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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How Much Longer, O’ Lord!

How Much Longer, O’ Lord!
By:  Eric Gajewski

This is a general cry of the hour over a multitude of crises we find ourselves in.  However, we know that through the crisis GOD is only the more exalted.  We are not in control, that is, man himself.  No, God is in control and still hears the cries of His people.  Many followers of this apostolate have asked over the past few years the following questions.  How much longer must we suffer revolutionary Popes?  How much longer until my friends and family members convert out of the Vatican II Novus ordo Religion (named the cult of man by Paul 6th in 1965)?  How much longer till God chastises the world for her sins?  These are just a few questions asked by in all things patience my friends.  In our hour we must cry out like David to be delivered from all the devils traps and temptations.  We must cry out to be delivered from the New World Order.  The just cried, and the Lord heard them: and delivered them out of all their troubles.  Psalms 33:18

The world is dressed in sin.  On a daily basis I relay all the latest Days of Lot news which CLEARLY point to the endtimes we live in.  Who would dare argue at this point that the Luciferian agenda of trying to normalize sodomy and transgenderism are not on the rise?  Therefore, many ask, “How much longer, O’ Lord!”  In another sense perhaps I should have said the world is improperly dressed in sin.  For take a look around at all the immodesty in our society even by those who call themselves “Catholic”.  It is deplorable.  We wake up and are supposed to be at odds with the world yet “Catholics” these days are joining hands with the world trying to create a new utopian man centered society free of suffering.  We must dress ourselves in Faith.  We cannot go without being clothed in our armor the Scapular.  We cannot go any longer without praying the Rosary.  God has a Plan of “leveling the playing field”.  It is a field which is His not ours and yet we get anxious when “things don’t go our way”.  Be dressed to impress Christ and not the world.

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The Church has been taken over by Judeo-Masonry.  Once again a growing number of eagles who see clearly cry out, “How much longer, O’ Lord!”.  When will Christ say to the Storm “cease”.  He is looking at all of you today and saying “Be not anxious it is I be not afraid” He holds this church crisis in the palm of His hand and He is seeing who will be faithful.  The enemy cannot win it is impossible.  How much longer must we suffer Antipope Francis (see here)?  How much longer until Rome itself falls under the Hand of God in Justice?  We don’t need to know when specifically.  We just need to know that God is not all happy.  The Jews/Masons think they have this “in the bag” but little do they realize how quickly God can turn events into the favor of His own.  To cry out unto the Lord is to be humble.  To cry out unto Him is to realize that without His grace we cannot make it.  This is precisely why He puts us in the crisis in the first place because modern man (and even some of His supposed own) have now been so self-reliant that they think they go through this life without Him.  Read the bible it says we win in the end as Our Lady at Fatima once again “stamps” this into our hearts!

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No way out humanly speaking.  Where there is no way unto us there is always a way with Him.  Many are crying out unto God, “How will I feed my family?”  When will I get a job?  How will I pay the mortgage?  How will I be healed of this disease?  Have we not forgotten that Jesus is our ALL meaning He is our way out of ANY situation?  We are stupid creatures let us be honest.  Some of us can barely tie our own shoes in the morning and we think we have the future all mapped out.  If we would only turn inward to pray.  If we would only deny our self, take up our Cross in holy suffering then we would hear His Voice and obey His Will.  But if we think we know it all then God will refuse this grace to the prideful.  An eagle has His eyes.  It can see in Charity the bigger picture.  Sadly, we try to keep God in our little box and try to wind it up so He will pop out only when we need Him.  I suggest to you this is why as the world continues to crumble He will allow it to go to such lengths that men who make it through the Tribulation will never forget (as Our Lady of LaSalette says).  People will believe that all is lost.  The righteous will suffer greatly. Their prayers, their penances and their tears will rise up to Heaven and all of God’s people will beg for forgiveness and mercy and will plead for my help and intercession. And then Jesus Christ, in an act of His justice and His great mercy will command His Angels to have all His enemies put to death.  Suddenly, the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all those given over to sin will perish and the earth will become desert-like. And then peace will be made, and man will be reconciled with God.  Twenty-five years of plentiful harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the troubles on this earth.”

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Be careful what you ask for.  Many would like to see God’s wrath today.  Have you considered all those lost?  Have you considered your friends and family who largely are not ready for what is about to happen?  More importantly have you considered what God would want today?  I must admit I was of this mindset some years ago in my blindness but now I thank God His Wrath hasn’t largely poured out amongst the nations and churchmen yet.  God has not abandoned you nor has He abandoned His Church.  Purify yes abandon no.  He will weed out those who truly, when push comes to shove, will rather serve the Antichrist and world.  The Social Justice program of Vatican II is EXACTLY the same as Antichrist Maitreya’s!  O’ how late in the game we are but there is still time left on the clock for us to educate.  There is still time to amend your own life before the Great TEST (Great Tribulation) therefore utilize your time wisely.  Be charitable to those who don’t at first agree.  Be a good example and be inviting as Jesus was to those who “didn’t see clearly at His time” Time is a gift given by the Giver.  Time is not even our own.  It is by His holy Will that He has designs for the taking back of His Church in the most glorious Triumph ever in His time.  Let us pray and beg for mercy.

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