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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, July 3, 2017

ISIS Releases Graphic Video Showing Kids Doing Executions Of Prisoners, Slitting The Throats Of Prisoners And Blowing Their Heads Off

ISIS Releases Graphic Video Showing Kids Doing Executions Of Prisoners, Slitting The Throats Of Prisoners And Blowing Their Heads Off
WARNING: Sensitive Material
ISIS has released a new and graphic video showing more executions of prisoners of war. The video shows kids doing executions, throats being slit and stabbing the corpse after, and blowing the heads off of prisoners at close range:
The Islamic State has released a brand new propaganda video covering its activities in Afghanistan, a war-torn Asian country where Islamic State forces have made their presence felt since early 2015, winning over a series of eastern tribes, thereby allowing them to take on the Taliban and Afghan Army.
The footage shows skirmishes with government forces, widespread sharia crackdown and summary executions, many of which were carried out by children indoctrinated by ISIS.
Amaq Agency recently published a worrying death toll infographic from Afghanistan, claiming to have killed 2,300 enemy combattants in 2017 alone. (source)

Now it is important to remember that these are photos of ISIS executing members of the Taliban and the Afghan army, and that in this context, both the Taliban and ISIS were created and controlled by the Americans and Europeans for policy reasons, namely with Russia. This is something we have discussed at length and is not something new. This is not an issue of “good versus bad” because this is not about truth, justice or morality in any sense, but about power at all cost in which human lives and societies are viewed as expendable pieces in a giant game of geopolitical chess. All of this is ultimately pushing towards a greater conflict, namely a third world war.
Two movie scenes come to mind.
First, I am reminded of the 1983 movie Wargames, in which Matthew Broadrick plays a computer hacker who hacks into the nuclear control system for the US Military, in which he discovers a cache of “games” which are intended for military exercises. During the course of his exploring, he finds a game entitled “Geothermal Nuclear War,” which is not a game, but an actual program for initiating a real nuclear war against the USSR. Before he decides to “play” this game (as he doesn’t discover until after he has already started it that he cannot stop the computer), the computer asks him “Would you like to play a nice game of chess instead?”. He refuses, and the movie ultimately culminates in a nuclear war between the USSR and the USA the consumes the entire world. At the end after all the conflict has settled, the computer determines that there is no winner, at which it asks the same question again, “Would you like to play a nice game of chess?”

Second, I am reminded of one of the final scenes from Charlie Wilson’s War, which was about the conflict between the USA and USSR in Afghanistan during the 1980s in which we created the Taliban. This movie is in actuality “pro-Taliban,” because the entire premise of the film is about Congressman Charles Wilson of Texas garnishing support for the “freedom fighters” of Afghanistan to fight the Russian, and these people are the Taliban. Towards the end of the film after the Americans “win,” it shows Congressman Wilson having a disagreement with several government officials over the next course of actions, at which they withdraw support and allow the Taliban militias they have created to simply go back into Afghanistan without any further work from the USA. During this conversation, one of the officials says he doesn’t care about those people in “Pakistan,” at which Wilson corrects him with “Afghanistan,” and thus profoundly shows how these actions were taken to change the destiny of an entire nation and people yet without any regard for their welfare, using them solely as a vehicle for policies and power:

Both ISIS and the Taliban were backed and created by the USA and her allies as policy vehicles. The destruction and horrors that both groups have brought on the entire world are well-known. In Afghanistan, they destroyed what infrastructure existed and have perpetuated a cycle of misery for the people who live there. For Iraq, ISIS has committed genocide against the Christians in a way worse than what ever happened there even from ancient times. Both of these nations are completely destroyed and the lives of their people changed forever and in such a short amount of time, and it could not have been done without American money. Was this really worth the cost?
But then there is another question- if this is how our nation treats other people, what about our own?
Years ago, Alex Jones did an interview with the now deceased Native American activist Russell Means. Originally of Dakota and Ogallala Indian descent about the future of America. Means contended that the story of the American Indian is so glossed over today because it is the story of the modern American. He argued that in the past, Indians were placed on reservations and reduced to the status of serfs, and that what happened to the Indians is what has effectively happened to the average American today but with slight modifications, adapting to the nuances of the times, people, and places, but with the same essence.

While there are many angles from which this interview can be viewed, the essence is that of reducing men to expendable pieces in a game whose end is the pursuit of power at all costs. This same story is taking place right now in the European Union, where both the European people and the Muslim migrants are being used to create tension between each other in order that a “solution” might be presented, and that would is to bring back a new and pagan empire in a war of all against all.
There will always be tensions between groups, factions and friction in society and opportunistic men who would exploit these differences for their personal benefit at the loss of the many. ISIS and the Taliban may be slitting each other’s throats on video, but the truly gory, violent, and barbaric actors are those who direct others and supply them with the means to carry out these acts, as they care nothing at all for the welfare of others. If they are willing to do this to another man, there is nothing to stop them from doing it to their own.

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