnowski "Two Sister Lucia's? And False Mainstream Fatima Narrative"