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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Everything Will Fall Apart…Except Us

Everything Will Fall Apart…Except Us
By: Eric Gajewski

This title does not suggest that we will not suffer.  We will suffer and then some.  The Cross is the only way to be transformed into another “Christ”.  Is this not what Jesus seeks for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?  Does He not want Saints?  In order for people to realize just how far off course they have gone He must allow everything to collapse (economically, government, theologically, etc).  We see how buffoonish the Vatican is becoming on a daily basis and it shows just how far off churchmen have fallen.  We see how modern man is trying to hoard everything and pursuing greed after greed.  This only shows further Christ to be our Hope and Salvation.  We see puppet after puppet take to the podium and promise us a better day or change yet we now realize it is all a part of the game.  Indeed, everything will fall apart around us but this does not mean us.  Did not Christ come into the world to begin with to offer mankind Hope?  Didn’t He seek to expel despair from our minds and anxiety from our hearts?  The real world is within yet so many Christians stay locked in on this world and fall for the devils trap.

An eagle rises on the Winds of Change and Adversity.  Without the Storm how could an eagle rise above?  Change is coming to us all but we will either trust God or ourselves.  If we trust God than grace will lead us.  If we are prayerful and pursuing His interests than we shall have peace no matter how loud the thunder gets.  The devil invokes fear God brings Hope.  Quit trying to plan every little last detail of your life and simply plan on only doing His plan.  Faith and Hope see the Rainbow wilst self only sees the Storm.  Rise up to meet the trial by first descending in humility and then God will elevate you upon the Winds unseen beneath your wings.  Trials, tests and tribulation we all have but not all will fly.

The New World Order dismantled.  How else will God pave the way for the new day through Mary if the present “system” of evil does not fade away?  Amidst the growing evil there is a growing a Faith and Hope.  What God has allowed is for our benefit.  He knows how much each individual can take and where and when to hand over the heaviest of crosses.  When God is ready to set the new playing field for us He has no intention of allowing evil to reside, therefore, we must expect everything to fall apart.  When he collapsed the tower of babel He made sure the job was done thoroughly not allowing man to quickly rebuild it all over again.  It will be ultimate slap to the devil’s face soon for when he thinks he shall the victory God will pull the carpet out beneath his feet.  Goodbye One World Religion/Global government!  Goodbye mark of the beast and hello lake of fire! 

Collapse the tower of self.  Only the self can draw you into worry.  God brings you into the Light with an unshakable Faith and Hope.  You must decide to be humble and allow God to work and operate in you.  Simplify your lives, detach form all things.  Prayer is the key.  Think about what others are going through rather than what you are.  God knows what you need for the journey and perhaps you are missing out on being what that other person might need due to your own anxieties.  The devils job is try to get you to focus on all that which will bring you down yet you were meant to fly!  This is spiritual combat folks this is not vacation time.  We are in the endgame did you think the devil will slow up on his assaults?  God has not left you but is viewing how you fight within.  Only you can choose to drown in quicksand of self via despair, worry and doubt.  However, God is the cement business.  He is our Rock and solid ground.