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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lefebvre: The Good Texts of Vatican II Only Cover the Bad

 Lefebvre:  The Good Texts of Vatican II Only Cover the Bad
Diabolical error decks itself out with ease in lying colors with some appearance of truth, so that the force of pronouncement is corrupted by a very brief addition or change, and the confession of faith which should have resulted in salvation, by a subtle transition leads to death!
Pope Clement XIII  
If we are to understand fully and to measure the harm done by Vatican II, we must study this Council in the light of the Pontifical documents which, for nearly two centuries, put bishops, clergy and faithful on their guard against the conspiracy of the enemies of the Church acting through Liberalism and Modernism. It is also essential to know the documents of the opponents of the Church, and especially of the secret societies which had been preparing for this Council for more than a century. Finally, it will be very instructive to follow the reactions of Protestants, Masons and Liberal "Catholics" during and after the Council.

Even, however, if we leave it to God and to Peter’s true successors to sit in judgment of these things, it is nonetheless certain that the Council was deflected from its purposes by a group of conspirators and that it is impossible for us to take any part in this conspiracy despite the fact that there may be many satisfactory declarations in Vatican II. The good texts have served as cover to get those texts which are snares, equivocal, and denuded of meaning, accepted and passed. We are left with only one solution: to abandon these dangerous examples and cling firmly to tradition, i .e., to the official Magisterium of the Church throughout 2,000 years. ...Would not Cardinal Suenens be right in declaring that this Council has been the French Revolution of the Church! From I Accuse the Council!

Quotes of the Masons During and After Vatican II

(The masons refer to Lucifer as 'the Great Architect of the Universe')!
"...the encyclical Pacem in Terris ('Peace on Earth' by John XXIII) is a vigorous statement of Masonic doctrine.. we do not hesitate to recommend its thoughtful reading." (quoted from the 'Masonic bulletin', the official organ of the Supreme Council of 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masons in Mexico, 'May 1963', in 'The New Montinian Church' by Fr. Joaquin Arriaga, pp.147-148)

* "The sense of Universalism that is rampant in Rome these days, is very close to our purpose for existence. With all our hearts we support the revolution of John XXIII." (Yves Marsaudon, State Minister of the Supreme Council of French secret societies) After the anti-pope's death, Marsaudon wrote: "To the memory of John XXIII, who has designed to give us (freemasons) his benediction, his understanding, and his protection." (from magazine 'Real Catholicism' , page 10, June, 1998, P.O. Box 113, Towson, MD.)

* "We had struggled for a century and a half to bring our opinions to prevail with the Church and had not succeeded. Finally, there came Vatican II and we triumphed." (!)
Could you want it any clearer? - the words of Marcel Prelot, a senator for the Doubs region in France: quoted in Le Catholicisme Liberal, 1969, p.l00 - by Archbishop M. Lefebvre - Angelus Press. And from his book 'Open Letter to Confused Catholics' p. 89, French Freemason Jacques Mitterand:
* "...urgent questions, such as priestly celibacy and birth control, are hotly debated in the Church itself... for a Freemason, a man who questions dogma is already a Freemason without an apron." ( note well, dear reader: this disciple of Lucifer just acknowledged as true, the most basic-teaching of the True Faith: 'He who does not believe and readily assent to the dogmas (of the Traditional Catholic Church)as being Divinely Revealed, becomes a member of the counter-church!)

* "Catholics...must not forget that all roads lead to God. (!) And they will have to accept that this courageous idea of freethinking, which we can really call a revolution, pouring forth from our Masonic lodges, has spread magnificently over the dome of St.Peter's." (Yves Marsaudon, book 'Ecumenism Viewed by a Traditional Freemason') He also wrote: "ONE CAN SAY THAT ECUMENISM IS THE LEGITIMATE SON OF FREEMASONRY ..Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Israelites, Moslems, Hindus, Budhists, freethinkers, freebelievers; to us these are only our first names, 'Freemasonry' is our family name."!

Fr. Kramer: Ecclesiastical FreeMasonry

Almost sixty years ago, “Padre Pio first met Father Luigi Villa, whom he entreated to devote his entire life to fight Ecclesiastical Freemasonry. Padre Pio told Father Villa that Our Lord had designs upon him and had chosen him to be educated and trained to fight Freemasonry within the Church. The Saint spelled out this task in three meetings with Father Villa, which took place in the last fifteen years of life of Padre Pio. At the close of the second meeting [second half of 1963], Padre Pio embraced Father Villa three times, saying to him: ‘Be brave, now…for the Church has already been invaded by Freemasonry!’ and then stated: ‘Freemasonry has already made it into the loafers (shoes) of the Pope!’ At the time, the reigning Pope was Paul VI.