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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Evangelical Church is Extension of the Luciferian NWO

The Evangelical Church is Extension of the Luciferian NWO
The small community church in your neighborhood has now been supplanted by the tri-county Mega Church. Essentially, your local church has been, “put out of business”. How ? By not offending seekers and discussing topics like homosexuality, abortion, feminism or national sovereignty. 

Ever wondered why you hear so many corporate buzz words and phrases at your church?  Words like “global”, “result or purpose driven” and “facilitation”. 

(Drucker, 1909-2005, making a Masonic hand sign)

The seeker-driven movement is the brain child of Rick Warren and more importantly his mentor, Peter Drucker. Educated at the infamous Frankfurt School, Drucker received his Phd in International Law. Frankfurt School for all intensive purposes was a Marxist think tank which merged Marxism and state-subsidized Corporations together in a hybridized version of what we see in our economy today. 

Except its ideals were now being applied in the church to form an ecumenical or interfaith One World Religion as well as economy. The small community church in your neighborhood has now been supplanted by the tri-county Mega Church. Essentially, your local church has been, “put out of business”. How ? By not offending seekers and discussing topics like homosexuality, abortion, feminism or national sovereignty. 

The ” Small Group” now has a facilitator not a teacher. Employing the Heglian Dialectic, any dissenters are isolated and synthesized into the body at large, absorbed. This is something the Frankfurt School excelled at teaching. 

Warren Obama.png
Warren and many other Evangelicals are chummy with or members of The Council on Foreign Relations, a body dedicated to eroding national sovereignty and cultural traditions and replacing them with a Supra National compact eerily like the One World Economy and Religion spoken of in the book of Revelation. ( Which is rarely or ever discussed). The post modern mega church seems more intent on rendering aid and relief to third world countries than helping widows, orphans, the under or unemployed right in their own county. This is another troubling question to many.


So why do many Evangelical Christians rightly warn of a coming New World Order/Cabalist/Luciferian government, yet participate in its implementation? Many mistakenly believe only the “Left” is the guilty party in such an endeavor, not “their guy or party” . The dire warning from Jesus himself states that “many” will be deceived in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24: 4 thru 5. So many have to be deceived !

The Cabalist Bankers fund the Evangelical  Movements and Mega Churches thru backdoor methods and often installing unscrupulous leaders and pastors. Many may be blackmailed or even mind controlled in MK ultra-esque fashion. The average parishioners will never know the goings on behind the scenes. 

Discernment is often as easy as following the money. When a crime is committed, a good detective usually gets right on this trail. These crimes are more far-reaching and affect all of mankind however. 
Sexualization of our children, global food and water control, endless wars and Neo Eugenics are a few examples. Will you use your God-given discernment, even if it’s uncomfortable or if it conflicts with your self interests ? Will you ask yourselves difficult questions or ask your church leaders ? 

Or will you carry on with the post-modern mentality ? Orwellian Newspeak isn’t just for media or news, it works equally well on the religious beliefs of the masses. The financial backers of many ministries often make their money from less than Christian methods and industries. No one seems concerned or inquisitive as long as the check clears.

 401C tax exemption status of churches makes it difficult to track where tithes and offerings are going furthering the trail of corruption within churches. Although most still do many good works and aid human suffering world wide, the leaders live a social status way beyond the average person in the pew. 

A mega church pastor is more of a secular celebrity than ever before; book deals, conferences and talk show appearances often distance them from the flock and alienate the churches from their leadership. The unwillingness to speak on sinful things within or outside the churches doesn’t seem to raise a flag as it once did. Apathy about the media, academia, entertainment, the government and now places of worship is rampant. Christians have their own “common core” teachings to challenge. 


The leaders of the Evangelical Church, whether fully aware and diabolical in their schemes or simply deceived or mistaken are steering the movement directly into a One World Religion and Economy. It’s been percolating for decades and now is culminating right in our midst. The Protestant Church is now simply a place of entertainment and group therapy that avoids little or any context of original sin or God’s divine and holy nature.

(Pyramid on back cover of Smith album)

No better example can be found than in the commercialized Christian music itself. It echoes the construct of the emergent church. Mediocre and musically bland, repetitive or even void of any reference to the Holiness of God. There are even some disturbing indicators of unambiguous and purposeful Luciferian subversion in modern Christian music. I use Michael W. Smith as an example simply because he is one of the biggest names in contemporary Christian music in the past three decades. He seems to epitomize the mundane vanilla songs that do little to grab the spiritual attention of the listener. He has often offered the praises of his favorite band, The Alan Parson’s Project, a band with the album, ‘ Eye in the sky’ featuring the all seeing eye of Horus on the cover. Or how about their album, “Lucifer” ? 

Simply an oversight of optics or not wanting to judge by Smith ? You be the judge. Perhaps the music venue “Rocket Town” in Nashville that Smith was or may still be involved in too is a hickup ? A venue that has hosted such openly Satanic bands as Killwhitney Dead, Bloodwake, Promisedthreat and Goatblaster. According to some that have dared to inquire about this, there is no good answer from Rocket Town about these conflicts of spiritual interests.

 Just a few examples and there are many more troublesome questions about the modern Evangelical Protestant Church, it’s political ties, culture and music. The Luciferian/Cabalist leaders are hiding in plain sight just as the icons of Esoteric Gnosticism they embed in every day life. Little need for heavy camouflage now, they control the language most of the seminaries teach the flock. The flock just doesn’t realize that they are on the menu.

 Simply by redefining tenets and vocabulary to steer it into progressive thought, the great faiths have been neutered. Many look for grotesque demonic things or some even for hidden esoteric signs but few listen or ponder the vernacular of the new Emergent Church.

They are the precursor to a One World Religion and the “Global Citizen”  who will practice it. There must be a “collective” salvation and a disavowal of individual thought to be a part of the church universal. 

New Age mysticism or  One World Consciousness ?  Neither is benign. We live in an inverted world where evil has become good and good evil. So don’t be surprised when people raise questions about the Evangelical Church and their met with, ” Your the accuser of the brethren”. 

You become disdained or ostracized for a legitimate concern. Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves”.