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Friday, July 7, 2017

(ONE WORLD RELIGION WATCH) Francis to G20: he proposes 4 steps of actions to build “fraternal, just and peaceful societies”

(ONE WORLD RELIGION WATCH) Francis to G20: he proposes 4 steps of actions to build “fraternal, just and peaceful societies” 
This has nothing to do with building Christendom and everything to do with preparing the way for the Antichrist.  We must have unity they say yet it is not based upon Christ or Catholicism as Pope St. Pius X warned.
Continuing a tradition started by Benedict XVI in 2009, Francis sent a message to the G20, addressed to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for authorities of major world economies from America and the European Union. 

In it, "the pope" proposed four steps of action to build "fraternal, just and peaceful societies,” as referred to in his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium. 

First, he said "time is greater than space.” He stated that while there are no completely encompassing solutions (what about Fatima?), world leaders, "at every phase of the enactment of political measures... need to give absolute priority to the poor, refugees, the suffering, evacuees and the excluded, without distinction of nation, race, religion or culture, and to reject armed conflicts.”

He impressed the fact that "unity prevails over conflict,” and the goal of the G20 should be to reduce conflict and hatred. The pope also stressed that "realities are more important than ideas” and common solutions are better than ideologies which bring exclusion (like Catholicism?), waste and death.

He also asked the authorities at G20 to reflect on the weaker economies, who are not represented in the 90 percent of the world economy. Even though they have weaker economies, he said they can still contribute to the progress of everyone. The "Holy Father" reminded them that "the whole is greater than the part.”

Francis also mentioned and expressed his concern for the horrific situation in South Sudan, the Lake Chad basin, the Horn of Africa and Yemen, where 30 million people are dying without the food and water necessary to live.