"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, December 11, 2017

Heretics Salza & Siscoe Falsely Accuse Fr. Kramer

Heretics Salza & Siscoe Falsely Accuse Fr. Kramer 
Facebook 12-11-17
Fr. Kramer: "John Salza and Robert Siscoe declare on their website that Fr. Kramer gets all his theology from the internet -- and all his quotations of St. Robert Bellarmine are English translations from Sedevacantist websites! My 243 page manuscript has copious quotations from Bellarmine in his original latin, as well as quotations from many other eminent scholars in their original languages. Yet, Salza & Siscoe accuse me of "slander" for exposing their fraud and intellectual con-artistry.

Salza & Siscoe have totally inverted the Catholic doctrine on how manifest heresy separates the heretic from the body of the Church; on the manner in which the manifest heretic automatically loses ecclesiastical office ipso jure. They fraudulently misrepresent the teaching of St. Robert Bellarmine and Pietro Ballerini. They fraudulently claim that it is the unanimous opinion of theologians that a heretic pope can be judged while still in office, etc. This is all explained in my still unfinished manuscript:


Siscoe says I blocked him on from my fb page because (according to him) I refused to engage him in a discussion. In fact, he had arrogantly lied, accusing me of opposing the common opinion of theologians on the question of a heretic pope's loss of office. I knew he was lying immediately, because I had studied the question in 1992. I had read Canon Law commentaries, and Book 2, chapters 29 & 30 of Bellarmine's De Romano Pontifice, in Fr. Gruner's 19th Century hard copy Latin edition. The opinion that a manifestly heretical pope must first be judged by the Church in order to lose office was universally abandoned after Vatican I defined that the pope is the final judge in ALL CASES, and therefore INJUDICABLE. Edward Peters JCD attests to the fact that since Wernz, the unanimous opinion is that the heretic pope would lose office automatically, before any judgment by the Church. Salza & Siscoe falsely state in their book that the unanimous opinion at present is that the heretic pope must first be judged by the Church before he would fall from office.

 Salza & Siscoe have nothing left, except verbal sleight of hand and an overplus of hubris. It doesn't require genius to see them for what they are."

Salza & Siscoe Call Archbishop Lefebvre A Heretic!  


  1. Fr. Paul Kramer is a true-blooded Traditional Catholic belonging to the Resistance Church which is vehemently against the errors of Vatican II and the Modernist-Heretics of the Conciliar Church. John Salza, on the other hand, may never had relinquished his being a true-blooded Freemason - probably a mole.
    Jose Paras

    1. I think you're right, Jose. And, of course, between Father Kramer and John Salza, Father Kramer is the one not under suspicion of being a Freemason.

  2. Fr Kramer does not have to keep defending himself
    Truth stands on itself alone
    It's time to ignore those lies against him and pray for them
    Joan C

  3. Fr.Kramer knew his theology and explained it so ordinary people could understand it. Carol K

  4. I got a lot of information from that book: "The Devil's Final Battle".
    Ida P

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  6. Father Paul Kramer was a lifelong colleague of Father Gruner. Nuff said

  7. To think I used to think Salza was the epitome of Catholic.How wrong I was !