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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Little Crosses Keep You on Love's path: Heavy Crosses Advance You in Love's way...

Little Crosses Keep You on Love's path: Heavy Crosses Advance You in Love's way...
By:  Eric Gajewski

Along our journey in this exile we will encounter many different crosses to endure.  The cross is not optional but necessary.  St. Therese in her writings distinguished between the little crosses and heavy crosses of which I hope to expound upon now.  There are some days in which the cross seems light and more bearable and then there are other crosses which seem to completely crush us.  Yes it is true the heavy crosses are sent to completely crush the self in us and this is why so few will willingly accept this type.  We must trust in God’s plan for our lives and quit looking at our neighbors or other Catholics who may seemingly not be carrying any crosses at all on the surface level.  The Way to Sacred Heart is full of violence to self and pain.  It is full of tests and trials.  We can simply crosses into the two categories of: little ones which keep us on love’s path and (2) heavy crosses which advance you in Love’s way.  Let us talk further.

Love is more than just a “feeling”.  If Love were just a feeling than Christ wouldn’t have chosen the Cross to convey heaven’s message.  Love is Someone.  Someone who is greater than pain and death itself.  One who transcends nature.  Thus, in the breakdown the process it is the Cross which leads us into the supernatural life.  “Feelings” wont get you there for they still rest on the natural level.  Christ can take you to His Sacred Heart via the Cross.  It is faith which takes us to the Cross it is His Heart which in exchange gives us peace.  There is no crossing over into the Abyss of Peace without first climbing Mount Calvary.  Peace is not found in getting your own way nor is it found in the accumulation of “things”.  This is how modern man perceives things and why they will be duped by the Antichrist.  Christ was crucified as our Great eagle with wings spread showing us that Faith and Hope reside in the Cross as well.  Did not the Great Apostle teach us to have no glory other than the Cross of Christ?  The Cross does not give us “great feelings” in fact it will turn away the many who cannot crucify self love.

Little Crosses.  The little crosses which you may call “annoyances” are reminders.  They keep you on Love’s path.  They say hello!  You cannot have your own way.  The headache or physical ailment.  God grants smaller crosses that you might not abandon the mission you first claimed you would set out on.  Sure, you must keep the Catholic Faith but outside Martrydom there is no chance of getting to heaven directly without walking in the Way of Perfection.  It seems to me that many shall die a dry martyrdom in the days to come because of the various crosses that will be given during the Tribulation.  Nevertheless, these little Crosses make sure to keep your eyes focused on Love’s road and not off to the side where the world will allure you.   

You will notice how Jesus told us to take up our daily Cross.  For love is a daily thing.  Either you abide in Gods grace or not.  Either you are trying to reach perfection or not.  If you do not strive to stay on Love’s path that assuredly you will fall.  The little crosses are necessary to prepare us for the bigger crosses.  For if you do not want to embrace the small ones how in the world will you attempt to “grow in Selfless Love” with the heavier Crosses given?  You must carry both out of the Love of God and for neighbor.  At this point in time most especially for reparation.  There are alot of souls that need converting.  Victims of Love embrace their Cross victims of “self” try to run from it.  You are either are a friend with Christ on the Cross or you are a Jew trying to tell Him to get down from it and “save yourself”.  The Jew’s anti-gospel is evident.  They are trying to save themselves.  Thus, the New World Order shall have a very materialistic Jew “false Christ” as its leader.

Heavy crosses.  Great, you have established that you can embrace the little crosses without complaint or grumbling but now Christ leaves behind a heavy cross.  The heavy Crosses were meant to advance you on Love’s path.  From self to the Sacred Heart.  It is meant to crush all self love out of you.  Onward to your mystical death where it seems as though your end is at hand but only to realize that Love’s Hands have been underneath you the whole time.  Love is greater than the trial; it is greater than the pain; it is greater than the Cross which is why we must carry it.  You do not go from self love to Selfless Love (His Heart) without it.  This is how God designs things.  Your suffering is not in vain.  The little crosses would only bruise a grape but the heavy crosses crush the grape altogether in order to make a new wine.  God was crushed on the Cross as our new Wine and Drink.  He was pressed down only to show how the Bread rises under adversity.  

For some who are in the dark night it may seem as if you are talking to a wall where the only thing that is heard from within is yourself.  You must remember the Holy God of heaven wants to dwell in your soul itself.  Did you think it would take a few good days of Cross carrying to achieve union with God?  The heavy crosses push the limits.  It is a breakdown on every level mentally, physically and with the soul.  When God finds no more self interest in you than a “ray of light” will crack within.  Thence, illumination can begin.  We must remember that the Son is still present behind all the dark clouds arranged in the sky above leaving no apparent light.  In the dark night we must see ourselves as we truly are and when we see what we really are in relation to God the whole being suffers.  Like a newly bought “hardened sponge” we must let Gods light pour out over us until the sponge softens enough to be able to take in some water.  Ultimately, as the sponge softens all the water can be absorbed as you become One with the Light and Fire Himself.  This is our goal my friends.  You must turn from the world and go within in silence and solitude to achieve this end.  Those who constantly talk on the surface day in day out stand no chance of ever achieving Oneness with God.  It is why Our Lord Himself constantly showed us how to retreat into the desert or wilderness and get away.  If Christ did this often so must we.  Little Crosses keep us on Love’s path; heavy crosses advance us in Love’s Way.  Be ye encouraged that Gods strength sustains you on the natural level.  There was preparation for the Food we know spiritually eat even as your soul must be prepared to have Love enter, Ave Maria!

Love....It is more than just a feeling everytime we revisit the Passion and the Way unto His Sacred Heart


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