"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 30, 2017



Tell us a little bit more about your background and why you are a Catholic?
I was born in New Britain, Connecticut and am the grandson of Polish and Italian immigrants to the United States. I began my life in the Polish section of New Britain and grew up just as the Vatican II revolution was getting going and then, in the 70s, in full swing. We were basically isolated from the revolution since the Polish parish I was baptized in was “conservative” in orientation. I only encountered the full-blown Vatican II revolution when we moved to the suburbs in Southington, Connecticut where I lived until going to college. Through reading the magazine National Review in the early 80s, I became a Neo-Conservative. It was through reading this magazine in high school --- a Novus Ordo diocesan high school – that I decided to go to Christendom College, which, initially, presented itself as a traditionalist school in the European vein of counter-revolutionary tendencies. I enjoyed Christendom, even though I was persecuted for my traditionalism and forbidden to go to the traditional Mass in Vienna, Virginia or face expulsion. Unfortunately, I caved in 1983 and started to go to the Novus Ordo again. Because of a Neo-Conservative Thomistic philosopher Russel Hittinger, I decided to purse philosophy as an academic vocation. I ended up getting my Master’s degree and Doctorate from the Jesuits at Fordham University in the Bronx.
I have taught since then at 8 institutions of higher education and in two high schools. I began attending SSPX Masses exclusively in 1993 and have since taught for them at two of their institutions, while for 11 years teaching at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. I have done much speaking around the world, published hundreds of articles and been involved in a number of books and reviews.
I have an wonderful Australian wife and six teen to twenty something children and have cultivated the raising of sheep in at our mini-farm in Washington.

What are Catholics to make of the Second Vatican Council?
Vatican II was probably the greatest disaster that the Catholic Church has ever faced. At this Council, John XXIII and Paul VI ensured that a new and heretical strand of theology called, the “New Theology” triumphed in the Church. Essentially, from 1958 through 1965 you saw a coup d’état in the institutional organization of the Catholic Church. Since then a foreign and non-Catholic theology and philosophy has dominated all aspects of the life of the institutional organization of the Church. You have, in fact, therefore, an Conciliar Church --- which occupies the “real estate” of the institutional organization of the Catholic Church, and the actual Catholic Church of the truly believing faithful.

Why is there so much confusion in the Church?
Personally, I do not see any such “confusion”! Everyone involved knows exactly what they are doing. What you have are two juxtaposed and opposing camps. The camp of the well-funded and positioned Modernists and their followers (whether their followers know what is going on ---- I believe most of them know that they are not practicing the religion of the Catholic Faith of all time --- and the small minority of older people who are just lack understanding of the coup d’etat that has happened in the Church since their youth) and a, relatively, microscopic minority who still hold and keep the Catholic Faith and Catholic practice as this has been held down through the centuries. These people in Tradition know --- or at least used to know --- what they are fighting against.

What should Catholics make of the direction Francis is pursuing?
Francis is simply the latest Modernist to advance the agenda of dissolving the old faith and institution of the Catholic Church and, instead, advancing the One World Religion of syncretism and homogenization of all religions and peoples. When thinking of the differences between John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I, we should remember the basic idea of Modernism. Faith “moves along” and “changes” according to the “consciousness of the faithful” at any particular time in the history of the Church. For the Modernists, they have treated their popes as the latest articulator of the “current consensus,” but should have no problem when the next one articulates a more “advanced consensus.”
If we understand to Conciliar Church after 1965 to resemble the Roman Forum, we can say that Francis has made it his purpose to knock down the remaining few Catholic pillars that are still standing, for example, the prohibition of divorce and remarriage.

Can traditionalists ever get along? Or will it be a fruitless struggle between all the varying camps?
I am not sure if all the various groups can “get along” or if one or other will gain or lose followers. It should be important to us only that we stick to the Catholic Faith, receive true and valid sacraments, and honestly and courageously grapple with the grave problems and questions which are present to all true Catholics in 2017. No one can avoid the mental and spiritual agony of our times. Many traditionalist live mentally in the 50s and 60s (before the Revolution hit), they try to act like the last 50 years has not occurred. That is an impossible spiritual and intellectual position now and our traditional youth will surely not continue that outlook into the future. They will either be completely faithful or they will apostatize --- because apostasy allows you to fit into this technological, Liberal, and post-Christian world. Let us remember also that the truth is a definite thing. Reality is either this way or that. Ultimately, only a great Chastisement ---

I believe --- can straighten out the mess which the Catholic Church and the world , finds itself in.

Given Pope St. Pius X, Fr. Malachi Martin, Cardinal Biffi and Archbishop Lefebvre all stated the Antichrist was close why do Catholics have such a hard time accepting this declaration?
I know the time-line that is drawn out by Our Lady at La Salette. It seems that we have a number of more stages to get through before we arrive at the End of the World. Since we clearly are living through the Great Apostasy --- or so it seems to my finite mind --- next seems to be the Chastisement, Restoration and Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, preparatory time for the Anti-Christ and then the time of the Anti-Christ. How long all of this will take, will it all be sooner or later, I do not know. All that I do know, which Archbishop Lefebvre stated 30 years ago, is that “Rome has lost the Faith” --- when it will become the Seat of Anti-Christ, I do not know.

So many Catholics are falling into despair. What can Catholics do to keep in Faith and preserve unto the end?
I personally do not find real Catholics so much falling into despair, but rather, many, the youth in particular, are losing the Faith and sliding into the sludge of our modern life and anti-culture. Technological innovations have sped up this downward trajectory. What I do find amongst faithful Catholics is that they wonder why God has not yet intervened in a miraculous way to resolve the situation or they are surprised that He has allowed so many Catholic “rugs” to be pulled out from under us, and, yet, He still calls us to faithfulness!

Dr. Peter Chojnowski "Luther, Funtime Francis & Vatican II, the Great Revolt"  


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