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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Argentinean Paper Accuses Francis Of Being Divisive

Argentinean Paper Accuses Francis Of Being Divisive
Writing for the Argentinean La Nación, Loris Zanatta, a professor of political science at Bologna University, Italy, examines the reasons given by Pope Francis' Argentinean friends why he does not visit his native country.

Among others Zanatta quotes Argentinean born Vatican Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo who said that Francis avoids Argentina in order not to throw salt on wounds "that afflict the country since times immemorial".

"Is this possible?"- Zanatta asks, "Does an authority whose mission is to reconcile, to appease, and to calm the passions, cause discord in his own country? - So it is, and Francis friends believe that the Argentinians are to blame for it." Zanatta adds, "But is it not also the fault of the Pope, if he creates divisions in Argentina and other parts of the world?"

Zanatta criticises Francis' leftwing bias, "If your heart beats in one direction, if you have recipes on everything (from the climate to retirement, from work to migration, from poverty to development), if you bless some and condemn others, then it is not surprising that you divide more than you unite. For all those things politics were invented."